84/49 Bartlow, Ashdon – 1764 – Exchange of Land – between Sir William Maynard of Waltons, and John & Robert Rennolds. Refers to Will of John Rennolds (uncle of John & Robert) in which he named his brother, sister & 3 nephews. Large sheet of parchment – decorative initial letter incorporating Royal Coat of Arms. Small stain + tear in one fold. Signed & sealed William Maynard with ‘marks‘ & seals of John & Robert Rennolds, witnesses Wm Haylock,  Tho. Wolfe.   £52

187/1 Beauchamp Roding – 1644 – Copy of Settlement out of Court of Wards between Elizabeth (daughter of Nicholas Collins & Honora, late wife of John Rivett dec’d now wife of Benjamin Mason) and John & William Poole sons & exors of Richard Poole decd, a relation of John Poole the elder. Action arose as a result of mortgage of lands in Beauchamp Roding in 1625 by Nicholas Collins to John Poole, and the failure of the Pooles to re-convey the lands following the repayment of the mortgage. Details  various events and Court proceedings subsequent to the mortgage, claims & counter-claims by the parties & the outcome. Large parchment sheet approx 29″x 22″.   £135

187/2 Beauchamp Roding – 1644 – Counterpart of 99 year Demise in connection with mortgage of lands by Elizabeth & Benjamin Mason and Elizabeth’s mother Honora Rivett (Chipping Ongar) to Richard Barrett (London). Elizabeth’s father was Nicholas Collins – lands then in possession of Thomas Poole. Provision for redemption of mortgage & for part to be transferred to Barrett for remainder of term in event of default. Large parchment sheet  – decorative initial letter, seal tag but seal missing, signed by Richard Barrett, witnesses on reverse include Edward Sedgwick & Thomas Duckenfield.  £140

187/3 Beauchamp Roding – 1647 – Transfer of lands by  Benjamin Mason (Stoye, Som) to trustees Henry Mason & Robert Osbourne (both London) lately recovered by Benjamin and late wife Elizabeth from William & John Poole by Decree of Court of Wards, now occupied by Benjamin, William Godfrey, Abraham Boltwood, Gabriel Boltwood & Edward Luck.   Honora Rivett (London) widow, party to agreement as 1 of beneficiaries of trust. Parchment sheet, decorative initial letter, signed by Robert Osburne, Ben. Mason, Hen. Mason, 3 tags – 2 with large pendant wax seals (Henry’s impressed with fleurs de lis), witnessed on reverse by Thomas Rivett, Tho. Duckenfield, Wardon Fish & Ed. Marlowe.   £160

187/4 Beauchamp Roding – 1647 – Re-conveyance of lands by William  Poole (Bovinger) to Captain Benjamin Mason (Stoye, Som) & his daughters Honora & Anne. William was a son of Richard Poole (Bovinger) & nephew of John Poole (London). Benjamin’s late wife Elizabeth was daughter of Nicholas Collyn (Beauchamp Roding). Details of 1625 mortgage by Nicholas to John Poole & reference to Court Orders to recover lands. Parchment sheet, decorative initial letter, seal tag but seal missing, signed by William Poole, witnessed on reverse by William Anderson, Robert Hardinge, Edward Sedgwick & John Heathcote.  £140.

187/5 Beauchamp Roding – 1649 – Conveyance of lands by William  Poole (Greenstead) to Honora only daughter of Elizabeth &  Benjamin Mason (Stoye, Som) Elizabeth was daughter of Nicholas Collyn (Beauchamp Roding). William was a son of Richard Poole (Bovinger) & nephew of John Poole (London).  Reference to Court Orders resulting in conveyance of lands. Parchment sheet, decorative initial letter, seal tag but seal missing, signed by William Poole, witnessed on reverse by William Anderson,  Edward Sedgwick & John Heathcote. Note in Latin that document had been reviewed by Poole in his presence, signed by Thomas Benet. £120

