67/77  1822 – Letter written on behalf of Michael Hawke (? London), by Henry Tubb (Lambs Conduit Street, London) to Chas Howard (Barnaby, Beccles) acting on behalf of the Exors of John Martin (Shaddingfield), dec’d. –  small sheet paper folded double – written on 1 side by Tubb – concerns Hawke’s claim to an inheritance from John Martin, late father of Hawke’s wife Phoebe, & a further sum due on death of his mother in law, and on 2 sides Howard’s copy of his reply – referring to Hawke’s long standing separation from his wife, a Deed of Separation, & entitlement under Martin’s Will. Address panel on 4th side – circular frank (indistinct).  £16

67/70 Lincolns Inn  – 1851 – Short letter – from Thos. Cooper (Lincolns Inn, London) to Messrs Bohun &  Rix,  (Beccles). Sheet of paper folded in 2 – written on 1 side &  signed by Thos Cooper – headed Parsons v (?) Suckling – a copy of Bohun & Rix’s response on 2nd side –  3rd side used for address panel. Franks for London (indistinct) & Beccles.  £5

67/69 Lincolns Inn1868 – Short letter acknowledging receipt of documents – from W R Williams (Lincolns Inn, London) to Messrs Wilton & Shelly Rix, Solicitors,  (Beccles). Small sheet of paper – signed by W R Williams – separate piece of paper attached to form address panel – franked penny red stamp + 2 clear franks – London 25/SP/68, Beccles 26/SP/68.    £4




250/23 – 1920 – Certificate for 200 £1 8% Cumulative Participating Preference Shares in Harper Bean Ltd – Manufacturers of The Bean Motor Car – 50 Pall Mall, London S.W.1 issued to Walter John Betts Coles, Ludgershall, nr Thame. Pre-printed decorative share certificate [approx 13¾” x  11¾”] with manuscript details. Signed by 2 Directors & the Secretary of Harper Bean Ltd, with the company’s Embossed Seal.  £20




167/1 – 1605 – Lease of land in Wraxall, Somerset by James Cox to John Tynte (Middle Temple, London), who already held a Life Interest in the lands – this Lease was to run from the date of his death.  Parchment, pendant wax seal, ‘mark‘ of James Cox with 6 witnesses names on reverse including  signature of E Tynte. For full details see Somerset page - Wraxall  

135/1 – 1622 – Conveyance of house & extensive copyhold lands at Greenham, Berks by Timothie Wagstaff (Middle Temple, London) & John Backhouse to Richard Dumer, refers to earlier lease to Dorothy Burrant, William Dumer & Richard Dummer.  Large parchment sheet with embellished initial letter & 2 seal tags with large pendant wax seals, 1 tiny hole in fold. Signed Tim. Wagstaffe. For full details see Berkshire page - Greenham


161/2 – 1624 – Quitclaim (a Deed renouncing any right to the property) by Thomas Hawes (citizen and Salter of London) in favour of Henry Potter (Bicester, Oxon). [N.B. This possibly relates to a mortgaged property, as usury was banned until 1571. Instead, the lender would take possession of the property and receive rents.]  Refers to quitclaim of 1572 by which Thomas Wickens (London) and Thomas Clemens (Bicester alias Burcester) assigned the property adjoining the mansion house and Inn of Christable Potter (widow of Bicester) to Peter Webbe (Bicester) and subsequent assignment (1618) by Peter Webbe to Thomas Hawes.  Hawes assigned the property to Potter in consideration of payment received subject to 1621 Lease already held by Potter.  Large parchment document with some rodent damage at the foot which also caused some small holes, mainly in the centre fold resulting in the loss of a few letters of text. Seal tag attached with about a third of the pendant wax seal remaining. Signed by Thomas Hawes, witnesses include Lewes Rye, snr.  £150

187/2  – 1644 – Counterpart of 99 year Demise in connection with mortgage of lands by Elizabeth & Benjamin Mason and Elizabeth’s mother Honora Rivett (Chipping Ongar) to Richard Barrett (London). Signed by Richard Barrett, witnesses on reverse include Edward Sedgwick & Thomas Duckfield.  For full details, please see my Essex page – Property – Beauchamp Roding

187/3  – 1647 – Transfer of lands by  Benjamin Mason (Stoye, Som) to trustees Henry Mason & Robert Osbourne (both London) lately recovered by Benjamin and late wife Elizabeth from William & John Poole by Decree of Court of Wards, Honora Rivett (London) widow, party to agreement as 1 of beneficiaries of trust. Parchment sheet, decorative initial letter, signed by Robert Osburne, Ben. Mason, Hen. Mason, 3 tags – 2 with large pendant wax seals (Henry’s impressed with fleurs de lis), witnessed on reverse by Thomas Rivett, Tho. Duckenfield, Wardon Fish & Ed. Marlowe.   £160

187/4  – 1647 – Re-conveyance of lands by William  Poole (Bovinger) to Captain Benjamin Mason (Stoye) & his daughters. William was a  nephew of John Poole (London).  Details of 1625 mortgage  to John Poole & reference to Court Orders to recover lands. For full details, see Essex page – Property – Beauchamp Roding

187/6  – 1662 – Agreement between Honora Rivett (London) & Benjamin Mason (Stoye) that Mason is to receive a proportion of Rivett’s share of the Trust rents in exchange for a lump sum payment. Robert Osborne (London) party to agreement as Trustee.   ‘Mark’ of Honora Rivett, signature of Robt Osborne. For full details, see Essex page – Property – Beauchamp Roding

161/7  – 1677 – Lease for a year (1st part of sale of property) by Thomas Ward (Furnivails Inn, London), son & heir of late Thomas Ward (Staples Inn, London)  and James Ward (Derby) to Robert Shiers (Nuneaton) of a cottage near the church at Bicester, Oxon.   Refers to Release of following day [see 161/8, below]. Parchment document. Signed by Thomas Ward & James Ward with the seal tag and seal still present for James. Witness signatures on reverse of William Burnett, Fra. Hanbury, Wm. Walker, Jo. Bonett & Jo. Mathews. For full details, see Oxfordshire page - property - Bicester

161/8 – 1677 – Release or sale (2nd part of  sale of property) by Thomas Ward (Furnivals Inn, London), son & heir of late Thomas Ward (Staple Inn, London)  and James Ward (Derby) as trustee for Thomas to Robert Shiers (Nuneaton, Warwicks.) of a cottage near the church at Burcester / Bicester, Oxon. . Property acquired by Thomas Ward the elder from Margaret & John  Allen in 1660 and put in Trust for Thomas. Refers to Lease of previous day [161/7]. Large sheet of parchment with 1 irregular hole in fold (probably the result of rodent damage) with slight loss of text. Signed by Thomas Ward & James Ward with 2 seal tags and  1seal remaining. Witness signatures on reverse of William Burnett, Fra. Hanbury, Wm. Walker, Jo. Bonett & Jo. Mathews. For full details, see Oxfordshire page - Bicester

84/292 – 1681 – Lease by John Norden (Lincoln’s Inn) son & heir of John Norden dec’d (Badbury)  of a dwelling house in Rowd, Wilts. Parchment – very decorative initial letter & further embellishments to top margin. Signed by Jo. Norden. Witness signatures  – Tho Hawkins,  Samel Wilkins (or Wickens),  Charles Danvers.   For full details, see Wiltshire page – Property – Rowd(e).

