245a Scanlon, Mary – Rathcormac School, Castletown. An unusual blackwork Sampler of large proportions, sewn mainly in Cross Stitch by Mary Scanlon in 1865. A double wave border surrounds alphabets & numerals worked in several fancy styles of lettering above a number of Christian symbols including a centrally positioned IHS in which the bar above the “H”, signifying the elision, has been depicted as a Latin Cross. Framed & glazed.  £295




135/22 Co Armagh – Ballymacnab – 1879 – Mortgage of land by Peter Hanlon (Ballymacnabb) to David Gillespie (Armagh). Refers to original Lease of 1823 by which Peter’s father Thomas Hanlon (Foley) leased the lands from The Earl of Charlemont, Peter was about 7 years of age at that date.  Very large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 written 3 sides. Signed / sealed by Peter Hanlon, witnessed by William Gallagher (solr  Armagh). £36

135/20 Co Armagh – Carricknagavna – 1873 – Sale of Farm k/a Forkhill by Michael McDermott to Patrick Murphy / Peter Murphy. Refers back to acquisition of lands by Charles Thomas Warde 1852, his death 1865, & surviving children Henry Charles Lloyd Warde, died 1871, Ada Lloyd Hawley, Charlotte Purefroy Lloyd Hodgson & Emily Frances Lloyd Warde; Marriage Settlements between Henry Tylston Hodgson & Charlotte 1865 and  Rev. Edward Hawley & Ada 1866.  Refers to 1872 agreement between McDermott & other tenants of lands at Carricknagavna that he would purchase at auction on behalf of all tenants including Patrick Quinn, Thomas Murphy, Patrick McParland. Large parchment sheet folded in 2, written on 3 sides  (printed with manuscript insertions). The 4th side contains the title & a Location Plan showing adjoining landholders Hugh Murphy, James Magill & John McEnally. Small stain resulting in loss of small area of text. “Marks” of Michael McDermott & Patrick Murphy with small red wax seals, witnessed by James Smyth (solr app. Neury) £35

135/19 Co Armagh – Dromart – 1853 – Lease of Farm & Land by Rt Hon Viscount Dungannon to Bernard Lynas (Dromart). Various rights reserved to Dungannon & Covenants & conditions to be observed by Lynas.  Formerly in possession of Felix Brady. Very large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 2½ sides – pre-printed with manuscript insertions – signed / sealed by Dungannon (large impressed wax seal) & Bernard Lynas, witnessed by Hutcheson Powell & John Rainey.  Together with a small note 1881 indicating the Lease had been used as security for a loan, signed by Lynas.  £33

135/27 Co Armagh – Farnaloy – 1890 – Conveyance of lands in connection with proposed Marriage of Anne Eliza English to William Haughey (Mowilliam, Armagh). Anne’s parents were Isabella & Thomas English (died 1870) of Farnaloy, grandfather John English. Large parchment sheet folded in 2, written 2 sides, signed / sealed by Isabella English, Anne Eliza English & William Haughey.  £33

135/21 Co Armagh – Farnamuckla – 1875 – Sub Grant in perpetuity of Lands by Robert John MacGeough (The Argory, Co Armagh) to John Feighan & James Feighan (both Farnamuckla). Lands leased by  MacGeough  from Marcus Gervais Lord Archbishop of Armagh.  Refers to 1787 Lease of lands by William McGeough to Patrick Feighan, renewable at 7 year intervals.    8 page parchment booklet written 5 sides. Location plan on cover sheet which shows part of adjoining lands of Jas & John Feighan, Terence Raverty, Terence Toner, Francis Toner jnr. Damp staining to part of booklet with resultant ‘crinkling’ of parchment. Signed / sealed by R J MacGeough & John Feighan with ‘mark‘ of  James Feighan.  £32

135/26 Co Armagh – Tamlette – 1890 – Grant of  Perpetual Lease of lands by Jane Ritter, widow,  (Limavady, Co Londonderry) to Benjamin Jenkinson (Tamlette). Lands originally Leased by Jane Thompson to Joseph Jenkinson 1790. In 1858 the Lease of part of the lands was renewed to Benjamin Jenkinson by Jane Maxwell, his interest was passed to Benjamin Jenkinson [Thomas Jenkinson was party to agreement]. Jane Maxwell’s lands passed to Samuel Maxwell Alexander (died 1889), his co-heiresses were Jane Ritter & Elizabeth Jane Smith Ritter / Stanton.  Large parchment sheet folded in 2, pre-printed with manuscript insertions on 3 sides, signed / sealed by Jane Ritter with ‘Mark‘ of Benjamin Jenkinson, witnessed by Jno. Cunnungham & Sam. Lowry (both Limavady) & William McKenna (Tamlette)  £34

67/98 Dublin – 1830 – Attested copy made 1848 of Deed of Dissolution of Chemist and Apothecary Partnership between Richard Ward and Elijah Pring (both Dublin). Refers to 1826 Lease of premises in Westmoreland Street, Dublin from John Clark of Belmont, Co. Carlow and dissolution of partnership with effect from 1st Jan. 1830. Ward’s half share in stocks, debts, fixtures & fittings, etc assigned to Pring, and Pring’s interest in Lease assigned to Ward who then sub-leased the premises to Pring. Details various conditions, restrictions, indemnities, annuities, payments, etc relating to the dissolution. 14 sheets of paper watermarked 1840, written 26 sides. This copy signed by Geo. Lincoln Smith and David Inde (clerks to Messrs Bohun & Rix, Beccles, Suffolk).  £45

67/99 Dublin – 1832 – Schedule of Costs incurred by Richard Ward relating to investigation of Title in connection with acquisition of premises in Westmoreland Street, Dublin from John Clark junior. Mentions original 1804 Lease of property to Robert Roth, the Mortgage and subsequent assignment of equity of redemption by Roth to Messrs Clarke and West, and several leases of the premises to Ward and  Pring. 6 sheets watermarked paper written 11 sides, signed by Wm. O’Brien for Laurence P. Parke, Solicitors, acknowledging payment of costs by Ward. £22

67/100 Dublin – 1843 – Schedule of Attorneys Costs incurred by Richard Ward (Dublin) in connection with an action by him against his former partner  Elijah Pring Ward being Pring’s Creditor and Landlord. Refers to seizing & sale of Pring’s goods, possibility of Pring’s Creditors claiming against Ward as his name was still used in the firm & obtaining Counsel’s opinion on a number of occasions. 7 sheets of paper – written 11¼ sides. The Attorney was William White (William St. Dublin).  £22

67/101 Dublin – 1843 – Copy of Opinion of Counsel Chas G. Darling concerning the liability of  Richard Ward  in respect of the debts incurred after the dissolution of the partnership, by his former partner  Elijah Pring giving details of the relevant case law and the action Ward needed to take to avoid being liable in respect of future debts. Also sets out action Ward would need to take to recover the proceeds from the sale of Pring’s goods – which the Sheriff had paid to another creditor. 5 sheets of paper – written 8 sides. £22

67/102 Dublin – 1843 to 1846 – Documents relating to Costs incurred by Richard Ward in relation to his action against his former partner  Elijah Pring consisting of a schedule of Costs (4 sides of paper) invoiced by William White, Attorney, for redocketting of a Judgement and action taken to have Ward’s name deleted from newspaper adverts referring to the partnership of Ward, Pring & Co.; together with 2 Bills of Costs relating to the above schedule and a Notice of a Search in the Court of Common Pleas. £22