187/6 Beauchamp Roding – 1662 – Agreement between Honora Rivett (London) & Benjamin Mason (Stoye, Som) that Mason is to receive a proportion of Rivett’s share of the Trust rents in exchange for a lump sum payment. Details of lease of lands by trustees in 1649 to Abraham Boltwood (Abbots Roding) include names of properties, land & occupiers. Robert Osborne (London) party to agreement as Trustee.  Parchment sheet, decorative initial letter, containing 2 natural holes (approx 1¾”x 1″ & ¼”x ½”) 2 seal tags with remains of wax seals. ‘Mark’ of Honora Rivett, signature of Robt Osborne. £145

67/13 Brentwood – 1890 – Counterpart of Lease of house & shop k/a The Red House, New Market Place, Beccles, Suffolk by Elizabeth Guy (Brentwood) to Maurice William Sparling (Beccles). Various conditions relating to Lease. Large sheet watermarked paper with embossed Duty stamp folded in 2 & written 1½ sides. Signed M. W. Sparling.  £25

84/55 Broadway, Stratford Green – 1829 – Thomas Curtis & son (builders) – contract with Westminster Abbey – for details, see London page – Property –  1829

215/89 Chelmsford & Springfield – 1821 – Contemporary extract from a Property Conveyance. Charles Rayner  eldest son of late Henry Rayner settled for benefit of his sister Mary (w/o John Stimson). Charles’ younger brother was Henry Rayner (all Chelmsford). Details of properties in Chelmsford & Springfield includes tenants & agreements by which properties acquired / built by Henry senior. 3 sheets watermarked paper written 2+ sides with some underlining to text. Tiny split in centre folds. £26

84/58 Chelmsford – 1887 – Insurance policy – ‘The Midland Counties Insurance Co’ relating to goods & stock at the George Hotel, Chelmsford. Paper – printed, with manuscript insertions. Made out in name of Thomas Philip Heath, but endorsed & signed on reverse by T P Heath – that the goods are the property of W W Daniell (West Bergholt). Policy signed by Richard Hall & JR Battle (directors), & impressed with the common seal of the company.  £8

68/10 Colchester – 1751 – Lease of ‘The Windmill’, Magdalen Street by John Clark to David Rayner. Paper Indenture with decorative Initial Letter, signed and sealed by Jon Clark and David Rayner, with signatures of witnesses, Benj. Barns and Robert Mayhew.   £55

105/2 Colchester – 1789 – Certified copy dated 1801 of sale of property in St Martins Lane by enfeofment by Miss Sarah Mitchell (Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk) to Dorothy Walton, widow (Colchester). Brief details include location, former occupiers – Mary Rayner, widow Ruse the younger, William Seaber, James Snell the younger. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 & written on 3 sides with ink & embossed duty stamps. This copy signed by Edwd Chas Hughes & R Spratlin? (Sturatlin / Shratlin).  £44

84/63  Colchester – 1941 –  Ordinance Survey Map of Colchester area – sheet 97 – “Second War Revision 1940” – published at the War Office 1941.  £4

259/10 Colne Engaine – 1718 – Lease for a year (the first part of a Lease & Release for conveyance of Lands) by William Swann (Halste[a]d) to John Morley, a minor grandson of John Morley the elder (Halsted). [It’s possible  was a Trustee / Executor of the Estate of John Morley, the grandfather.] Includes details of the name, and adjoining landowners of the 2 pieces of Land in Colne Engaine then occupied by John Measant. Parchment sheet signed & sealed by Wm. Swann, witnessed on reverse by John Morley jn and S. Grimston.  £65

259/21 Colne Engaine – 1774 – Sale of Freehold & Copyhold Property & Lands at Colne Engaine by Edward Mead (Colne Engaine) to James Margetson (London). Occupiers of the Messuage, Malting Office, Kiln House, etc. prior to Mead included William Webb, John Cakebread & George Barnard, the Lands were previously occupied by John Measent. Includes the names, acreage and in one instance, the location of a Close of Land by reference to the names of the occupiers of adjoining Lands. 2 large parchmant sheets with decorative 1st 2 words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms, slight fading of text in the folds in places. Signed & sealed by Ed. Mead, witnessed on reverse by Jno. Margetson, Edwd. Barron & Saml. Meddowes. £73

68/27 Danbury – 1789 – Lease of  Water Mill  and Lands in Stutton, Suffolk by William Davy (late of Stutton, now Danbury, Essex) to William Tills. Paper Indenture with ornate initial letter, signed and sealed by William Davy and William Tills and witnessed by R Street and W Sparling. Small tear centre top and several small holes in folds slightly affecting text. [see also 68/28].  £51