44/27 – 1690 – Assignment of existing Mortgage and granting of further Mortgage on property in St. James Place, St. James, Westminster. Refers to Lease of plot of land (with details of measurements and adjoining landowners) by Peter Gelsthorpe the elder, William Ansiter and William Strode to George Lane (St. Sepulchres, London) who subsequently erected a messuage on the plot. Lane mortgaged the land to William Webb (Hatton Garden, Middx) and by this Deed, Edward Betenson (London) has agreed to redeem the original Mortgage and advance a further amount. This Indenture is written on 1 large sheet and 1 part sheet (about a ¼ the size) of parchment with a decorative initial letter. When folded, there is a small amount of damage to one corner, resulting in 2 small holes in the opened document – within the area of the text – with the loss of some words. Signed by Edward Betenson, Seal Tag present, but wax seal missing. The Duty Stamp has been cut out of the margin – possibly when the Mortgage was redeemed. Witness signatures on reverse of Will. Strode, John Garrett (Scr.) & John Thompson (his servant). There is an endorsement on the reverse – the Mortgage was assigned to George Knight (London) in 1691signed by George Lane, witnessed by  John Garrett (Scr.), John Freeman & George Jones  (his servants).  £145

122/1  – 1697 – Lease for a year (1st part of  Lease / Re-lease for the transfer of Assets) to the Trustees of his Marriage Settlement by Richard Dashwood (Cockley Clay, Norfolk), one of the sons of George Dashwood (late of Hackney, Middx). His future bride was Mary Jarrott one of the daughters of  William Jarrott (late of London), James  Jarrott ( London) was one of her brothers. Includes an extensive list of more than 50 Annual and Fee Farm Rents, Tithes of Grain, Wool and Lambs, etc arising from the City of Carlisle and Manors, Rectories, Villages and Former Monasteries & Priories in Cumberland [includes Priory of Laverstocke, Rectory of Dereham, Rectory of Bromfield and others], Lancashire [includes Manors of Algar, Cranford, Steynings, West Haughton & Whatton and others], & Westmoreland [includes Manor & Rectory of Ravenstandale and others] with details of values, location, by whom payable and in some instances – how and when acquired. 3 sheets of parchment [2 very large, and the 3rd slightly smaller] with very decorative 1st 2 words incorporating the Royal Coat of Arms of William III. Signed and sealed by Richd. Dashwood, witnessed on reverse by E. Soame, George Dashwood, George Hudson & Samuel Grave.  £295

55/3 – 1705 Settlement made in connection with intended Marriage of William Lewis le Grand and Helena Southwell (both of London). Helena’s late father was Sir Robert Southwell & (probably her brother) Rt Hon Edward Southwell (St Martins in the Fields, Middx). Both William & Helena were beneficiaries of their fathers Wills [William’s father’s name possibly Vaniellam]. Includes details of amounts to be transferred, administration & beneficiaries.  2 sheets of parchment, signed & sealed [with 6 different designs – some cracked / incomplete] by William & Helena and Edward Southwell, Justus Beck  & Thomas Guenault (both London), two Trustees. £110

55/4  – 1709 – Release of interest in Trust created under Act of Parliament to pay debts of Valentine Crome (Maiden Early, Berks). His parents were Valantine & Phillis Crome, and brother Lewis Crome. Gives details of Act, brief details of property, debts due to Gawin Birkhead dec’d taken to Court of Common Pleas [exors Peter Birkhead & Deborah Birkhead, widow] and Simon Biddulph who held a Bond, and how monies to be applied. Henry Cartwright (St Martins in the Fields, Middx) & Francis Hayes (Inner Temple, London) are party to the agreement as Trustees. Sheet of parchment with decorative first 2 words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms, signed / sealed Hen. Cartwright, witnessed on reverse by G Wodes, Tho Stone & Tho Bubb.  £92

55/6  – 1709 – Agreement for sale of Manor & Lordship of  Maiden Early by Francis Hayes (Inner Temple, London) as Trustee for  Valentine Crome (the younger)  to William Lewis le Grand (St James, Westminster). Full details & price on my Berkshire page – Property –  Maiden Early, Sonning

233/20 – 1718 – Lease for a year (being first part of Lease / Release for sale of a property) of a Shop, Land and Outbuildings in Witney, Oxon. by William Jones (Witney),  John Jones (Ironmonger’s Lane, St Martins) & Edward Jones (Queen Street, London) [sons of late William Jones the elder of Witney] and Richard Browne (Chipping Norton) & Sarah Browne (his wife & only daughter of late William Jones) to Sarah & James Holton (Witney). Property occupied by John Clanfield. Sheet of parchment with decorative 1st 2 words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Wm. Jones, John Jones, Edw. Jones, Richard Brown & Sarah Brown. Witness  signatures on reverse – Jno. Jordan jun & R.A.Wall. £70

233/21 – 1718 – Release  (the second part of Lease / Release for sale of a property) of a Messuage, Shop & Land  in Witney by William Jones (Witney),  John Jones (Ironmonger’s Lane, St Martins) & Edward Jones (Queen Street, London) [sons of late William Jones the elder of Witney] and Richard Browne (Chipping Norton) & Sarah Browne (his wife & only daughter of late William Jones) to Sarah & James Holton (Witney). Property occupied by John Clanfield. Mentions Indenture of even date between William Jones (Witney),  John Jones & Richard Browne, Sarah & James Holton and John Shorter  (Witney).  Sheet of parchment with decorative 1st 2 words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms, slight ink flaking in places & a number of tiny holes in folds. Signed / sealed by Wm. Jones, John Jones, Edw. Jones, Richard Brown & Sarah Brown. Witness  signatures on reverse – Jno. Jordan jun & R.A.Wall. £70

190/32 – 1724 – Obligation Bond given by Thomas Gwillim (Hackney) to Phillip Gwillim (London) – for details / price, see Middlesex page, property.