67/105 Dublin – 1866Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Policy on property 30 Westmoreland Street, Dublin  occupied by Messrs Graham & Company, Apothecaries &  Chemists taken out by Albemarle Cator (Woodbastwick Hall, Norfolk) & Richard Bohun (Beccles, Suffolk).  Agents Alexr. D. Kennedy,  solr. Dublin). Large sheet of paper, pre-printed, with manuscript details of the property insured – very small piece of paper missing from foot of sheet. Signed by 3 Directors of the Insurance Society – W. L? Hotson, Gen? Durrants & Donald Daley.  £7

67/52 Dublin – 1876 – Mortgage by John Gibbon Cole (Bramfield) to William Walter Kiddle R.N. (Dublin) of cottages in Peasenhall, Suffolk. Details adjoining lands & property owners, names former & current occupiers of cottages to include Robert Fisher, James Smith, John Ludbrook, Benjamin Jordan, John Tillott, Jasper Redgrave, James Snelling. 8 page paper booklet written 7 sides, signed John Gibbon Cole.  £30

67/52 Dublin – 1885 – Further Mortgage granted to Henry James Gibbs (Peasenhall) by William Walter Kiddle R.N. (Dublin) on security of cottages in Peasenhall, Suffolk. Refers to original mortgage of properties by John Gibbon Cole to Kiddle [see 67/52] & subsequent sale, subject to the mortgage, by Cole to Gibbs.  Details adjoining lands & property owners, names occupiers of cottages to include Henry James Gibbs, Benjamin Jordan, William Harvey & Francis Row. The document also contains a redemption of both the original & further mortgages by Gibbs from Charlotte Elizabeth Kiddle (Dublin), William’s widow. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2, written 4 sides. Further mortgage signed Henry James Gibbs & redemption signed Charlotte Elizabeth Kiddle witnessed by Frederick Kiddle (Dublin) .  £32

215/62 Limerick – 1881 – draft Prosecution Brief for case against John O’Keefe, a soldier from Limerick garrisoned at Carlisle Castle who was charged with the theft of a watch from David Corry (David Corrie) of Fisher Street, Carlisle. Full details given about how the alleged theft took place and how the watch came to be in the hands of Jas. Hannagan (Limerick). Hannagan was O’Keefe’s aunt’s husband and he was arrested in Limerick by Patrick McCormick (Royal Irish Constabulary) for possession of the watch. 4 sheets watermarked paper written 2½ sides – deletions and amendments.  £20

215/63 Limerick – 1881 – draft additional Prosecution Brief for case against John O’Keefe, a soldier from Limerick garrisoned at Carlisle Castle who was charged with the theft of a watch from  David Corrie (David Corry) of  Carlisle. Edward Quinliven (or Edmund Quinliven) of Limerick, James Hannagan‘s employer, is to be called as an additional prosecution witness.  3 sheets watermarked paper written 1½ sides – some staining, dusting, deletions and amendments.  £10

233/57 Wicklow – 1889 – Undertaking given by William Clinch & Thomas William Foreshaw (both Witney) and Bellingham Arthur Somerville (Wicklow, Ireland) t/a “William Clinch & Company”, Brewers, Witney to Emily Westell Collier (Witney) to keep safe, and produce if required, documents relating to lands sold to Clinch, Foreshaw & Somerville and to Collier. The documents relate to Mortgages of lands in Witney, Field Assarts & Asthall, Oxon  sold by John Marriott Clinch (Witney) to Clinch, Foreshaw & Somerville and other lands sold to Emily Westell Collier [no details given of the lands]. Parchment sheet written 1 side, signed by Wm. Clinch, T. W. Foreshaw & B. A. Somerville.  £17




118/17 – 1756 Attested copy of Will, of Booth, Robert – Salford  – names   Booth Gore (Ireland) & his daughter Arabella,  for details see Lancashire page – Wills –  Booth, Robert – Salford

118/18 – 1786 Attested copy of Will and Codicil of Booth, John Gore – Salford , names brother  Sir John Booth Gore (dec’d) & his daughter Arabella,   nephews Sir Booth Gore,   Robert Gore (both Ireland), for details see Lancashire page – Wills –  Booth, John Gore – Salford

98/159 Kingsbury, James – Cork – died 1856 Letters of Administration granted to sister Diana, in 1875, mother also Diana. Partly printed parchment with manuscript insertions, with wafer seal attached. £5

67/37 – 1830 – Obligation Bond given by Elijah Pring to Richard Ward (both of Dublin) as security for a loan. Sheet of paper watermarked 1825 with impressed Duty stamps, pre-printed, with manuscript insertions. Signed by Elijah Pring, witnessed by William Rawle. Reverse noted that Bond ‘satisfied by composition’ signed Richd. Ward.  £33




259/31 – Aberdeen – 1821 – Declaration & Discharge given by Peter McCombie to John Ewing as Trustee of the sequestrated Estate of Charles Fyfe (all of Aberdeen). Refers to 1815 Bond given by Fyfe to McCombie in respect of a sum of money he owed. Includes details of 2 properties in Union Street which Fyfe assigned to McCombie as further security for the debt. Adjoining landowners were James Ferguson, David Hutcheon & Benjamin Lumsden. Large paper sheet watermarked 1816, folded in 2 and written on 3 sides with short tears to the edges where folded. Each of the 3 sides signed by Peter McCombie and Wm. Carnegie (Town Clerk, Aberdeen). Witnessed by Alexander Murray (Shopkeeper, Aberdeen) & James Gordon (Writer, Aberdeen). £35

61/2 – 1781 – Lease for a year (relating to assignment of property in Cumberland by way of a mortgage)  Property apparently previously mortgaged to late John Smith (Carlisle), and his siblings are party to the agreement. They include Agnes w/o James Johns(t)on (Whitehill, Dumfries),  Eleanor Smith, widow, (Cumbertrees, Scotland),  Jane w/o John Marshall (Clifton, Cumb.) and late Margaret’s eldest son John Irving (Whitehill, Dumfries). For details see Cumberland page – Property – Carlisle.

233/30 Edinburgh – 1818 – Lease for a year (being first part of Lease / Release for the conveyance of  property) of a Messuage, Garden & Workshop, etc. in Wheatley, Oxon. by the Assignees in Bankruptcy of Samuel Palmer (Bourton on the Water, Glos.) to Samuel Leaver (Wheatley) the current occupier. The Assignees in Bankruptcy were James Ashwin & John Beale (both of Bourton on the Water) and Joseph Cripps the younger (Stratton, Glos.). Samuel Palmer’s wife was Elizabeth. Parchment sheet with slight fading of text in a few small areas. Signed / sealed by Jas. Ashwin, John Beale, Joseph Cripps jnr, Samuel Palmer &  Elizabeth Palmer. Signed on reverse by a number of Witnesses including Jacob Roberts (Rose St. Edinburgh) & W. Palmer (Edinburgh) to Samuel Palmer’s signature, Thos. Palmer (Bourton on the Water), Robert Bliss (Chipg. Norton) to Elizabeth Palmer’s signature, also W. Kendall  (Bourton on the Water), S. Betteridge (clk. to M/s Wilkins & Kendall), Rich. Roberts (Cirencester).   £46