68/28 Danbury – 1791 – Confirmation of terms of Lease of  1789 by William Davy ( Danbury, Essex) to William Tills [see 68/27] and permission for Tills to erect various new buildings. William Groom (Bristow, Norfolk) also party to the agreement – as mortgagee of premises. Paper Indenture  signed and sealed by William Davy and William Tills and witnessed by Henry Rawlings and W Sparling. Several small splits in folds.   £51

84/62 Forest Gate – 1912 /13 – Agreement by James Wilfred Ward (t/a Ward & Co), Camberwell Road – to sell to Samuel Waters (Forest Gate) his stock, fixtures & fittings in exchange for debt Ward owes Waters. For details, see my London page – Property – 1912 /13

84/59 Halstead – 1893 – Insurance policy – ‘Union Assurance Society’ relating to goods & stock at the Railway Bell Inn, Halstead, issued to Daniell Sons Breweries Ltd (West Bergholt). Paper – printed, with manuscript insertions  signed by Charles Mortimer (Deputy Chairman).  £6

84/61 Harwich – 1898 – Insurance policy – ‘Union Assurance Society’ relating to goods & stock at the Royal Hotel, Harwich, issued to Daniell & Sons Breweries Ltd (West Bergholt). Paper – printed, with manuscript insertions & a billiard table clause.  signed by Stephen Soames  (Chairman). Together with a receipt for a premium paid by Miss Raven, signed by Thos B Daniell (Insurance Agent)    £6

123/1 Hempstead – 1612 – Obligation Bond given by John Cole (Hempstede) to John Westley (Hempsted) which refers to other agreements of same date – the Bond being void if Cole upholds the covenants etc in those agreements.  Small parchment piece (approx 4½”x 11¾”) written in Latin on 1 side & English on the other, signed by John Cole, seal tag with his own decorative wax seal incorporating initials IC (for John Cole), witnessed by Thomas Wale, Robertus Horner, Edmond Clarke? & Thomas Hynd? £100

123/3 Hempstead – 1619 – Obligation Bond given by Henry Greenwood to William Stubbings re an agreement of even date – the Bond being void if Greenwood upholds the covenants etc in that agreement. Small parchment piece (approx 4″x 13″) written in Latin on 1 side & English on the other (writing small but generally legible), signed by Greenwood, seal tag with about ¼ of  wax seal. Witness signatures (some ink flaking) of Robert Horner, Robert Leader?, ……….. Westley .   £85

123/2 Hempstead – 1635/6 – Obligation Bond given by Mercury Coote & Aquilla Coote re sale of land (occupied by Mercury) to Richard Westley – includes brief description & names parcel of land. Parchment sheet (approx 15½”x 11½”) – slight damp stain – written in Latin on 1 side & English on the other, ‘marks‘ of Mercury  & Aquille Coote, 2 seal tags with decorative wax seals. Witness signatures of Robert Horner, Charles Havers, Samuel Westley & Antho. Tebbe.   £110

123/5 Hempstead – 1640 – Obligation Bond given by John Hart (Hempstead) to Robert Allen (Bumpstead Hellyon) re agreements of even date, the Bond being void if Hart upholds the covenants etc in those agreements. Parchment sheet (approx 13¼”x 5¾”) written in Latin on 1 side & English on the other – some staining from seal, ‘mark‘ of John Harte, seal tag with decorative wax seal. Witness signatures of R T? Westley John Stolle? & Robt Bridge.   £95

84/232 Henham – 1871 – Sale of lands & Assignment of life assurance policy by trustees (Thomas R Chaffey (Chantmarl, Cattistock, Dorset), John Winter Walter (Stoke U Hambden, Somerset) & George F Collin (Henham) of William Chaffey dec’d . For details see my Somerset page – Property – 84/232 Stoke under Hambden – 1871

130/47 Hornchurch – 1723 – Sale of property & lands by Maria & John Searle to Sir John Eyles (G–dy Hall, Hornchurch). Refers to other Indentures of same date, includes details of adjoining landowners. 2½ sheets parchment with decorative Initial letter incorporating Royal Coat of Arms. Some dusting,  damp staining – mainly to folds with some ink flaking / loss of text – odd small tear in folds.  Signed / sealed J Searle & Martha Searle, witnessed on reverse – Oliver Marton & Edward Marton.  £48

