103/24 Ambleside – 1875 – Sale of Building plot  in Wells St, Sandbach by Sarah Latham, widow (Ambleside). Signed / sealed by Sarah Latham & Ford, witnessed by Robt Jno Simpson? (Ambleside) for full details of document & price, please turn to my Cheshire page – Property –  Sandbach.

150/29 Ambleside  – 1885 – Admission  of  Edward Morris Reynolds (Ambleside), devisee of Will of Joseph James, to copyhold lands for full details of document & price, please turn to my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey, Witney.

130/114 Heversham1731 – Covenant by Robert Williamson (Leathley, Yorks) and Margaret, his wife, the daughter and heir of William Garnett (Rusmickle, Lyth) in favour of Thomas Dennison (Strickland Roger) to levy a Fine at Westminster in respect of a tenament and lands at Hubbersty Head, Crosthwaite, Heversham purchased by Dennison from Williamson. Sheet of parchment with significant area of damp / rodent damage resulting in areas of loss of text – left hand side of document detached. Signed / sealed by (missing) Williamson and Margaret Williamson, witnessed on reverse by John Knife, Tho. Wilson & Wm. Birkhead.  £34




122/1 Dashwood, Richard1697 – Lease for a year (1st part of  Lease / Re-lease for the transfer of Assets) to the Trustees of his Marriage Settlement by Richard Dashwood (Cockley Clay, Norfolk), one of the sons of George Dashwood (late of Hackney, Middx). His future bride was Mary Jarrott one of the daughters of  William Jarrott (late of London), James  Jarrott ( London) was one of her brothers. Includes an extensive list of more than 50 Annual and Fee Farm Rents, Tithes of Grain, Wool and Lambs, etc arising from the City of Carlisle and Manors, Rectories, Villages and Former Monasteries & Priories in Cumberland [includes Priory of Laverstocke, Rectory of Dereham, Rectory of Bromfield and others], Lancashire [includes Manors of Algar, Cranford, Steynings, West Haughton & Whatton and others], & Westmoreland [includes Manor & Rectory of Ravenstandale and others] with details of values, location, by whom payable and in some instances – how and when acquired. 3 sheets of parchment [2 very large, and the 3rd slightly smaller] with very decorative 1st 2 words incorporating the Royal Coat of Arms of William III. Signed and sealed by Richd. Dashwood, witnessed on reverse by E. Soame, George Dashwood, George Hudson & Samuel Grave.  £295

211/57 Ann Greenwood (wife of   —- Greenwood of Wyke, Grasmere) was a beneficiary of her uncle’s Will. For full details / price, please see my Shropshire page – Wills –  Yates, Richard – Albrighton – 1841

215/43  Sawrey, Mrs – Brough – 1862 Small bundle of papers relating to the Bankruptcy of Robert Cumming, her son – in law. Mentions that The Cumberland Co-op Benefit Building Society had sold the mortgaged property in Brough, Westmorland her home. For full details & price, please see my Cumberland page –  Cumming, Robert – Caldewbeck, Sebergham – then a prisoner in Carlisle Jail