215/166 – Edinburgh – 1865 – Agreement for sale of Leasehold Property at Lynby, Notts. by Administrators of late Thomas Allen [Martha and Rev. Joseph Ford (Edinburgh) & John Downs (Buxton, Derbysh) to Andrew Montagu (Melton Park, West Riding, Yorksh) [his agent was Thomas Lyson Cundy (nr Weatherby, Yorksh)].  The sale was of the remaining Term of the Lease of property at Lynby adjoining Andrew Montagu’s existing lands. Gives names & acreages of various Closes of land and details of original 1699 Lease  between Sir William Stanhope (Lynby) to Edward Clarke (of Shelford, Limner servant to Stanhope).  6 page paper booklet (sewn together at edge, but beginning to separate) and written 4 sides. Signed Tho. L Cundy, witnessed by John W. Forrest.  £30

233/54 – 1880 –  Sale of parcel of land at Milton, Oxfordshire by Henry John, Earl of Ducie (family name Moreton) and Julia his wife to Frederick Barnes (Preston Pans, Edinburgh). The Hon. John Dutton (Hinton, nr Alresford, Hants) and John Raymond Barker (Fairford Park, Glos.) were party to agreement as Trustees for Ducie. Henry John Moreton was the eldest son of Henry George Francis Earl of Ducie.  Refers to settlement of lands including the Sarsden Estate upon trust by the Earl & Countess of Ducie, the death of Henry George Francis in 1853 and a Covenant by the Earl to produce various Title Deeds if required. 2 large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words and a small colour wash location plan. Some pencil highlighting to second sheet. Signed / sealed by  John Dutton,  J. Raymond Barker, Ducie & Julia Ducie. Witnesses include George King (Butler, Fairford Park) & John Shallwell (Butler, Hinton House).   £50

62/20 Sale of Property in  Sunderland – 1881 – by Trustees of William Jackson Johnson (a Bankrupt), to Waverley Brewery, Edinburgh – James Jamieson and William Jenkinson. Property was subject to a Mortgage from Sunderland Thirteenth Working Mans Building Society. 2 sheets  Parchment – signed and sealed by Edmund Nichols, Robert Henderson, John Henry Isitt (all members of the Bankruptcy Committee) and James Jamieson and William Jenkinson. Includes the large wax seal of the Building Society and signature of Alexander Prosser, Chairman. It refers to earlier Indenture, Mortgage and Bankruptcy proceedings.   £47

233/3 Edinburgh  – 1904 – Copy of Admission of Arthur Beaufort Brown (Edinburgh) as eldest son and heir of John Brown as surviving devisee of Will Trust of John Brown to House & Land at Woodgreen held of the Manor of Witney, Oxfordshire. Property formerly occupied by John Brown, then Richard Thursfield & Charles Collier, now Henry Garnett. Large sheet parchment folded in 2 – written on 1 side – signed by F. J. D. Westell (steward of Manor). [see also 233/1 on the Oxfordshire page – Hailey, Wood Green – 1866] £27

233/4 Edinburgh  – 1904 – Enfranchisement of Copyhold House & Land at Woodgreen by Charles Richard John Duke of Marlborough & his Trustees to Arthur Beaufort Brown (Edinburgh). Details of land & former & current occupiers – John Brown, Richard Thursfield, Charles Collier, Henry Garnett.  Large sheet parchment folded in 2 – written on 2 sides – signed / sealed by Marlborough and his Trustees Macleworth Bulkley Praed (Strand, Middx) & Ivor Churchill Guest (London). £32

233/77 Edinburgh  – 1904 – Sale by Arthur Beaufort Brown (Edinburgh) as Trustee for John Brown (of Witney, died 1898)  to Charles James Vincent Clack (Witney) of a Dwelling House & Land at Woodgreen, Witney – originally held of the Manor of Witney. Refers to John Brown’s Will & Codicils – his son John the younger and daughters Sarah Ann Brown and Margaret Bush Brown, the deaths of his wife and children & himself.  Arthur Beaufort Brown was the eldest son of John Brown the younger. Refers to auction at which Clack purchased the property, enfranchisement from Manor. Property formerly occupied by John Brown, then Richard Thursfield & Charles Collier, now Henry Garnett. 10 page parchment booklet written 7½ sides – signed / sealed by A. Beaufort Brown includes a memorandum that the House was sold in 1951 by Ethel Young to Audrey Helen Hanson (Baytree Hotel, Burford).  £37

181/29  – 1865 – Sale of Copyhold Property in Nile Street, Bishopwearmouth by James Beswick (Caldercruix, Lanark) to William Glendenning (Sunderland).  Refers to 1854 Mortgage by Beswick to late Andrew Godfrey Rahn. His son Francis Henry Rahn  (Sunderland) party to agreement as current mortgagee. Details of property including adjoining streets / owners. Large parchment sheet with decorative 1st 2 words incorporating mini Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed James Beswick & F H Rahn.  £47




54/8 Alexander, Rev. William Burton – Crathie, Aberdeenshire (and Bloomsbury Square, London) – 1892 Probated copy of Will – names wife Mary Tucker (or Alexander). Parchment – with certificate of Probate & wafer seal attached, and some company stamps.  Heavy damp staining & creasing throughout, & outside dusty.   £8

98/72 Balbirnie, Jean – Edinburgh – 1855 – in brother’s Will – see Middlesex page – Balbirnie, John for details.

215/71 Cowap, William Butler  and late John – Ayr  – 1899 Appointment of new Trustee to Settlement on 1870 Marriage of William Butler Cowap to late Rachel Hayton. Gives details of current trust assets. Original Trustees were Robert Hayton of Holme Cultram, now Wigton and late John Butler Cowap (Ayr). New Trustee John Hind (Holme Cultram). Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 & written 2¼ sides, signed by Robert Hayton & John Hind.  £20

215/202  Original Will of  Harriet Hodgson, West Heslerton, Yorkshire – dated 1910  – many specific bequests made to beneficiaries including late husband’s niece Mrs Margaret Ann Barnet, nephews John Harry Grainger & Frederick William Thompson of West Heslerton [his wife (initials F.M.) & daughter Gertrude May], nieces Mary Maria (w/o George Longbotham of Glasgow), & Mrs Annie Ridley, grand-neices Harriet Longbotham, Maria Longbotham & Agnes Longbotham.  Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1¾ sides, signed Harriet Hodgson, witnessed by Samuel Ridge (solr Malton), William Kitching (his clerk).  £32

215/265 Hodgson, Harriet – West Heslerton – dated 1915 to 1921 Original Will – many specific bequests made to beneficiaries including late husband’s niece Mrs Margaret Ann Barnett, also Violet Barnett. Nephews John Henry Grainger, Charles Grainger (both York) & Frederick William Thompson of West Heslerton [his daughter Gertrude May Horsfield], nieces Mary Maria Longbotham, & Mrs Annie Ridley, grand-neices Harriet Longbotham, Maria Longbotham & Rhoda Longbotham, grand nephews Jeremiah Longbotham & John Grainger Longbotham.  Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 3 sides, signed Harriet Hodgson, witnessed by Samuel Ridge (solr Malton), but subsequently amended and noted as “Draft”.  Together with A) -Notes relating to amendments to Will – mentions, in addition to above relatives – nieces Helen Bailey, Edith Bailey & Minnie Bailey, Mrs Harriet Thompson (w/o Fredk. Wm.) and grand niece Agnes Longbotham; B) – Draft Will incorporating above amendments.  £38

