130/70 Battle Abbey – 1806 – Contemporary Attested copy of a Reconveyance of lands by Feoffment by Sir Godfrey Webster (Battle Abbey) to  Sir John Thomas (Cote, Somerset / Southampton).   For full details / price of this document, please see my Gloucestershire page – Property – Westbury upon Trym

84/279 Bexhill & Dallington – 1919 – Sale of land by Rev Charles le Pelley Hatten (Dallington) as Executor of Rev Charles William Hatten (Bexhill) – died 1918, to  Sarah Jane Brown  (w/o Charles Brown of Hitcham). Details of  property in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk . Also mentions deaths of John Laine le Pelley & Arthur William Hatten. For full details and price see my Suffolk page – Property – Monks Eleigh

84/285 Billingshurst – 1722 – Lease for a year (being first part of Lease & Release for sale of property) by Richard Hunt (Arundel) to Simon Slater (Billingshurst ). Gives approximate location of property. Small sheet of thick parchment – small stain in centre fold slightly affecting text. Signed & sealed by Richd Hunt with witness signatures of Danl Sefton & Jane Sefton on reverse.  £54

84/287 Brighton – 1824 – Deed of Appointment for annual annuity between James Le Vavasseur (Cheapside, London) and Harriot Husbands (Brighton). Details of annual annuity to be sold to Husbands – being secured on property – full details & price of document on my Middlesex page – Property – Mile End Old Town – 1824.

215/8 Brighton  – 1864Copy of extracts from Mortgage & subsequent 1870 redemption re extensive number of properties mortgaged by John Evans (Macclesfield) to Ellen Gaskell (Brighton). Detailed list of properties in Macclesfield. For full details & price please see my Cheshire page – Property –  Macclesfield

233/1 Brighton – 1866 – Power of Attorney given by Frederick William Salmon (Brighton, Sussex) to James Scarlett Price & Thomas Mann (both Burford) and Henry Harcourt Salmon (Witney) to act on his behalf at the Court Baron of the Manor of Witney and be admitted as tenants of a 1/5th interest in a house, garden & land at Wood Green, Hailey and Surrender that interest to John Brown (Enstone) for ever. The property was previously occupied by George Browne, then Mary Richards, then John Early. The Trustees of the Will of Mary Richards [William Long & James Long] were admitted to the property on 9/4/1849.  Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 – written on 2 sides – signed by Frederick William Salmon, witnessed by Samuel Thomas Williams (Hove, Sussex). £27

54/23 Brighton – 1883 – Mortgage of Dwelling House, Yard & Garden, together with a Dwelling House, Yard, Garden & Orchard and 3 Closes of Land and 5 further Closes of Land all at Oadby, Leics. by William Prentice (Oadby) to Thomas Arthur Howland (Great Portland Street, Middx), Charles Claridge Howland (Caledonian Road, Middx) & Robert Howland (Brighton, Sussex). The Closes of Land are named, acreages are given and some adjoining Landowners are named. Former, and current occupiers of the houses and Land include – Ann Andrews, Henry Bickley, James Biddles, Thomas Bunney, Robert Coleman, Jonathan Goddard, John Goodwin, Thomas Hidson, William Hidson, Charles Jackson, Peter Plummer, Thomas Richmond, Richard Sturch, Elizabeth Waldron, Frederick Gardener / Garner / Gardner Ward – 3 different spellings – , Thomas Stannage Ward. In 1884 the Mortgage was assigned by Thomas Arthur Howland,  Charles Claridge Howland  & Robert Howland – as Executors of Thomas Claridge Howland, deceased 1882, to Mary Jeffrey Howland (Berkhampstead, Herts.) one of the daughters of Thomas Claridge Howland and his wife Mary Elizabeth Howland, as the Legacy to which she was entitled under his Will.  6 page parchment booklet written 4¾ sides – the original Mortgage signed & sealed by William Prentice and the Assignment signed & sealed by T. A. Howland,  Chas. C. Howland  & Robert Howland, witnessed by Henry Merry (Caledonian Road) – both witnessed by J. Mathan Clark (Solicitor, Portland Place).  £48

48/55 Brighton – 1899 – Lease by Rev. George Woodyatt (Brighton), of property in Ledbury, to Harriett and Henry Bill. Details of property and various covenants regarding use and maintenance. 4 sides of paper signed by all 3 parties.  £27

215/117 Brighton   – 1916 Amended Estate Duty Return relating to the Estate of Rose Ann Hadfield (Tunbridge Wells). Shows figures originally reported, revised figures & corrections to revision for Stocks, Ground Rents & mortgage to J. W. Legg. The ground rents relate to a large no of properties in Brighton (details given) & there is a separate 4 page manuscript schedule of Stocks showing the prices at which they were originally valued & the subsequent sale price. Large pre-printed form with manuscript details. Noted ‘Draft’ in pencil, but signed by Cecil Somers Clarke (Brighton).  £15