55/7  – 1734 – Document relating to the Lease of Lands by William Wollascott (Wolhampton, Berks), brother Martin, to Mary & Mathew Pitt (Reading).  The Lease was granted to Roger Furner (Inner Temple, London) as Trustee of Pitt & this document is a declaration of this by Furner signed / sealed Ror Furner,  witnessed on reverse by Thomas Edmond (Inner Temple), Jonathan Watmough? & Benjamin Rogers (cl to Mr Furner).  Full details on Berkshire page – Property – Early, Sunning

84/41 – 1739 – Disposal of property by William Blythman Adamson (The Temple, London), son & heir of Robert Adamson (Durham), &  Exors of Will of  Robert Adamson – for details, see Durham page, property – Durham

44/28 1750 – 14 Year Lease of property in Stratton Street, St. George, Hanover Square by John Lance (Hendon, Middx) to the Hon. Colonel Roger Townshend. Townshend must keep both the property and fittings in good repair, and the document includes an extensive list of the fittings in the various rooms, including items such as sash windows, window shutters, chimney pieces, hearths, sinks and cisterns. The reverse contains a later memo voiding the term of the Lease. Very large parchment sheet with very decorative 1st 2 words incorporating both a portrait of the King – George III and the Royal Coat of Arms. Main document signed by Rog. Townshend (seal & seal tag missing), witnessed by W. Baynton & Ralph Buncker; and later memo signed by both Jo. Lance & R. Townshend, witnessed by Benj. Baldwyn & Robert Wilkes. However, there is substantial damage to the document – a piece about 5¾”x 4″ has been cut out of one side and there are areas of parchment missing – this is probably the result of rodent damage, one edge having been chewed whilst it was stored folded. £52

190/30 1759 – Obligation Bond given by Henry Chester Wynter (Chancery Lane) to John Bedford (Warwick Court),  briefly mentions  Indenture of 1757 with 3 later endorsements. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 1 side, embossed duty stamps. Signed / sealed by Wynter, witnessed by Jno Runington & Wm Dobbs.  £42

84/160  – Attested copy of Deed of Covenant made by   Richard  Clarke (St John, Wapping) in 1760.  Lists 12 documents going back to 1726 Indenture of Demise by Rebecca ffossey (Stepney),  her 2 sons William Fossey (St Olave, Southwark),  Joseph Fossey (St Sepulchre’s, London) & daughters – Rebecca (w/o George Clerke of London),  Deborah (w/o George Woodale of St Andrews, Holborn),  the remainder of the documents referred to, relate to transactions involving the ffossey family ,  and to John Peacock (London), his son John Peacock (Reading, Berks) & James  Peacock (Lambeth). For details see Middlesex page – Property –  St George  – 1760

84/161   – 1760 – Attested copy of assignment of  Properties  by   James Clare (St Catherine nr the Tower of London) as Trustee for  Richard  Clarke ( Wapping) to James Clare the younger (St Botolph, Aldgate) as Trustee. For details see Middlesex page – Property –  St George  – 1760

55/8 – 1760 – Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds relating to tithes & tenths sold by Elizabeth & John Powell Pryce (Montgomery) to Joel Watson (London).  Full details & price on Berkshire page – Property –  Earley

54/88 – 1768 – Certified copy made 1774 of Sale of 3 properties in Fryer Lane, Leicester by Christian Lewin (Hinckley), one of three daughters of Eleanor Lewin,  & John Lewin (Basinghall Street, London), son of John Lewin (Leicester) who was the brother of Hannah Lewin (another of the daughters of Eleanor Lewin) to George Rayson Pratt (Leicester).  Previous & current occupiers of the properties include Hugh Gascoigne, Joseph Haddon, Thomas Haddon, Eleanor Lewin, Mary Sheepy, William Spence, Benjamin Wood & Thomas Wood.  3 sheets of watermarked paper, written 2½ sides. This certified copy made 24 May 1774 and signed by Mich. Payne and Chas. Lacey.   [see also my Leicestershire page for an Abstract of Title to these properties – 54/89]  £52

105/10  –  1772 – Arbitration Award, the arbitrators were John Popham (New Inn, London) and William Prockter Thomas (Wellington), the document gives the details of their decision.  Large sheet paper signed / sealed J N Popham & W P Thomas, witnessed Abm Shorland. For details see Somerset page – Wills – Prockter, John – Henlade

259/21  – 1774 – Sale of Freehold & Copyhold Property & Lands at Colne Engaine, Essex by Edward Mead (Colne Engaine) to James Margetson (London). 2 large parchmant sheets Signed & sealed by Ed. Mead, witnessed on reverse by Jno. Margetson, full details on Essex page - Colne Engaine

44/39 1775 – Long Lease of plot of land, St. Marylebone, by William Ward (St. Marylebone) to James Hilson (St. Margaret, Westminster). Detailed measurements of the plot with adjoining property owners & roads – New Cavendish Street & Duke Street and a small location plan. Hilson agrees to complete the building of a brick messuage and there are various conditions relating to the construction. The land was part of a larger piece Leased in 1774 by Thomas Lord Viscount Weymouth and Beaumont Hotham, with the consent of the Duke of Portland, to Robert Adam and James Adam who subsequently assigned the Lease to William Ward. Large parchment sheet with decorative initial letter. Pre-printed, with manuscript insertions, signed & sealed by W. Ward, witnessed on reverse by H? Isatt and Mary Bowron. There are also pencil notes on the reverse, relating to the term of the Lease.  £65

84/114 1780 – William Curteis (London),  George Jemmett (London) – for details see Kent page – property –  Isle of Oxney – 1780 – Attested copy extract of Release in Trust.