130/70 Hornchurch  – 1806 – Contemporary Attested copy of a Reconveyance of lands by Feoffment by Sir Godfrey Webster (Battle Abbey, Sx) . Details of subsequent Indenture assigning  lands to Godfrey Webster (Hornchurch) – to be sold to pay off debts –  This Deed relates to reconveyance of unsold lands by Sir Godfrey Webster, son of Godfrey Vassal Webster, grandson of Godfrey Webster. For full details / price of this document, please see my Gloucestershire page – Property – Westbury upon Trym

215/90 Ilford – 1918Draft agreement for sale of leasehold property in Bengal Road, Ilford by Arthur Ernest Basten Branch (Ilford) to Harry Hitchcock Dennis (Seven Kings, Essex). Refers to original Lease & acquisition by Branch.  5 sheets paper with typed text to 3¼ sides, signed by A.E.H.Branch (serving in H M Forces), witnessed by W T Grossman of Stratton, Wilts.   £25

215/91 Ilford – 1918 – Agreement for sale of leasehold property in Bengal Road, Ilford by Arthur Ernest Basten Branch (Ilford) to Harry Hitchcock Dennis (Seven Kings, Essex). Refers to original Lease & acquisition by Branch.  Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 & typed on 2 sides, signed by H H Dennis  £28  

130/62 Leytonstone – 1906 –  Sale of yearly Fee Farm Rent of property by trustee of Josiah Williams (died 1888)  signed  by Robert Job Grant (Leytonstone) as surviving trustee, for full details / price, please see my Gloucestershire page – Property –  Bristol / St Pauls

10/3 Panfield nr. Rayne – 1901 – Auction particulars relating to sale of ‘Procession House’ farm consisting of : 1) Auction poster (approx18”x 11½ ”) printed on both sides, with some fraying at edges and a short split along one fold, containing a brief description of the farm house and buildings and 125 acres of land including the field numbers, names, state of cultivation and acreage.  2) The sale agreement [to which is attached a plan printed on paper, approx 33”x 22½ ”, with one small hole and slight damage to edges, showing the farm, lands, adjoining landowners, Panfield Hall and Rayne village]. The farm was tenanted by Samuel Underwood, and the sale agreement is between Lionel James Trotter (Eastbourne) and Charles Ford (Clifton, Bristol) (possibly Trustees for the owner) and Arthur Rawlins (Wandsworth). The sale agreement is dusted, with tears in the folds and edges. The agreement had originally been signed over a stamp, but this has been cut out and is missing.  £19

84/193 Parkeston – 1915 – Sale of Copyhold land by executors of John Sandy (late of Burston) – his sons Herbert B Sandy (Burston),  Ernest L J Sandy (Parkeston)  – details on Norfolk page – property – Diss.

259/15 Rivenhall – 1727 – Surrender of Copyhold Lands held of the Manor of Rivenhall by Samuel Browne & Frances Browne (Rivenhall) to John Leapingwell (Kelvedon) as security for a Mortgage advanced by  Leapingwell. Large sheet watermarked paper, signed by Samll. Brown & Frances Brown, witnessed by Robert Jegon (Steward to the Manor). The reverse of the document contains an acknowledgement of receipt of the loan signed by Samll. Brown, witnessed by Ro. Jegon & J. W. Jegon and an acknowledgement of repayment of the principal with interest, in 1730, signed by J. Leapingwell, witnessed by Ro. Jegon & Joseph Burr.  £65

130/116 Romford1906 – Reconveyance – mentions 2 1905 Indentures by which John Stewart Bradford mortgaged properties (no details provided) to both Ind Coope & Company Ltd. (Romford) and The Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Banking Company Ltd. All moneys owing to the bank had now been repaid and they assigned the mortgaged property to the brewery for the residue of the term subject to a proviso for redemption. Large sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and written 1¼ sides, with Common Seal of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Banking Company Ltd & signatures of Robert Halford (Director) and J. F. Youngman (Joint Gen. Manager).  £22

84/199 Southend on Sea – 1904 – Mortgage of property – Rose Villa by Frederick F Ramuz (Southend on Sea) to Louisa I L Featherstone (of Teeton House, nr Northampton). For details see Kent page – Property –  Isle of Sheppy (Minster).