215/228  1881 – Indemnity given to Bennison Gales & Thomas Foxton (both of Whitby, Yorkshire) as Executors of Arabella Jackson’s Will in respect of her bequest to her granddaughters – Margaret Scoresby Jackson & Arabella Mary Scoresby Jackson [children of her late son Robert Edmund Scoresby Jackson, their maternal grandfather being Sir William Johnston of Kirkhill, Gorebridge, Scotland] and grandson Thomas Scoresby Jackson. Son Thomas Scoresby Jackson, great granddaughter Arabella Scoresby Jackson. Refers to her Will & death and includes a list of the silver items transferred to the two granddaughters. Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, signed by W. Johnston & Thos. Scoresby Jackson.  £26

160/93  Alfred Hugh Mottram (Edinburgh) mentioned in Will –  for full details & price please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Mace, Miss Unity – Eaton – 1922

160/94 Alfred Hugh Mottram (Edinburgh) mentioned in mother’s Will  for full details & price please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Mottram, Fanny Anne – Norwich – 1924

215/222 Tindall, James – (Bournemouth, formerly Scarborough, Yorks.) – 1872 Copy of “Oath for Executors” of the estate. Executors Mary Tindall ( widow of James), John James Paul Moody & cousin William Hebden (all of Scarborough). Pre-printed form with manuscript insertions which include details of total value of personal estate at Edenbank, Kelso.  Large sheet paper folded in 2 with text on approx 1 ½ sides.  £7

215/102 – 1872 Draft disclaimer by brother in law William Sadler (Ferrygate, East Lothian) of Executorship of Will of James Tindall (Bournemouth formerly Scarborough, Yorks.) . Wife Mary, cousin William Hebden (Scarborough). Refers to lands in Cawton, Gilling, Yorks. & Leasehold house in Bournemouth.  3 sheets paper written 3¼ sides. Note this is a Draft document & there are amendments and deletions throughout. £14

215/223 Tindall, James – Bournemouth (formerly Scarborough, Yorks.) – 1875 Copy of Memo relating to Estate – confirming bequest to his widow Mary of Leasehold property “Twyneham”, Bournemouth, leased from Sir George Eliott Meyrick Japps Gervis.  Cousin William Hebden (Scarborough),  brother in law William Sadler (Ferrygate, Scotland) Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1+ sides. £7




48/118 Aberdare / Barry / Swansea –1890 –  Richard and James Thorney (both of Aberdare), Luke and John Alfred Owen (both of Barry) – the husband and son of Caroline dec’d, Samuel and Sarah Davies (formerly of Swansea, now of Carthage, Missouri) – for details, see Herefordshire page – under Property, Walford, 1890.  £27

48/121 Aberdare  –1890 – Declaration by Mrs Esther Thorney stating she had no interest in the property in Walford, to be sold by  James Thorney and others to E Crockett. Paper – signed by Esther Thorney .  [see 48/118, above]  £7

68/12 Brecon / Radnor – 1795 – Disposal of Interest in Land – Llandewy Cwm, Brecon, by Elizabeth Jones to John Davis (Disserth, Radnor). Elizabeth Jones, spinster, now of Kington, Hereford – grandaughter of John Morris (Llandewy) and daughter of John Morris alias Jones of Disserth. Paper Indenture signed and sealed by Elizabeth Jones with signatures of witnesses, Thos ? Brice and Thomas Morgan. Names pieces of land.   £52

98/127 Patten, Edith  (of Bridgend, Glam.) – 1880 Named in her mother’s Will – for details see Somerset page, Wills – Hembry, Jane

166/29  1890 –   Further Mortgage on a number of Dwelling Houses and Plots of Land in Weston Super Mare granted by Birt St. Allyn Jenner & Rev. Frederic William Edmondes (both Bridgend, Glamorgan) to David Gill (Weston Super Mare). All the properties are subject to existing Mortgages, and a Schedule details the various properties with addresses / locations, adjoining landowners, roads, occupiers, ground rent payable and existing Mortgagees. Large parchment sheet with decorative 1st 2 words signed & sealed by David Gill, witnessed on reverse by Chas. W. Read (Solicitor’s Clerk, Wm. Smith & Sons, Weston Super Mare).  £58

98/21 Cardiff – 1861 – Charlotte & James Saunders – See details on Gloucestershire page under Wills, Clark.

224/4 Carnarvon – 1841 – Deed of Covenant by Miss Elizabeth Lydia Cane (lately of Norwood Green, Middx, now Carnarvon) to surrender  property & land  she had become entitled to following death of Dame Mary Herschell. Signed / sealed by Elizabeth Lydia Cane,  witnessed on reverse by John Potter (agent, Carnarvon) for full details, please see my Buckinghamshire page – Property – Upton cum Chalvey [see also 224/5]

10/12A Carnarvon  –  1875 – Ysguburwen – Auction particulars for sale of 98 lots of freehold building land and reversionary interests.  10 page booklet but with middle 2 pages containing lots 22-98 to be sold on day 2 of sale missing.  Contains conditions of sale with details of reversionary interests to be sold on day 1. Details include brief description of premises,  details of lease, ground rent, tithes & occupants :- Geo. Farren, Dr. Morgan,  Robt. Newton, W Lloyd Griffeth, Capt. Davis, Charles Thomas, Jno Jones, John Griffith, Edwin Hobson, Paxton Hardy, Richard Aylmer, W G W Clemenger, Alexander Fraser.  The booklet (c.11″x 17″), with some small tears in folds, includes a large, coloured, printed, folding  plan (c. 30″x 21″)showing the location of each Lot, & names of owners of surrounding grounds.   £18

10/13ACarnarvon  –  1875 – Ysguburwen – Auction particulars for sale of 98 lots of freehold building land and reversionary interests. Similar document to 10/12A, but this one has the complete booklet, however, there are tears to the centre fold & cover, and a number of large tears in the folds of the plan.  £18

10/13BCarnarvon  –  1875 – Ysguburwen – Copy of just the plan as in 10/12A & 13A – complete, but torn.  £4

10/12B Carnarvon  –  1881 – Ysguburwen – Auction particulars for sale of 29 lots of freehold building land and reversionary interests.  8 page printed booklet (c.12″x 18″) containing conditions of sale & a brief description of each Lot, but plan missing.  £10

132/7  Chepstow, Mon. – 1838 – Transfer of Mortgage on properties in Frampton Cotterell, Glos. [belonging to Joseph Millett (previously Frampton C, now of Iron Acton)] by Sarah Martin (Stapleton Road, Glos.) and John Jones (Chepstow, Mon.) to Joseph Barker (Chipping Sodbury).   Details of : William Millett’s Will and death in 1830 – wife Elizabeth Millett (Frampton C), sons – John Millett & Joseph Millett, grandchildren Henry Holder & Betty Holder; various properties including The Cross Hands Inn; 1778 Mortgage from John Read;  Mortgage / Further Mortgages of properties included in William Millett’s Estate by Elizabeth Millett and Joseph Millett to George Martin (Stapleton Road), John Jones and Thomas Brown (Chepstow); deaths of Elizabeth Millett, Thomas Brown (1835) and George Martin (1837, widow Sarah).  5  large sheets of parchment, with decorative 1st 2 words incorp. small Royal coat of arms. Signed & sealed Sarah Martin, Jno. Jones, Joseph Millett also Henry Ray (Trustee for George Martin) and Jas. Jenkins & Thos. Brown Jenkins (both of Chepstow and Executors of Thomas Brown).  £74