235/14 – 1785 – Lease for a year (the first part of a Lease & ReLease for the conveyance of property) by William Jemmett (Little Milton) to George Grote (City of London) of the Manor & Free Warren of Red Pitts, Bix & Swyncombe, Oxfordshire, together with properties, etc. which were late the Estate of Taverner Wallis. Full details on my Oxfordshire page along with a number of other documents for this family and 235/15 Bix & Swyncombe – 1785

235/16 – 1785 – Both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s copy of the Fine (or Final Concorde) enacted at Westminster between  George Grote and  Catherine & Thomas Bean for the transfer of the Manor & Free Warren of Red Pitts with property, Land and Quit Rents  to Grote [see 235/14]. 2 pieces of parchment – each recording the same details (i.e. purchaser’s copy & seller’s copy) cut from the same sheet of parchment.  £30

235/17 – 1785 – Later Attested copy, made in 1830, of the Fine (or Final Concorde) enacted at Westminster between George Grote and  Catherine & Thomas Bean for the transfer of the Manor & Free Warren of Red Pitts with property, Land and Quit Rents to Grote [see 235/16 above].  Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 & written 1 side, stamp of King’s Silver Office, signed by Chas. Bulgin. Dusting to reverse.  £12

235/18  – 1786 – Declaration of Trust by George Grote (London). Refers to Grote’s acquisition from  Catherine & Thomas Bean of the Red Pitts Manor Quit Rents and Lands in Bix & Swincombe. Also the acquisition from John Hollis (son) and Christian Hollis (widow) of Richard Hollis (all of White Pond, Pirton) of property & land k/a Blanches at Bix Brand. George Grote confirmed that he’d acquired the above properties as Trustee for Joseph Grote (Badgemore, Nr Henley, Oxon).  Large parchment sheet signed / sealed Geo. Grote, witnessed on reverse by Tho. Lane (Little St. Helens, London) & Edwd. B. Lewin (Clerk to Messrs Davies & Lane). Full details & price on Oxfordshire page – Bix & Swyncombe.

84/115   1786  Jeremiah Curteis (London) as Trustee –  for details see Kent page – property – High Halden – 1786 – Attested copy of Lease

60/52 – 1799 – Letter from Joseph Salt (9, Bucklersbury, London) addressed to Mr Carwardine (Ledbury, Herefdsh.) enquiring what action has to be taken to transfer property held from the Manor of Ledbury Forren, to Mrs Salt. Details of former ownership by John Lane, & members of the Lane family, and includes a copy of the reply to Salt by the Steward to the Manor – W Holbrook (in his hand). Sheet of watermarked paper, folded in two & written on all 4 sides.   £28

60/53 – 1800 – Letter from S. Frampton (? in  London) addressed to Mr Holbrook (Ledbury, Herefdsh.). Refers to ? task / favour Holbrook had asked him to undertake which will involve someone speaking to Bishop of London, his state of health, & financial circumstances. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in two, and written on 2 of the sides, with the address panel on the 3rd side – in Frampton’s hand – with a circular post stamp.   £18

64/81 1800  (written 1837) – Abstract of Title of Thomas Robinson to a dwelling house in Stokes Croft, Bristol occupied by Mr. Wade (mainly relating to the period 1729 to 1820). Dwelling house, Malthouse and other buildings sold by Peter Day to William Stringer (Bristol) in 1729 subject to mortgage granted by Day to Stringer. Mortgage subsequently assigned to John Plummer (Bristol) in 1735 by the Executors of Peter Day – who include James Day & Edward Day. Plummer assigned it to Elizabeth Haythorne in 1743. Relates death of William Stringer in 1752, who left 3 daughters – Elizabeth Stringer (who married John Ryland of Bristol), Susanna Stringer and Mary Oakey / Mary Okey and their sale of the property in 1757 to Philip Williams (Clifton) following the death of Elizabeth Haythorne.  Also refers to various Agreements and Bonds relating to William Stringer’s marriage (c. 1746 / 47 to Ann Tyler (widow of Richard Tyler of Bristol) and a debt due to the Executors of Richard Tyler. The only issue of William & Ann Stringer’s marriage was a son, William Stringer.  Relates Will and death in 1772 of Philip Williams – his widow Susannah Williams (who died c. 1785) and children – Ann Williams (married             Russell of Clifton), Elizabeth Williams (married Geo. Rivers of Clifton), Mary Williams (married             Watkins of Clifton) and Edward Williams – notes death of Edward, Ann Russell & Elizabeth Rivers in 1782. Her 5 children were Philip Rivers, James Rivers (Grosvenor Square, Middx), Ann Rivers (w/o Frederick Gilliam / Frederick Gulliam  of Smithfield, Middx), Elizabeth  Rivers (Charles Street, Middx) and Susannah Rivers (w/o Geo. Butler  of Blackfriars, Surrey). Details sale of their half share in property by the Rivers children in 1800 to John Hill (Bristol).  Mary Watkins had 4 children – Theresa Watkins (w/o John Hill), Philip Watkins (Bristol & Royal Marines), Mary  Caroline Watkins (w/o Abraham George of New York, America) & Eleanor Watkins (widow of         Darley of Bristol). Sale in 1809 by the Watkins children and John Hill to George Strickland (Bristol) who sold it to John Powell (Bristol) in 1809. Will and death of Powell in 1820 – his daughter Elizabeth Powell was the wife of Thomas Robinson (Bristol & Newport, Monmouth.) who mortgaged the property to George Strickland. Elizabeth Robinson died in 1834 in Newport.  30  large sheets of paper, with torn cover sheet – amendments & notations throughout – written 30 + sides.  £75

54/1 – 1802 – Letter  (with postal mark) to William Hudson (Leicester) by Jno Christie (London) on 24/5/1802. For details, see Leicestershire page, Wills etc – Shipley, John.

162/4  – 1802 – Lease for a year by Miss Susanna Tucker (Barnstaple) to Henry Cooke (Ely Place, London). [see also 162/24 1836, below]  Full details & price - Devon page – Property – Bishops Tawton

105/22 & 23  – 1803 – Redemption of Mortgage secured on Copyhold lands ) from the Exors of   Henry Merewether (Calne) – witnesses include Henry A Merewether (Inner Temple, London) Full details & price, see Wiltshire page – Property – Corsham

48/74  – 1803 – Letter from Mary Redding (London) to her father Richard Redding at Walford, Herefordsh.. Mentions  a sister, and the Deeds and Loan outstanding on the security of a property. The second page contains (? a solicitor’s) notes detailing a property to be sold to John Morris (Kinstone). The letter with indistinct postmark, is signed by Mary Redding at Mr Martins Black Horse near the Hay Market.  [see also 48/73 and 75 in Herefordsh.]   £12

84/66 – 1816 – Attested copy (made 1820) of Appointment of Trustees in Bankruptcy – Edward Prosser (Lawrence Lane, London), William Farrar (Cheapside, London) – of William Clavey Brown  (Stonehouse, Glos) and John Tozer (Bishopsgate St, London) trading as John Tozer & Co. Contains details of Bankruptcy. 5 sheets paper (watermarked 1816 & 1819) written on 4 sides – impressed duty stamps. £26