224/13 Eastbourne1879 – Sale of property in Bedford Terrace, Chepping Wycombe, Bucks. by Thomas Stafford Gowland  as Trustee in Bankruptcy for John Price (both Eastbourne) to George & Sarah Darville (High Wycombe). Details of mortgage granted to Price by James Olliff (Great Missenden – died 1873) [his sons Caleb Cox Olliff, William Olliff & James Olliff (Hove, Sussex)], assignment of mortgage to William Henry Kirby  & further mortgages advanced by Daniel Clarke (both High Wycombe). Also names adjoining property owners / occupiers. 2  large parchment sheets Signed / sealed by W H Kirby, D Clarke, Thomas Stafford Gowland & George Darvill.   £52

10/3 Eastbourne – 1901 – Auction particulars relating to sale of Procession House farm, Panfield, Rayne, Essex – sold by Lionel James Trotter  (Eastbourne) & another – possibly as trustees of the owner.  For full details – see my Essex page.  £19

84/172  – 1892 Conveyance & Merger of Impropriate Tithe Rent charge of Land by Exors – Major General Edward Harding Steward (Horsham),  Frederick William Steward  & George Ernest Steward (both of Lincolm’s Inn) – of Will of Samuel Steward (dec’d) ). For details see Middlesex page – Property – Hendon.

64/79 Hove – 1903 – Assignment of mortgage to Robert Anderson Hill of Hove – for details see Somerset page – Uphill.

48/56 Hove – 1904 – Sale by Roger  Gresley Woodyatt (Hove), of cottage and land in Ledbury, to Charles Wesley Stephens, Luke Tilley and Hubert Bray. Cottage tenanted by Harriett and Henry Bill.  4 sides of paper together with plan in outline colour – signed by Roger  Gresley Woodyatt. [see 48/55& 182] £31

48/182 Hove – 1904 – Sale by Roger  Gresley Woodyatt (Hove), of cottage and land in Ledbury, to Charles Wesley Stephens, Luke Tilley and Hubert Bray (Ledbury). Cottage and land occupied by Harriett and Henry Bill and Charles Davies.  Parchment, incorporating location plan and schedule detailing Woodyatt’s title, back to 1843 – signed and sealed by Roger  Gresley Woodyatt. [see 48/55 & 56] £26

84/115 Peasmarsh – 1786 –  Dive Clarke – (Peasmarsh) as Trustee –  for details & price see my Kent page – property – High Halden – 1786 – Attested copy of Lease

84/114 Rye – 1780  – Attested copy re debt owed to Sarah Barnes, widow (Rye).  Trustees include William Durrant (Rye) – for full details & price of this document please see my Kent page – property –  Isle of Oxney.

84/116  Rye – 1786 –  monies advanced by William Cooper (formerly of Udimore, now Rye). For details see Kent page – property – High Halden – 1786 – Attested copy of Release.

84/286Rye – 1791Attested copy of Assignment of Mortgage by Sarah Barnes (Rye) & Ann (her daughter) and John Haddock (Rye). Includes details of original assignment of lands in 1780 to Sarah,  Marriage Settlement between Ann Barnes and John Haddock &assignment to Hogben. For full details & price of this document please see my Kent page – property –  Isle of Oxney.

84/117 Rye & Lewes – 1794  Frances (w/o John Colvin, Lewes),  Jane (w/o Jeremiah Curteis, Rye) – beneficiaries of Will – for details see Kent page – Waters, Mary (spinster) – Tenterden – 1794 – Copy of Will & Codicil.

84/119 Rye – 1847 –  Sarah (w/o Philip Woolley of Rye),  for details & price see my Kent page –   Halden & Bethersden – 1847 – Abstract of Title.

190/23 Saleherst – 1740 – Obligation Bond given  to Mary Jewherst  (late of Saleherst, Sussex, now N Romney) for full details, please see Kent page – Property –    New Romney

55/19 West Grinstead1881– Sale of house  (Sunninghill) to trustees including  Sir Edward Fitzgerald Campbell (W. Grinstead, Horsham) of 1867 Marriage Settlement of William Frederick Carleton (Major, retired of Queens Gate Terr, Middx) & Mary Louisa nee Campbell. Details & price on my Berkshire page – Property – Sunninghill

84/289 Willingdon – 1910 – Conveyance of property by William Carter (Meads, Eastbourne) as executor of Will of Caroline Hilton (widow of Robert) to Mabel Gertrude A Carter (Meads), Caroline’s grand daughter. Details of property acquisition by Robert Hilton & approx location.  Sheet of parchment folded in 2, written on 2 sides, signed / sealed by W Carter.  £25

131/10 Woolavington – 1819 – Sale of land by Inclosure Commissioner of Woolavington & Graffham to William Clement. Includes details of 11 Lots ( 1 of which bought by Clement) auctioned in Nov 1818 – gives acreage, adjoining landowners, roads & other features. Names mentioned include John Sargent,  Richard Luff,  J Belton,  James Mills,  Thomas Puttick. Large sheet parchment signed by John Peachey (Chichester), the Inclosure Commissioner.  £52