64/59 Chepstow, Monmouth – 1863 – Abstract  of Title of James Fisher Withers to a messuage and premises [on the turnpike road from Bristol to Aust Passage at the junction to Stoke Bishop] at Westbury upon Trym, Gloucestershire. Refers to:-  Sale in 1800 by Benjamin Lowle (late Westbury, then Bristol) to Samuel Thatcher (Westbury) of property he acquired in 1773 – the dwelling house was built by Lowle; to the term of 1000 years created in 1711 by a mortgage of the property by Thomas Williams (late of Ireland, then Westbury) to Clare Godsell;  in 1804 the property was mortgaged by Thatcher to Paul Orchard (Bristol) [includes a note that Thatcher had erected another messuage on part of the garden;  the mortgage was assigned to Ann Osborne (widow of Winterbourne) in 1806 by Orchard’s Executors.  Refers to Will and death of Samuel Thatcher – his widow Mary Thatcher and children late  Samuel Thatcher,  Edward Thatcher (Aust),  Stephen Thatcher,   James Thatcher (both Westbury),   Sarah Thatcher (married Joseph Teddar of Westbury),  Mary Thatcher (married Peter Jones of Henbury) &  Elizabeth Thatcher (married William Thomas the younger of Clifton, then Bristol).  Edward Thatcher had children Edward Thatcher (Tutshill), Ann Thatcher (married William Lewis of Tiddenham), Mary Thatcher (Chepstow, Monmouth), Elizabeth Thatcher (married William Dickinson Price of Chepstow) & Harriet Thatcher (married Thomas Jenkins of Chepstow); provides a lot more information about the Thatcher family including the Wills and deaths of Stephen, Edward & Ann Thatcher, widow, of Chepstow and the transfer of shares in the property between various family members. In 1831 the property was sold by the Thatcher family to Jane Lucas, widow of Wm. Lucas (Westbury & Bristol) who had agreed to purchase the property prior to his death. Includes reference to the Will of William and Jane Lucas – she left the property to Edward Pellew Halsted (Lieutenant in RN) who sold it to Henry Poole (Westbury) in 1834. Poole sold it in 1858 to William Perkins – died 1859 – (whose son was Matthew Perkins, both of Bristol). It is not stated when Withers acquired the property.  29 large sheets of watermarked paper written on 28 sides with pencil notations, some fraying to edges.  £64

67/44 Harrison, Charles – Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh – dated 1868 Notice given to Trustees [one of whom was Sir Thomas Branthwayt Beevor, late of Hargham, now of Great Yarmouth] of the 1829 Marriage Settlement of Rev William Boycott and his wife Elizabeth Georgiana nee Beevor, that an eighth contingent interest in the Trust Funds had been assigned by their daughter Emily Georgiana Boycott to her own Marriage Settlement on her own marriage to Charles Harrison (Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh). Charles’ father was John Harrison (Chester, Surgeon), also mentions Job Harrison  (Chester, Surgeon) and Charles Cunningham Boycott (Island of Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland). Details of Trust assets and Settlements in connection with marriage of Emily Georgiana and Charles. Large sheet of paper watermarked 1861, folded in 2, written 2½ sides. [see below 67/32 Penmaenmawr –   Harrison, John – Chester  – dated 1871 & 1874 ]  £23

67/45 Harrison, Charles – Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh – dated 1868 Notice given to Trustees [one of whom was Job Harrison  (Chester, Surgeon)] of the 1833 Marriage Settlement of John Harrison and his wife Frances Mary nee Yate, that a sixth contingent interest in the Trust Funds had been assigned by their son Charles Harrison (Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh) to his own Marriage Settlement on his own marriage to  Emily Georgiana Boycott (Burgh St Peter, Norfolk) . Mentions William Yate and Settlements in connection with marriage of Emily Georgiana and Charles. Large sheet of paper watermarked 1864, folded in 2, written 1½ sides. £20

67/46 Harrison, Charles – Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh   – dated 1868 Acknowledgement of receipt by Trustees [including Job Harrison of Chester & Charles Cunningham Boycott of Island of Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland] of Mr & Mrs Charles Harrison’s Marriage Settlement of deposit by John Harrison of 1859 Indenture relating to lease of part of Brynymor Farm, Carnarvon by John Harrison (Nicholas St., Chester) from William Jones (Brynymor Durygyfylchi) and Elias Jones (Gwredog, Anglesey) as security for payments to be made by John Harrison in accordance with the terms of the Marriage Settlement of Charles Harrison and   Emily Georgiana Boycott.  Large sheet of watermarked paper, folded in 2, written 1¼ sides. £18

105/45 Denbigh – Wrexham – 1885George Stewart Bessell (Wrexham) had applied to the Guardian Permanent Benefit Building Socy (Bristol) for a mortgage on 1 Rodney Cottages, Two Mile Hill, St Georges, for full details & price, please see my Gloucestershire page – Property –  Bristol / St George

132/24 Wrexham, Denbigh – 1885 – Mortgage of dwelling house, stable & coachhouse Rodney Cottages, Two Mile Hill, St Georges, Bristol, by George Stewart Bessell (Wrexham, Denbigh) to the Guardian Permanent Benefit Building Socy (Bristol). Details of location of property which formed part of a larger plot transferred from Thomas Phipps to William Douglas in 1864. Previously occupied by William Douglas, then Albert J. Woodington & at the date of mortgage by John Edwards. Large parchment sheet with decorative first 2 words.  Signed / sealed by George Stewart Bessell.  The reverse of the document contains a confirmation of repayment of the mortgage signed by    Frederick Morgan (Director) &  William Kent (Secretary) with the Seal of the Building Society.  £58

130/16 Glamorgan, Barry – 1903 – Transfer of Mortgage & further advance. Original mortgages advanced by  William Tame (Barry, Glam.) to Albert James Beaven (Bristol).   For full details / price of this document, please see my Somerset page – Property –  Brislington

130/10 Cardiff, Glamorgan –  1895 – Marriage Settlement between Eliza Ann Roberts (Portishead) & William Gwynne Thomas (Cardiff),  signed / sealed by W G Thomas, Eliza A Roberts (+ Eliza A Thomas), and trustees – Together with the Death Certificate of William Gwynne Thomas, prepared in 1903 & signed over a penny stamp. For full details of this document, please see my Somerset page – Property –  Portishead .

162/20 Cadoxton, Neath, Glam – 1826 – Lease for a year (the 1st part of Lease & Release for sale of property) by Richard & John Fosse (both Cadoxton, Neath) to Thomas Dumayne Place  (Cadoxton, Neath). Names the occupiers of the various cottages / lands in Marwood.  For full details / price of this document, please see my Devon page – Property – Marwood.

162/21 Cadoxton, Neath, Glam – 1827 – Lease for a year (the 1st part of Lease & Release for sale of property) by Thomas Dumayne Place  (Cadoxton, Neath) to Richard Crang (Marwood). Names the occupiers of the various cottages / lands in Marwood including  Richard Fosse, formerly the property of John Fosse dec’d.  Witnessed on reverse by D Powell (solr, Neath) & Jno Attwood (his clerk). For full details / price of this document, please see my Devon page – Property – Marwood.

98/19 Cowbridge, Glam. – 1835Robinson, Richard –  see Gloucestershire page – Wills re property bequeathed.