68/9 Waltham Cross –  1734 – Grant of Lease by Edward Pace (Waltham Cross) to Richard Cock (Southwark, Surrey) of premises in Southwark. Paper Indenture with small tears in folds, with ‘mark’ and seal of Richard Cock and signatures of witnesses Robt. Humphreys and Benjamin Budd. Details of location by reference to adjoining properties and streets.   £58

68/11 Weeley – 1795 – Release of lands on part redemption of Mortgage – Sale of Lands by William Payne to Edward Kempton, the proceeds being paid to Rev. Charles Onley, Histed Hall, as part redemption of mortgage. Paper Indenture  signed and sealed by Charles Onley, with details of earlier mortgage, and detailed description of Lands.  £50

84/60 West Bergholt – 1898 – Insurance policy – ‘Norwich & London Accident Assurance Assn’ against damage to crops –  issued to Messrs Daniell & Sons Ltd (West Bergholt). Paper – printed, with manuscript insertions  signed by C Louis Buxton & Cecil V Muriel (Directors).  £6 




130/123 Bennett, Sydney Herbert -Leigh on Sea – 1945 – Assignment of Leasehold premises in Meyrick Rd, Battersea by the Westminster Bank Ltd as Personal Representative of Sydney Herbert Bennett (died 1944) to Edwin Sidney Wilhelm Bennett (Ilford). Refers to Lease created in 1868 between John Cornelius Park and Francis Holman Green and mentions underlease to Planet Building Society. Parchment sheet folded in 2, written 2 sides, signed by E .S. W. Bennett, Common Seal of Westminster Bank Ltd with signatures of Director and secretary.  £30

53/17 Brinn, Thomas – The “Alma”, Colchester – 1896.   Letters of Administration – names brother, William. £7

118/13 Burls, Susan – Willingale Doe – 1821 Letters of Administration – husband Thomas. Small parchment document – printed, with manuscript insertions – wafer seal attached – dusting to parchment.  £8

185/10 Creffield, Edward – Chappel – 1695Original Will of Edward Creffeild (Chappell als Pontesbright)  [Pontisbright or Chapel], names son Henry Creffeild, daughters – Mary Creffeild, Elizabeth (wife of John Keable) and Anne (wife of William Brewer), grandchildren Dorothy Keable, William Keable and Henry Creffield, brother Peter Creffield. Contains extensive details of gifts of personal properties (silver items, pewter items, furniture, linen, bedding, Damask clothes, embroidered sweet bag, etc) to his children. His wife appears to have pre-deceased him. 2 large sheets of paper, both signed by Edw. Creffeild, but his Seal has been torn off and is missing, there is, however, a Seal remaining at the top of the first page. Witness signatures of MaryGrimston, Peter Creffeild, John Burchard, S. Grimston and “Mark” of Joseph Peachy. There are a number of notes in the margin. On the reverse of the 2nd sheet is what is stated to be “Draft of Will by Edward Creffield grandson of the within men’ed Edward AD 1729“. The writing of this draft Will is extremely difficult to read. He leaves his Freehold & Copyhold Messuages & Lands in Essex to his wife Ann for life, then to Edward his only son, but if Edward pre-deceases Ann, he leaves them to be shared equally between his brother Henry?? and two sisters. This is an extremely interesting document. £120

130/99 Daniell, Mary Ann – only child of Richard Daniell of Bocking, deceased (1803, 1804, 1806) – document probably prepared in *1870. Abstract of Pre-nuptual agreement and subsequent Marriage Settlement in connection with the marriage of Rev. George Glover (Stow, Bucks; later Southrepps, Norfolk) and Mary Ann Daniell (Bocking). Refers to the 1803 agreement prior to the marriage which details the assets to which Mary Ann will become entitled at the age of 21, and the freehold Farm & copyhold lands at Shalford, Essex to which she would become entitled on the death of Mary Pettit, w/o John Pettit (Bocking). The Marriage took place in 1804. Details of 1806 Marriage Settlement between George & Mary Glover. 15 large sheets of watermarked paper, written 15 sides. The cover noted *1870, made by Darlington & Son, Wigan.  £42