215/187 Goldsworthy, Winifred Mary – Bexhill on Sea – 1925 Distribution of Assets of Will Trust of John Cox (Weybridge – died 1873) to beneficiaries Everard Walter Goldsworthy (Limpsfield) & Miss Winifred Mary Goldsworthy. Winifred agreed that all properties (in Kennington Rd, Stannary St, Aulton Place, Lambeth, London) should be transferred to Everard. John’s brother was Henry Cox and niece Mary Emma Cox (w/o Walter Tuckfield Goldsworthy. Gives dates of various Marriages, Wills & Deaths & list of properties. 6 page parchment booklet written 3½ sides, signed / sealed by Trustee : North More Nisbet (Hyde Park), E W Goldsworthy & Winifred M Goldsworthy.  £32

171/179 Mottram, Alfred – died at Eastbourne (of Salthouse, Norfolk) – 1916 Probated copy of Will – wife Mary Esther, children Mary Ursula, Guy Naswith, Marion Watson Addison, Maurice John Mottram. Paper booklet with 10 company stamps on cover. Together with manuscript notes and solicitors opinion (1935) relating to the distribution of assets, and schedule of assets distributed to Alfred’s children. £21

215/188 Ord, Edith and husband George William Ord – Bexhill – 1919 Deed of Separation between husband & wife. Husband’s mother Catherine Ord (Basingstoke) was party to agreement, his late father was George Rice Ord. Gives conditions to be observed by both parties and lists items which Edith may keep (including a number from “Mrs Hawkins”). 8 page watermarked paper booklet typed 6½ sides, signed by Edith Ord, witnessed by Dora M. Waddington (Eastbourne).  £33

118/95 – Parker, Mary – Catsfield, Battle – 1908 Original Will – husband Rev James Parker (Marriage Settlement 1903 referred to),  son Lionel H Miller,  brother George Lovibond, nephew  George F Lovibond, personal bequests of paintings etc – 3 sheets watermarked paper – written on 1+ sides only – signed by Mary Parker,  witnessed by Alfred William Piper & Annie Sheather (both Catsfield).  £28

160/115 Parker, Mary – Catsfield Rectory, Battle – 1908 Original Codicil to Will – husband Rev James Parker (1880 Marriage Settlement with late husband William Walter Miller  referred to),  son Lionel H Miller. Paper signed by Mary Parker,  witnessed by Eleanor Frances (w/o Capt A A J Brown) & Alice Maud Mepham (Burwash).  £16

171/227 Robinson, Mary (widow) – Birdham, Chichester – 1917 Letters of Administration – daughter, one of next of kin, Ada (w/o Benjamin John Payne). Paper with 1 bank stamp. (Possible Norfolk connection as prepared by Hansells & Hales, Cromer.  £4

160/80 Shoosmith, Sarah Anne – Norwich – 1912 – wished to be buried with (un-named) husband at Eastbourne. For full details & price of this document, please see my Norfolk page – Wills

171/226 Sims, Thomas – Portslade – died 1874 Letters of Administration – ex wife Martha, minor son George Coleman Veale Sims, brother in law Thomas Veale. Parchment dated 1883 with wafer seal attached. Some dusting.  £6

10/1 Smith, Evan Cadogan Eric – Lower Ashford, Handcross – 1950 Certified copy of Death Certificate issued by GRO Somerset House in December 1951. On the reverse are the stamps of a number of limited companies. Smith was a banker who died 17/10/50.   £4

171/161 Tillyard, Frederick E  – Worthing – dated 1911 Mentioned in aunt’s  Will.  For full details & price of this document, please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Tillyard, Miss Ellen

98/44 Westhead, Robert Edward George Chappell –  Eastbourne & Manchester – 1895 Copy of Will & Codicil refers to mother Catherine, brother Walter B, sisters Frances G, Sophia C, sister in law Louisa M Woodcock, also to his ‘infant daughter’ & ‘late wife’.  The original Will had been written in Switzerland, & witnessed by a physician & a hotel proprietor, and the codicil, in Brighton. This parchment copy was apparently prepared for Probate, but no certificate is attd. & the reverse is noted in faint pencil with what appears to be  ‘not proved’.   £16

118/94 Woodward, Katharine  (spinster) – Lewes – 1787 Letters of Administration with copy of Will & wafer seal attached  – parchment – names sister Elizabeth Hubbersty (widow), and her children Elizabeth A,  Thomas,  John,  Henry Hubbersty,  brothers Rev. John Woodward,  William dec’d, his daughter Sarah Woodward.  Property in Lingfield, Surrey. (Original will was made 1783) Probate first granted to Elizabeth – these L of A granted to Henry Jackson (guardian of her children) following her death.  £42