60/55  – 1819 – Letter from John Biddulph (Charing Cross, London.) addressed  to Sam. Rickards (Solr. Ledbury, Herefdsh.) written on behalf of Rev. Thos. Dean who was involved with a school.  It mentions troubles with Mr. Goodman. Sheet of paper – watermarked 1813 – folded in two, and written on 1 1/2 of the sides, with the address on the 3rd side. Small loss of paper – not affecting text – where folded and sealed as a letter. Signed by John Biddulph.   £14

90/11 1820 – Obligation Bond given by Percy Fraser (Somerset Place) to John Maude & Thomas Maude (Westminster) re payment to be made following the deaths of Percy & his wife The Hon Elizabeth Lucy Fraser. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 2 sides; 1st section pre-printed with manuscript details, embossed duty stamps. Signed / sealed by Percy, witnessed by Henry Legge (Lincoln’s Inn) & Rob? Middleton (Manor House, Chelsea).  Includes acknowledgement of receipt  by Charles William Hallett & Marmaduke Robinson (both signed) the exors of John & Thomas Maude, witnessed by Chas Bedford (Solr Westminster) of payment by Charles Fraser exor of Percy.  £38

84/287  – 1824 – Deed of Appointment for annual annuity between James Le Vavasseur (Cheapside, London) and Harriot Husbands (Brighton). Henry Martin (Fitzroy Square) party to agreement as agent.  Details of annual annuity to be sold to Husbands – being secured on property.  Witness signatures on reverse – Chas Carrow (Spitalfields),  John Hodgson jnr (Craven Street) –  full details & price of document on my Middlesex page – Property – Mile End Old Town – 1824.

170/2  – 1827 –  Lease for a year  by James Brittain (Wolverhampton) of a seventh interest in close of land to Joseph Dove (Lincolns Inn, London). [Dove may have been acting as a trustee for John Cox (Rugeley) to whom the property would probably be released the next day.]  For full details & price, see Staffordshire page – Property – Rugeley

199/14 – 1827– Assignment of two terms of years of the freehold inheritance of land in connection with the sale of a dwelling house, barns and land at Othery, Somerset by Charles Kemeys Kemeys Tynte (Halswell House, Somerset) to James Burnell (Yeovil). Details of acreages and approx location of land with reference to original allocations under Kings Sedgmoor Othery Inclosure – the allotments were made to John  Kemeys Tynte (Charles’ father) at which date, William Burnell was tenant of the land. Also refers to a Lease / Release of 1728 involving Sir Halswell Tynte, his wife Jane Mary and Sir Charles Kemeys by which the terms of years were created. The present assignment was between Thomas Nettleship (Grocer’s Hall, London) as Trustee for Tynte, and John Mullins (Spraxton) as Trustee for Burnell. 2 large parchment sheets signed / sealed by Tho. Nettleshipp, C.K.K. Tynte & James Burnell. Witnesses include Thomas Mullins & T. Burnell (Bridgwater).  £54

84/55  – 1829 – Contract between Westminster Abbey & Thomas Curtis the elder & Thomas Curtis the younger (Broadway, Stratford Green, Essex) for the construction of a new house within the Collegiate Church Close. Sheet of watermarked paper, folded in 2 – written on 2+ sides – some dusting to reverse – small holes & staining in folds. Signed by George Giles Vincent (Chapter clerk of the Collegiate Church ) & Thos Curtis, Jnr, witnessed by Henry Stevens (clerk to Mr Vincent).   £38

106/3 – 1830 – Release to enable Bar of Estates Tail re property at Kirtley, Suffolk inherited by James Brame (Watling St, London) [father James, grandparents Susannah [nee Wright] & James Brame (Lowestoft)]. Thomas Borrett (Gt. St Helens, London) party to agreement. Details of property include occupiers, adjoining properties / roads. Parchment sheet, 1st 2 words embellished incorporating Royal Coat of Arms – signed / sealed by Brame & Borrett,  witnessed on reverse by Borrett’s clerk W F Wiltshire.  £54

48/83 – 1832 – Sworn affidavit by John Cooke (Ross) concerning a Mortgage advanced to Kingsmill Evans (Walford) by the late William Morgan (Kings Caple) in 1814 – his widow was Sarah Morgan. Details of original Mortgage, Assignment to William Powell (Shoemakers Row, London) and subsequent repayment and proposed Sale of property to John Partridge.  Paper – watermarked 1832 – signed by Jno Cooke.   £24

195/1 – 1834 – Sale of property in Portsea, Hants. by the children of Isaac Day and Ann, his wife – both deceased – to John Stapleford (Portsea). Edmund Stapleford (Portsea) was party to the agreement as trustee for John. The children of Isaac & Ann Day were :- Mary Elizabeth (w/o James Chase of Portsea), Ann  (w/o Thomas Doling of Portsea), Betsy James  (w/o William Kearse Cowley of London), John Day (late of Sheerness, Kent) & Thomas Smith Day (London). Mentions Will & Codicil of Isaac and various family marriages & deaths. Gives details of original mortgage of property 1803 to Thomas Hayter (Portsea) & refers to subsequent repayments, further advance and amount outstanding at date of sale, location of property with dimensions of plot and adjoining property owners. 2 large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms –  signed & sealed by Thos. Hayter, John Day, Thomas Doling, Ann Doling, W. K. Cowley, Tho. Smith Day, John Stapleford, Edmund Stapleford & John Dixon (Portsea), who was also party to agreement. Further signatures of some of the parties on the reverse, along with witnesses. £67

162/24  – 1836 – Lease for a year (the 1st part of Lease & Release for sale of property ) by Philip Peard (Calcutta, Bengal) to Samuel Bremridge (Barnstaple then Appledore) as assignee of Henry Cooke & John Herbert (both Bankrupts of Birchin Lane, London).  [see also 162/4 1802, above]  For full details & price, see Devon page – Property – Bishops Tawton

90/12 – 1836 – Bond for performance of Contract given by James Leslie (Dorset Square) to John Lewis (Southampton St, ) re demolition & erection of property  for Leslie. Adam Thomson (King St, Westminster) party to agreement.  Signed / sealed by Leslie & Thomson, witnessed by Chas. Clare Bedford (Bedford Row), for full details & price see Middlesex page – Property