130/3 Glamorgan, Wenvoe Castle – 1806 – Contemporary Attested copy of a Release to make a Common Recovery (property conveyance subject to life tenancy) by Sir John Thomas (Southampton) & his son John Godfrey Thomas  Refers to Deed of 1771 – lands inherited from Mary Phelps dec’d (Cole, Westbury upon Trym) settled on Sir John (then John Thomas (Wenvoe Castle, Glamorgan), father & brother both named Sir Edmond Thomas. For full details / price of this document, please see my Gloucesterhire page – Property – Westbury upon Trym [see also 130/70]

48/190 Dingestowe, Monmouth – 1720 –  Copy of Assignment of Mortgage. Mortgage granted to Richard Jelfe (City of Gloucester), assigned by Charles Hopkins (Dingestowe) to Jeremiah Jenkins (Gloucester). Details of original mortgage granted to William Jelfe (Richard’s father) in 1708 on security of lands in Ruardean, Glos. subsequent assignment of mortgage & transfer of property to Richard. As part of this agreement, some of the original mortgage was repaid. Paper – written on 7 sides – some small holes in folds of final sheet – hardly affecting text.   £36

84/89 Dolgelly, Merioneth – 1886 –  Statutory  declaration made by  Edward Otto Partridge (Dolgelly, Merioneth ) relating to purchase of lands in Hazlehurst, Walford  – 1846 to 1869 – for details  see my Herefordshire page – Property  – Walford  1886

48/127 Dolgelly, Merioneth – 1904 – Short Declaration by Edward Otto Partridge (Dolgelly, Merioneth) identifying land at Walford, Herefordsh. sold. for details  see Herefordshire page – Property  – Walford  1904

48/40 Glasbury, Brecon – 1908 – Sale of lands – Hope Mansell, Herefordsh., by Executors of  William Bennett Jones (wife, Elizabeth and niece, Gertrude Anne Freeman) to Sir George Bullough (Bishopwood). Francis Thomas Jones (Glasbury)  and others, were party to the agreement as Mortgagees. George William Jones (Hope Mansell) was also party to the agreement.  8 sides of parchment, together with folding map of lands –  signed and sealed by Elizabeth Anne Jones, Gertrude Annie Freeman, G W Jones,  FT Jones, W S Clarke and F S Collins.  [see my Herefordshire page – property – Hope Mansell, for further details] £42

144/2 Hope, Montgomery – 1628 – Lease for a year (being first part of Lease / Release for Sale of Land) by David Pughe (Stirchley, Shropshire) to Howell Jones (Brythdir, Montgomery). Gives names & acreages of property & lands in Hope, occupied by Bartholomew ap Oliver,  Edward LawrencePiers ap Hugh als Bryn. Sheet parchment approx. 16″x 7″ with small stain in centre fold. Signed by David Pughe, but seal tag & wax seal missing. 4 witness signatures on reverse, including  Francis Davies,  Edw Edwardes,  Henry Shipman.   £90

144/1 Leighton, Montgomery – 1613/14 – Mortgage of property by Charles & Anne Lloyd and their son Brochwell to Anne Lloyd (Tyddyn Preed), widow of Theophilus Lloyd. Property leased to John Davies & Lewis Davies.  Details of original loan by Theophilus & arrangements for repayment. Large sheet parchment approx. 21″x 20″, with 3 seal tags 2 of which have pendant wax seals still attached. Signed by Chas Lloyd, Anne Lloyd,  Broychwell Lloyd with 9 witness signatures on reverse – Richard Griffyths,  Humpfrey Lloyd,  ……….. Lloyd,  ……. Hay, Humffrey Jones,  Griffith Griffiths,  Francis Davies & Roger Davies.  £160

185/11 Leighton, Montgomery – 1698 – Mortgage of Messuage & Lands in Leighton, late in possession of David Roberts, dec’d, by Griffith Griffithes (Welshpool) and his wife Elizabeth to Sir Uvedale Corbett (Longnor, Shropsh.). The money to be used to pay “Portions” to Griffith & Elizabeth’s younger children. They had one son and 5 daughters – Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Dorothy & Hannah. Mentions the Marriage Settlement of 1674 and details amount paid to each daughter. Large paper sheet, signed & sealed by Griff. Griffithes and Elizabethes Griffithes. Witness signatures include Ricd. Crompton, Randle Evans & W. Abky / Akis?.  £125

215/246 Fowler, Colin Proud & Isabel Davies – Llanelly- dated 1900 Attested copy of Deed Poll (declaration) by the beneficiaries of the Will – in connection with the conveyance of  land at Eaglescliffe by Frank Brown, the Trustee of the Will, to Jonathan John Sanders. The beneficiaries were Mary Fowler (Scalby, late of Stockton on Tees, widow of John), James Fowler (Stockton on Tees), Mary Elizabeth Meek, widow, & Miss Jean Proud Fowler (both of Burangvilla, Columbia, South America), Alexander Farquharson Fowler (Preston), Colin Proud Fowler (Llanelly), John Johnston  Fowler (Rotheride), Hannah Fowler (Hartlepool), Isabel Davies (w/o Edgar Davies of Llanelly), Ethel Fowler & Helen Victoria Fowler (both of Scalby). Refers to 1878 acquisition of land from Thomas Anthony Swinburne, mortgages of property to Harry Chadwick, Allan Bowes Wilson & John George Wilson and Jonathan John Sanders (Stockton on Tees) sale of part of land, John Fowler’s Will – died 1888,  transfer of part of land to Jonathan John Sanders in settlement of debt.  6 large sheets watermarked paper written 5 sides, a location plan attached to the front of the document shows the lands, adjoining landowners, roads & railways. £35

84/91 Mansons Cross, Monmouth – 1897 – “Hand in Hand” Insurance policy on property at Mansons Cross, taken out in names of John Best Bills (owner) and Joseph Herbert Bussell & Thomas Pike (both of Ross, Hereford, mortgagees). Paper printed with manuscript details by W G Walton (Ross agency) – signed by W Esdaile Winter (Director).  £7

84/314 Monmouthshire – 1686 – Gift of lands by Edmund Lewis (Lanvihangell Yestern Llewierne) to his eldest son Isaac. Properties to be held in trust till after Edmund’s death & subject to payment to son Samuel. Lands in Landeny & Usk. Parchment – very decorative initial letter, note there are 3 horizontal splits across it – approx 7″, 14″& 15″ long, respectively. Signed by John Evans, one of the trustees, ‘mark’ of Thomas Watkin missing with seal tag. Witness signatures on reverse – Thomas Jones, James Charles,  Isaac Lewis & ‘mark’ of Margaret Lewis. Also, the signature of Sam Lewis acknowledging receipt of payment by brother in 1693.  £55

84/315 Monmouthshire – 1752/3 – Fine  (or Final Concord) made at Westminster in 26th  year of reign of George II, recording sale of property and land in Landenny Usk Gwehehogg by  William and Ann Walker to  Thomas Walker on parchment sheet approx 8″x 18″.      £21

73/4 Monmouth / Goldcliff – 1887 – Release and Covenant to surrender copyhold lands to Lord of Manor. Relates to lands mortgaged to Thomas Henry Morgan (Chepstow) by Daniel Baker (St. Aruans, Mon.) Agreement between Christiana Morgan (Tidenham, Glos.) – widow of Thomas H , Sarah Ann Baker (Roggiett, Mon) and George Nicholls (Bristol) – Executor of Daniel, and Alfred Jones (Nash), the Purchaser. 2 sheets parchment c. 28″x 19″ including a plan and description of land. Occupied by Sarah Reece as tenant. Signed and sealed by Christiana Morgan, Sarah Ann Baker  and George Nicholls. Details of earlier agreements including mortgages between, and deaths of, Morgan and Baker.    £48