226/23 1704 –  Obligation Bond given by Elizabeth Smith, widow & Dalton Smith (Wickham Brooks, Suffolk) to Thomas Fuller (Saffron Walden) re Indenture of same date. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1 side – part pre-printed with manuscript details, ink & embossed duty stamps. 1st paragraph in Latin (standard until 1733).  ‘Marks’ & attractive red wax seal of Elizabeth & Dalton Smith, witness signatures of  Jo. Sparrow sen & Robt. Filbridge.  £55

65/17 Gaskin, George – Colchester, 1911. Sworn declaration for proceedings – charged at Beccles,  with being in charge of a cart without lights –  details  on Suffolk page under Beccles.  £9

215/88 Green, Hannah (widow) – Maldon – 1748 unusual and interesting document Attested copy of Will – under which Hannah Green left her whole estate to William Elliott (Deptford, Kent) a friend. Most of this document consists of notes (probably made in the 1760’s / 1770’s) regarding the Title of Hannah to various assets, and possible claimants to her estate. Hannah’s father was Jno. Collis and a house in Maldon formed part of his estate. Hannah was previously married to Fison Durrell (said to be her 2nd husband) and had a son John Durrell who survived her. Power of Attorney was granted to ‘Mr Robinson’ by Fison Durrell & Hannah his wife in 1738. The notes were made because an illegitimate daughter of William Elliott (to whom Hannah was never married) was claiming against the estate. Apparently W Elliott had tried to sell the house in question in 1763. Large sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and written on all 4 sides. Small hole in centre fold slightly affecting 1 word – some dusting.  £40

50/11 Hasler, Robert – Burnham – 1901.  Probated copy of Will – vellum – names wife’s son by first marriage [Hawkins], daughters [married names Nash and Garrood -married to Jesse Garrood, Solicitor Ledbury] and nephew James Luckin. £20

160/54 – 1904 – Probated copy of Will – one of  beneficiaries – cousin  Susan Knights (Netherby).  For full details & price, please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Shearing, William – Colton

98/33 Marsden , Rev. John Howard – Great Oakley – 1882 – for details see Lancashire page (Nicholas W Gibson)

98/16 Ray, Rev. William Carpenter – Boreham – 1842 Copy of Will – 6 sheets paper watermarked 1847, with a number of under-linings & small tears in folds not affecting text. Names – sons Walter J,  Wiliam C R ,  & Henry;  daughters Frances C (w/o Rev. William Gwydot Sealey) & Elizabeth M (w/o Joseph Trigg Schomberg) + 2 grandsons.  Properties in Bristol, Helton, Hawkesbury & Redland (Glos) & Sidestrand (Norfolk). Extensive details of personal possessions gifted.   £28

226/2 Snell, Francis – Colchester – 1791 Obligation Bond given by Francis Snell to Thomas Bennall the younger (Colchester) re Indenture of even date. Paper, part pre-printed with manuscript insertions, ink & embossed duty stamps. Signed / sealed by Snell, witnesses include Dan Sutton jnr.  £44

250/28 Tofts, John – Farnham – 1855 – Small paper receipt for Schedules A and B Income Tax issued to John Tofts for the Tax year 1854 / 55.  Pre-printed, with manuscript details, small tears at bottom and across centre, signed by Richd. Cakebread, Collector.  £2

54/99 Tucker  – Woodford – 1903 – 4 documents relating to the death (and purchase of Burial Plot) of Mrs. Mary Burton – Alexander who was the widow of William Burton – Alexander. Mary was born in Woodford,  the daughter of Joseph Tucker and his wife Maria nee Jeacock / Peacock. Her death and burial took place in Grasse, Alpes – Maritime Region, France and the documents, which include details of the location of the grave, were issued by the Grasse Civil Authorities to Mr Burton – Alexander.  £25

215/118 Winsor, Arthur Ernest – Ilford – 1921 Draft Power of Attorney in favour of Arthur Ernest Winsor to act in all matters concerning his investments as James Eglington Francis (Bromley, Kent) was about to go abroad. 5 sheets paper, written 3¾ sides.  £11