62/7  – 1837 -Mortgage of Property in Bishopwearmouth  to Ralph Fenwick, London by Thomas Laws, Bishopwearmouth / Easington 3 sheets  Parchment – signed and sealed by Thomas Laws, also signed by witness, John Kidson, solicitor, Sunderland. Refers to other members of the Laws family and earlier Deeds. Also mentions – Bygate, Clark, Emerson, Heard, Hill, Hudson, Jurdison, Robinson, Robson, Rollins, Shepherd, Walsh, Williams, Williamson.  £48

130/78 – 1839 – Abstract of Title of Frances Gay (widow of John Gay of Southrepps) and James Gay* (Aylsham / Thirning) to Copyhold lands in Southrepps. James’ sister Harriet (previously of Alborough, w/o Robert Child of London) had an interest in the lands under the Will of their mother Frances Gay. Reference to Marriage Settlements of 1772 and of Harriet & Robert – John Johnson Gay was a Trustee. For full details & price, see Norfolk page –  Southrepps 

55/16   – 1844 – Mortgage of interest in Farm & lands (Wootton, Berks see also 55/13 & 14) by David Gamaliel Margot (Pentonville) Trustee of John Fisher (Fetter Lane, London) & beneficiaries Louisa Martha & Marianne Frances Margot to Henry Scale English (Old Jewry). Refers to Fisher’s Will ( his wife Martha & daughters Martha & Elizabeth Frances, wife of D G Margot and their children Louisa M, Marianne F, Catherine, John A & Elizabeth Margot) gives dates of death / marriage.  Lands inherited by John from his cousin James Fisher (his father James had inherited from Elizabeth Hawkins). 2 large parchment sheets  signed / sealed by D G, L M, & M F  Margot, witnessed on reverse by John Symons (Old Jewery), Fras Walker (his clerk), Jno Hudson (clerk to English). An acknowledgement of repayment is signed by H S English.  £59

106/8 – 1847 – Sale of property by Ann & Edward Augustus Cory (London).  Ann inherited the property from her brother James Brame, in 1841. For full details & price, see my Suffolk page – Property – Kirtley (Kirkley)

215/140 – 1856 – Lease of Property – Peel Lodge, Hammersmith, by Harrison Chilton (Tokenhouse Yard, London) to James Ivall (Tottenham Court Road). James Stewart (Brompton), John Williams (Stoke Newington Rd) & William Miller (Bank of England, London) were party to the agreement as Trustees of the Praedium Benefit Building Society – mortgagees.  Details of adjoining property owners and schedule of Fixtures & Fittings in each room, conservatory & garden. 2 large parchment sheets with decorative first 2 words, signed / sealed by Harrison Chilton, James Stewart, John Williams  & William Miller. On the reverse is a memo that the Lease was assigned to William Charles Green (Old Bond Street) in 1858, signed by both  James Ivall & W C Green.  £52

195/15 – 1860 – Re-Mortgage of 8 properties in Durham Street, Portsea (Southsea) by  Sarah Branson & her children William Brown Branson  & Mary Ann Branson  to George Perfect (all of Portsea). Ann & Joseph Hood (Cheapside, London) are party to agreement as former mortgagors. Gives details of the 1855 Mortgage to John Tribe & John Friend Pratt [see 195/12 Middlesex page], death of Tribe in 1855 and the transfer of the whole mortgage to his widow Anne Tribe – now the wife of Joseph Hood. Also refers to the death in 1858 of Thomas Branson, the repayment of part of the mortgage and the re-mortgage to Perfect. Gives details of location of the properties, names adjoining property owners. 3 large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words, signed & sealed by Ann Hood, Joseph Hood, Sarah Branson, W. B. Branson, Mary Ann Branson & George Perfect.  £60

233/48  – 1866 – Abstract of Title to dwelling house & close of land in Wood Green, Hailey, Oxon. held of  the Manor of Witney, covering the period 1819 to 1866, with details of the land. In 1819 the lands were sold by William Jefferson to Daniel Rutter who appointed his nephews John Rutter (son of his brother John of Bath) and John Rutter (Cheapside, London, son of his brother Joseph Rutter of Hillingdon, Middx.) as his Trustees in his Will of 1837. George Brown was tenant.   the property was sold in 1840 to Mary Richards (Wood Green, Hailey)  who left it to her sister Anna Maria Salmon (w/o William Salmon) and her children Anna Maria (w/o Edwin Applegate), Frederick William Salmon, Mary Emily (w/oJohn Dolley), Henry Harcourt Salmon & Emma Salmon. Chas. Early was tenant. In 1866 John & Emily Dolley (Uiterage, Cape of Good Hope, S. Africa) sold their interest in the property to John Browne (Enstone).  11 sheets of watermarked paper written 9 sides. £33

215/53  – 1874 –  Mortgage of contingent interest in Trust assets (The Barrock End Estate, Cumberland) by Richard Houghton Unsworth (London) to William Lund (Liverpool). Original Trust set up in 1856  by Richard’s father  John Unsworth (Penrith). Details of loans already advanced to Richard & further amount now advanced. Small paper booklet of 8 pages + cover, with ink & impressed Duty stamps, written 7 sides, signed by Richard H Unsworth, witnessed by John Caker, Victoria Park, London.  [see  details of several other Unsworth family documents on my Cumberland page – property – Hesket & Wetheral]  £32

215/55 – 1874 –  Mortgage of contingent interest in Trust assets (The Barrock End Estate) by Richard Houghton Unsworth (London) to his brother John Taylor Unsworth (Liverpool). Original Trust set up in 1856  by Richard’s father  John Unsworth (Penrith). Subject to original Mortgage of interest to William Lund (Liverpool). Small paper booklet of 8 pages, with ink & impressed Duty stamps, written 7 sides, signed by Richard H Unsworth, witnessed by Edwin H Abbey, Seven Sisters Rd, London. £30

67/49 – 1874 – Declaration by Robert Haward Kent (St. John’s Wood, London) that he holds as Trustee for his sister  Esther Jane Kent (Peasenhall) messuages & premises in Peasenhall, Suffolk formerly called Rooks, purchased in 1868 from William Ludbrook & Hustings Wilkinson. Details approximate location of property & names a large number of current & former occupiers, including  William Brown, Peter Fryatt, James Rouse, Charles Lunniss, Robert Coxedge, John Dennis, William Folkard. Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 2 sides, the centre fold with 3 small splits and a tear approx 3″ long at the bottom of the fold – none affecting the text, slight staining & several pencil notations to margin – signed  Robert Haward Kent (Kilburn).   £26

84/301– 1877 – Mortgage taken out by Robert Follett Nicholls  (Islington) with Swindon Permanent Building Society on security of property at Rodbourne Cheney. For full details & price, see Wiltshire page – Property – Rodbourne Cheney

84/282  – 1878 – Mortgage between George James Holton & the Temperance Building Society (London), secured on various properties in Cuthill Road, Camberwell. – large ink stamped seal of Society, witnessed by Richd Roscoe (solicitor, Bedford Row).   Full details  & price on Surrey page – Property – Denmark Hill, Camberwell.