48/39 Monmouth – 1897 – Assignment of Mortgage  originally granted by Francis Hamp Adams (Upton Bishop) to William Bennett Jones (Hope Mansell, Herefordsh.). Mortgage assigned to Francis Thomas Jones (Kings Caple) and Thomas Robert Oakley (Monmouth). George William Jones (Hope Mansell) was also party to the agreement. Details of original Mortgage and description of various pieces of land, including field names, acreage and location by reference to adjoining landowners. 8 sides of parchment (writing faint in places) – signed and sealed by Bennett Jones, G W Jones, F H Adams, FT Jones and T R Oakley.  £37

55/8 Montgomery – 1760 – Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds relating to tithes & tenths at Earley, Berks sold by Elizabeth & John Powell Pryce (Montgomery) (Marriage Settlement 1751, parents Richard Manley & Elizabeth nee Davy), to Joel Watson (London). Covenant made by Richard Simeon (Reading) who held the Title Deeds as Trustee. Tenants Richard Willis, William Henry Sharpe. Large sheet parchment document signed / sealed by Richd Simeon, witnessed on reverse by P H Sherlock & Richd. Sutton (his clerks). £58

48/165 Nantyglo, Monmouth – 1838 – Receipt from exors. and legatees of Joseph Robins Will, relating to payment received from George Robins (Nantyglo, Monmouth) in respect of legacies charged on properties left to George by Joseph. Small slip of paper – approx 3″x 8″with small tear in from one edge – written on both sides and containing 14 signatures of exors. and legatees – John & Mary Evans, William & Sophia Finglass, Charles & Elizabeth Jones, Sarah Lord, Edmund, Joseph, Thos., & William Robins, George & Susan Webb. Provision was made for James Robins signature – but he didn’t sign.   £10

64/81  Newport, Monmouth – 1837 – Abstract of Title of Thomas Robinson to a dwelling house in Stokes Croft, Bristol occupied by Mr. Wade (mainly relating to the period 1729 to 1820). Dwelling house, Malthouse and other buildings sold by Peter Day to William Stringer (Bristol) in 1729 subject to mortgage granted by Day to Stringer. Mortgage subsequently assigned to John Plummer (Bristol) in 1735 by the Executors of Peter Day – who include James Day & Edward Day. Plummer assigned it to Elizabeth Haythorne in 1743. Relates death of William Stringer in 1752, who left 3 daughters – Elizabeth Stringer (who married John Ryland of Bristol), Susanna Stringer and Mary Oakey / Mary Okey and their sale of the property in 1757 to Philip Williams (Clifton) following the death of Elizabeth Haythorne.  Also refers to various Agreements and Bonds relating to William Stringer’s marriage (c. 1746 / 47 to Ann Tyler (widow of Richard Tyler of Bristol) and a debt due to the Executors of Richard Tyler. The only issue of William & Ann Stringer’s marriage was a son, William Stringer.  Relates Will and death in 1772 of Philip Williams – his widow Susannah Williams (who died c. 1785) and children – Ann Williams (married             Russell of Clifton), Elizabeth Williams (married Geo. Rivers of Clifton), Mary Williams (married             Watkins of Clifton) and Edward Williams – notes death of Edward, Ann Russell & Elizabeth Rivers in 1782. Her 5 children were Philip Rivers, James Rivers (Grosvenor Square, Middx), Ann Rivers (w/o Frederick Gilliam / Frederick Gulliam  of Smithfield, Middx), Elizabeth  Rivers (Charles Street, Middx) and Susannah Rivers (w/o Geo. Butler  of Blackfriars, Surrey). Details sale of their half share in property by the Rivers children in 1800 to John Hill (Bristol).  Mary Watkins had 4 children – Theresa Watkins (w/o John Hill), Philip Watkins (Bristol & Royal Marines), Mary  Caroline Watkins (w/o Abraham George of New York, America) & Eleanor Watkins (widow of         Darley of Bristol). Sale in 1809 by the Watkins children and John Hill to George Strickland (Bristol) who sold it to John Powell (Bristol) in 1809. Will and death of Powell in 1820 – his daughter Elizabeth Powell was the wife of Thomas Robinson (Bristol & Newport, Monmouth.) who mortgaged the property to George Strickland. Elizabeth Robinson died in 1834 in Newport.  30  large sheets of paper, with torn cover sheet – amendments & notations throughout – written 30 + sides.  £75

64/82 Newport, Monmouth dated 1841 – Supplemental Abstract of Title to a dwelling house  in Stokes Croft, Bristol occupied by Thomas Wade, relating to the period 18231837. Refers to 1823 Lease of premises by Elizabeth and Thomas Robinson (Bristol & Newport, Monmouth.) to Thomas Wade and the purchase of the property by Wade in 1837. Includes details of the death of Elizabeth Robinson in 1834 and the term of 1000 years created by the original 1729 mortgage between Peter Day & William Stringer and some of the subsequent assignments [see 64/81].  Thomas Wade mortgaged the property to Thomas Portch (Bristol) in 1837.  13 large sheets of paper watermarked 1839, written on 11½ sides, with some dusting to cover sheet and occasional pencil notation.  £38

48/33 Newport, Monmouth – 1878– Mortgage by William Bennett Jones (Hope Mansell)  to Elizabeth Anne Preece (Newport, Monmouth). Contains some details of Thomas Bennett’s Will, William’s brother and uncle. The document includes the Assignment of the Mortgage in 1882 by Elizabeth Preece to John and Ann Addis (Markstow, Hereford). 8 sides of watermarked paper with split down centre fold where sewn together. Original Mortgage signed by William Bennett Jones and Elizabeth Anne Preece. Assignment signed by  Jones,  Preece,  John and Ann Addis.  £36

66/15  Tredegar, Mon – 1883 – Second Mortgage of the Railway Inn (previously the Beaufort Arms) Stapleton Rd, Bristol  by Alfred Horsley Townsend . Original Mortgage granted by Edward Swindenbank assigned to Agnes Hannah Harris, widow, (both Tredegar, Mon).  For full details / price, please see my Gloucestershire page – Property –  Bristol / St. Philip & St. Jacob

84/243  Penarth, Glamorgan – 1894 –  Mortgage by Rev Frederick Hancock (Selworthy) of farm & lands to Arthur J Mackey (Exeter) & Rev William Sweet Escott (late of Hartrow Manor, now Penarth, Glamorgan). Details on my Somerset page – Property – Wiveliscombe – 1894

67/32 Penmaenmawr –   Harrison, John – Chester  – dated 1871 & 1874 Abstract prepared by Solicitors in Chester of Will written 1871 & Codicil written 1874. Refers to wife, son “C. A. H.”, three daughters – 2 unmarried, and the other “Mrs. Thomson” – no Christian names given. The Executors were Job Harrison and Rev. C. S. Harrison – but relationship not given. Mentions jewellery, plate and books formerly belonging to Rev. John Currie, also Medical and Surgical books and property – 16 Nicholas Street (Chester?) and houses in Penmaenmawr – sold prior to death. [The Penmaenmawr and Dwygyfylchi History website suggests that Dr John Harrison of Chester owned both Plas Mariandir and Glan y Mor and that Gladstone stayed in each].  Large sheet of paper watermarked 1876 folded in 2, written 2 sides.  [see above, 67/44 Harrison, Charles – Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh – dated 1868] £10