146/12  -1882  – Mortgage  of windmill & other buildings by Thomas Turnell Cartwright (Leicester) to Elizabeth Griffen (Louth)  assigned – on the reverse – in 1882  to Mary Holmes Fowler (Russell Square, London). Details & price of this document on my Lincolnshire page – Property –  North Somercotes – 1875 84/168 – 1882 – Lease of Premises adjoining the Golden Lion Inn, Edmonton, by Charlotte Maria Ainsley from John Abraham Barber (Bayswater) & Thomas Porteen Smith (Cornhill, London). For details see Middlesex page – Property

84/169  – 1882 – Lease of Premises adjoining the Golden Lion Inn, Edmonton, by Charlotte Maria Ainsley from John Abraham Barber (Bayswater) & Thomas Porteen Smith (Cornhill, London). For details see Middlesex page – Property

84/75 – 1886 – Mortgage of residuary interest in the Horseshoe Inn,  Mangotsfield, Glos.  to William Henry Saunders  (Haymarket, London). Details on Gloucestershire page – Property – Mangotsfield.

10/14 – 1886 – South Kensington – Auction Particulars for 6 new houses (4 partially complete) in Gledhow Gardens (No’s 19, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31) – constructed in Queen Anne style – sold by order of the Mortgagees. 6 page printed booklet c. 16″x 10″ with some small tears & dusting to folds & edges. Contains conditions of sale & a description of the properties. The two finished are leased to F H Baxendale & Major Egbert William Cooper.  £16

84/171 –  1889 – mortgage of Properties by Henry John Phillips (Tottenham, Middx) to the Temperence Permenant Building Society (London). For details see Middlesex page -Property – Upper Holloway .

64/104 – 1889 – Lease of Public House – The Foundry & adjoining Malthouse & Brewhouse in Newfoundland Street, Bristol by Robert Fisher (Bath) and Edward Petrie Kiloh (London) to Henry Cottrell (Bristol) – formerly occupied by Gilmore George Gullick, then Richard Blacker, now Cottrell. Various conditions & covenants relating to the Lease and a Schedule of Fittings in the Rooms, Yard and Brewery. This document also includes a further Agreement (of 1891) whereby, at the request of Sarah Jane Andrews – wife of William Henry Andrews, the Life Tenant of the property – Cottrell has made a further payment and surrendered the Lease to enable the residue of the term to be merged with the Reversion of the premises. Parchment booklet of 10 large pages, written 8 sides. Lease of 1889 signed / sealed by  Robert Fisher, witnessed by William Henry Andrews (Bath), the 1891 Agreement signed / sealed by Henry Cottrell, S. J. Andrews, Robert Fisher (witnessed by Edward William Loveless of Bath)  and Edward Petrie Kiloh.  £48

84/141   – 1890 – Assignment of 999 year Lease on property in Preston – by William Caton Thompson (Kensington)  For details see Lancashire page – Property – Preston – 1890

67/42 – 1890 – Acknowledgement by Richard Smith (Cheapside, London) that his property The Grove Estate, Lowestoft be charged with the repayment of a loan advanced by  J. Arscott Bartrum (Old Jewry Chambers, London) Large sheet of faintly watermarked paper with impressed duty stamps, folded in 2, written 1 side, signed / sealed by Richard Smith.  £18

67/14 – 1891 – Conveyance of Equity in Redemption of The Grove Estate, Lowestoft by Richard Smith (late Lowestoft, now Queen Street, London) to Harry Pearce Gould (Norwich). John Arscott Bartrum (Old Jewry Chambers, London) party to agreement as Smith’s creditor.  Refers to original Mortgage of the property by Smith to Gould, subsequent reduction in debt and agreement to release Equity in Redemption in exchange for discharge from remaining debt. Also refers to monies due to Bartrum and a note on the 4th side refers to an 1896 agreement between Gould and Frederick Sefton Smith (Lowestoft) regarding the restriction on the type of properties to be built on the land.  Large parchment sheet  folded in 2, written 4 sides, signed by Richard Smith, John Arscott Bartrum & H. P. Gould.  £32

84/242 – 1891– Supplemental Deed for issue of further debentures by The Bath Brewery Ltd. Agreement between Hon Charles Spencer Canning Boyle (Viscount Dungarvan of Frome) – signed / sealed by Dungarvan (witnessed by Thomas Stycke, valet, London),  details on my Somerset page – Property etc – Bath – 1891

60/89 – 1892 – Mortgage to Thomas Preston Beevor of Paddington.  For details see Herefordshire page – Property – Walford – 1884.

84/172  – 1892 Conveyance & Merger of Impropriate Tithe Rent charge of Land by Exors – Major General Edward Harding Steward (Horsham, Sussex),  Frederick William Steward  & George Ernest Steward (both of Lincolm’s Inn) – of Will of Samuel Steward (dec’d) of Lincoln’s Inn to William Bennett Fordham (Hendon). For details see Middlesex page – Property – Hendon.

105/41 – 1893 Assignment (Sale) of Reversionary interest &  life assurance policies  by Sydney Hallett to the City Assets Company Ltd (Q. Victoria St, London).  Details & price on Surrey page – Wills, etc – Hallett

146/14  – 1893 – Transfer of Mortgage by Mary Holmes Fowler (Russell Square, London)  Details of  assignment to Fowler in 1882, see above. Details & price on Lincolnshire page – Property –  North Somercotes

105/31 – 1893 – Lease of house in Castellain Rd, Paddington  by John Lawrence Longstaffe (London) to Miss Ellin Parry (Paddington). Includes details of various covenants & conditions. A note on cover shows that it was surrendered in 1921 following her death. 6 page paper booklet written 3¼ sides with pencil notes, signed by Longstaffe.  £33