60/41 Plashendre – 1880 – Certified copy of Surrender of  land by Osman Barrett (formerly of Mitcheldean, but now of Plashendre, Aberystwith) to Lord of the Manor of Hope Mansell, in favour of Worcester City & County Banking Co. Ltd. Names adjoining landowners. Parchment (approx. 23″x 28″) – signed  by B. Bonnor.    £27

122/4 Poole and Leighton, Montgomery – 1673 – Settlement on proposed Marriage of Griffith Griffithes (Poole) to Elizabeth, second daughter of Meredith David (Dissearth, Montgomery). Trustees were Owen Jones (Brithdir, Montgomery) & Pierce Reignolds (Poole). Includes details of cash payment to be made by Meredith David and various messuages and properties in Poole including the Malthouse occupied by Charles Jones, Horse Mill by Lewis Griffith, other occupiers include Rowland Thomas & John Dorbett; lands in Leighton to be settled by Griffith Griffiths who also settled the Annual Rent from the ‘Kings Head‘ in Poole. Details of how the Trust Funds are to be held for the benefit of Griffith & Elizabeth and their children, and the repayment to be made to Meredith David in the event of Elizabeth dying without issue.  Very large parchment sheet with decorative first two words signed by Meredith David, Owen Jones  & Pierce Reignolds, 1 seal tag but NO seals remain. 5 witnesses signed the reverse – Edwd. Lloyd, Jo. (?)  Griffiths, Hugh Gough, Thomas Jenkins & John Powell.  £145

84/317 Radnor county –  Presteigne – 1800 – Fine (or Final Concord) made at Presteigne, recording sale of properties & lands in Presteign by William & Margaret Williams to David Griffiths, on parchment sheet approx 21″x 5″.      £18

60/81 Old Radnor – 1884 – Covenant by  Lewis Thomas Turner (Old Radnor)  to surrender lands   to Lord of Manor of Preston upon Wye, Herefordshire. For the details, see  Herefordshire page.

84/241 Roath, Cardiff – 1890 – Transfer of Mortgage by George Moody (Wigborough) to Thomas Willy (Ilminster) and Caroline (w/o Robert Westlake of Roath, Cardiff, Glam.). Details on my Somerset page – Property –  South Petherton – 1890

142/1 Strady, Carmarthen – 1719 – Sale by Lawford Cole (son of Thomas Cole of Strady, Carmarthen)  of a plot of land – for full details & price of this document, please see my Gloucestershire page – Property –   Bristol /  St. James

84/19  Tintern – 1892 – Assignment of Mortgage (originally granted by Helen Lavinia Shaw (Sneyd Park) to  Francis Baskerville (Kingsdown,  Bristol) ) to Mary Ann Jones (Tintern, Monmouth).  [for details see Gloucestersh page – Bristol /  St. Michael]

132/24 Wrexham, Denbigh – 1885 – Mortgage of dwelling house, stable & coachhouse Rodney Cottages, Two Mile Hill, St Georges, Bristol by George Stewart Bessell (Wrexham, Denbigh) to the Guardian Permanent Benefit Building Socy (Bristol). Details of location of property which formed part of a larger plot transferred from Thomas Phipps to William Douglas in 1864. Previously occupied by William Douglas, then Albert J. Woodington & at the date of mortgage by John Edwards. Large parchment sheet with decorative first 2 words.  Signed / sealed by George Stewart Bessell.  The reverse of the document contains a confirmation of repayment of the mortgage signed by  Frederick Morgan (Director) &  William Kent (Secretary) with the Seal of the Building Society.  £58




211/81 Briggs, Frederick – Colwyn Bay & St John’s College, Oxford – dated 1905 Original Will – mother not named, uncle Frederick Duckworth Briggs. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1 side, signed Fred Briggs, witnessed by W J Holdsworth (St John’s College) & WL Arrowsmith (Darlington).  £18

211/80 Colliver, Edward – Llanelly, Carmarthenshire – 1905 Probated copy of Will – brother Henry, sons late Sidney,  William Jennings Colliver, daughters Margaret Jane Davis, Elizabeth McVicar [her son Edward Sidney McVicar], servant Annie Alice Harries. Specific bequests – pictures etc. Paper booklet 2 company stamps on cover & memo re subsequent Lease of land / premises by son in Llanelly.  Together with 2 receipts for legacies, signed over penny stamps, by Elizabeth McVicar & Annie Alice Jones,  receipt signed by Susanna Williams for services during Edward’s illness, & a covering letter on “E Colliver & Son” notepaper signed by WJ Colliver.  £25

190/4 Comberbach, Roger – Prothonotary of counties of Chester & Flint – dated 1762 Appointment of deputy,   signed / sealed by Comberbach, witnessed by Wm Kinsey.  For full details / price, please see my Cheshire page – Wills etc

132/20 Lewis and Hughes1828 Marriage Settlement – this document dated 1856
Deed of Arrangement between the purchasers of 2 separate Estates formerly part of the Lewis Marriage Settlement. Details of the 1828 Settlement between Israel Lewis, John Williams Gwynne Hughes and others on the1828 marriage of Leyton Orton Lewis and Catherine Garnons Hughes which included the settlement of the Bourton Manor Farm (Bishops Cannings, Wilts.) and Hampstead Manor Farm (Old Sodbury, Glos.). David Lewis (Stradey, Carmarthen) was Trustee for the settlement. There were 3 sons and 2 daughters (not named) of the marriage of Leyton & Catherine.  Refers to agreement for sale of Bourton Estate to George Skeate Ruddle (Bishops Cannings) and the Hampstead Estate to Henry J. Randolph (Yate, Glos.). Large parchment sheet with decorative 1st 2 words. Signed / sealed D. Lewis, G.S. Ruddle and Henry J. Randolph.  £58

225/26 Owen(s), Owen – Llwyndeetwydd (or Lhoydeetwydd), Denbigh – (Will made 1752) this document 1771 Release given by Edward Williams (Northop, Flint) & Jane his wife (daughter of Lewis Thomas of Bryn Eeglwgs, Denbigh) in respect of a legacy payable under the Will of her grandfather Owen Owens. Refers to lands in Merioneth purchased by Owen from John,  Anne & Humphrey Humphreys. Owen’s brother was John Owen & his wife Lowry Roberts. Jane Williams’ brother was Owen Lewis & her sister Margaret Lewis.  Large sheet of  watermarked paper folded in 2, written 2½ sides with ink & embossed duty stamps. Several small holes & tears in folds, but no loss of text. Signed/sealed by Edwd. Williams & Jane Williams, witnessed by Ow. Owens.  £52

118/99 Owen, William – Swansea – 1894 Probated copy of Will & Codicil – son William A,  daughter Edith M,  mother in law Elizabeth Jones (Newport), brother David Owen,  sisters Margaret (both Anglesea),  Ellen Jones dec’d – her daughters Annie,  Sarah G,  nephew William Owen, niece Mary L Rees, servant Elizabeth Davies.  2 large sheets parchment, cert of Probate & wafer seal attached. Number of company stamps on reverse. £26