215/168 – relating to 1893 & 1914 – Extracts of “Painting” Covenants from an 1893 Lease agreement between Rev. Herbert Samuel Hawkins (Beyton Rectory, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk) and Alfred Leftwich (Upper Thames St, London), together with extract from a second agreement dated 1914, by which time the Freehold Reversion Expectant of the Lease was vested in Edward Robert Hawkins (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk), and the lease vested in John Coleman (Newington Causeway, London S.E.). Single sheet of watermarked paper written 1½ sides. [see also below : 215/136 Whitechapel – 1919 & 1920 – Bundle of papers relating to John Coleman.] £3

215/169 – relating to 1894 & 1915 – Extracts of “Repairing” Covenants from an 1894 Lease agreement relating to 31, Leman St. London between Rev. Herbert Samuel Hawkins (Beyton Rectory, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk) and Henry Freiwald (Leman St), together with extract from a second agreement dated 1915, by which time the Freehold Reversion Expectant of the Lease was vested in Edward Robert Hawkins (Donnington Lodge, Newbury, Berks), and the lease vested in Isaac & Benjamin Rosenthal (Hanbury St. Spitalfields). Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 written 2¼ sides.  £4

84/130  1894 – Sale by Christopher Miskin of plot of land to John Wells (Oxford St, London).  For details see Hertfordshire page – St Albans – 1894




84/124  – 1895 – Papers relating to properties owned by William Watkins (Catford) including a Receipt signed over penny lilac stamp, by Henry H Mundy  (Wood St. London) for 1/2 costs of building wall & installing drains, with a small slip with calculation of costs. For details see Kent page – Property –  Forest Rd & Kilmorie Rd, Lewisham 1896.

150/35 1895 – Deed of Covenant by John Burder Squire Somers (Belsize Park, London).  Details & price of this document on my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey, Witney – 1895

150/36  1895 – Surrender by John Burder Squire Somers (London) of lands held of the manor.  Details & price of this document on my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey, Witney – 1895

150/37 1895 – Abstract of Title of John Burder Squire Somers (Belsize Park, London) to copyhold land at Hailey.  Details & price of this document on my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey, Witney – 1895

105/32 1896 – Lease of shooting & sporting rights on the Cromer Hall Estate, Norfolk by Margaret Bond Cabbell, widow (Cadogan Sq,  London), Edward Eyre Greenwell (Lime St, London) & Evelyn Bond Cabbell (Cromer Hall) to John Henry Buxton (Hunsdon Bury, Ware, Herts). Conditions to be met by Buxton with the rights which cover 1400 acres in several parishes.  Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 3 sides, signed by both Cabbells & Greenwell, witnesses include William Shingles (Cromer).  £32

64/89 – 1898 – Further Mortgage by William Maples & Edmund Thomas Moore Teesdale (both of Fredericks Place, Old Jewry, London) for details see Gloucestershire page under Bristol.

177/37  Harringay Park & Highgate1898 – Mortgage of  land & dwelling houses in Bucknall by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro & Thomas Bickley (all of Hanley) to Edwin Brough (Wyndyak, Scarborough, Yorks.) & James Roland Brough (Finsbury Park, London).  Refers to 1883 acquisition of land by Holdcroft, Deed Poll in which he stated that the land was held on behalf of himself,  John Munro & Thomas Bickley, & mortgages  to the Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society and William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (Calverton, Notts. & Blackheath, Kent) in 1889.  8 page parchment booklet written on 6 sides, incorporating a detailed Location Plan on page 3, signed /sealed by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro  Thomas Bickley, Wm Lovell Hunter &  Wm. Rigby. This document includes a 1930 Assignment of this mortgage to James Rowland Brough (then of Eversly, Shepherds Hill, Highgate, Middx) & Harold Gordon Brough (Harringay Pk, Crouch End, Middx) following the death of Edwin Brough & the 1931 Redemption of the mortgage signed /sealed by James R Brough & H. G. Brough.  £40

54/39 – 1899 – Second Sub Mortgage of a Mortgage Debt  by Eleanor Eirene Jacques (w/o John Thomas Jacques of Leicester) to Samuel James (Angel Court, London). Refers to Mortgage Debt owed to Eleanor Eirene by Joseph Barratt Jacques on the security of a messuage, warehouse & hereditaments in Belvoir Street & Stamford Street, Leicester and the assignment of that Mortgage Debt to William Simpson (Leicester) as security for the first Sub Mortgage. Samuel James has now agreed to accept the Mortgage Debt subject to existing Sub Mortgage to Simpson as security for various sums of money owed to him by Eleanor Eirene. This Indenture includes a Schedule of the Deeds from 1885 relating to the Mortgage advanced to Joseph Barratt Jacques and a 2nd  Schedule of the Deeds relating to the monies advanced to Eleanor Eirene on the security of that Mortgage Debt.  Large parchment sheet folded in 2, written 2½ sides signed & sealed by E. E. Jacques, witnessed by U. R. Messenger  (clerk to Messrs Owston, Dickinson & Simpson, Solicitors, Leicester).  The reverse is noted that the Mortgage has been repaid, signed by Sam. James, witnessed by A. Birch (clerk to Greenip, Snell & Co, solicitors, 1&2 George St, Mansion House, E.C.). £36

215/133 1899 – Sale particulars of Leasehold Property – 146 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park (formerly No. 51) sold at Auction December 1899, by Thomas Jordan to George Wallace (Plowden Buildings, Temple). Property consisted of Basement & 5 floors. Includes details of accommodation & fittings on each floor & original 1851 Lease from Bishop of London & Trustees of Paddington Estate. 8 page printed thick paper booklet (2 pages blank, including back cover), a vertical ink line through 2 pages, some dusting & foxing.  £25

177/40   – 1901 – Further mortgage of  properties in Bucknall, Staffs.  including the Masons Arms, High Street;  land & 13 dwellings to Joseph Holdcroft (Bucknall) by William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (late Calverton, Notts. now Cannon Street, London ).  Refers to Deed of even date by which Holdcroft acquired the shares of Thomas Bickley & Rebecca Munro (executrix & widow of John Munro) in the lands & covenanted to pay the existing mortgages, lists the lands & properties as security for further mortgage. Large parchment sheet folded in 2, written 2 sides  signed /sealed by Joseph Holdcroft witnessed by Arthur Gilman (solr clerk, Leek).  £30

84/24  – 1903 – Redemption of Mortgage & Re-conveyance of property in Redruth, Cornwall  by William Augustus Ferguson Davie (formerly of South Kensington, now Crediton, Devon) to the Trustees of the Will of Sir William Robert Williams. Refers to original Mortgage of 1893 granted by Sir John Davie Ferguson Davie, subsequent assignment & death of  Sir William Williams.  Parchment – signed & sealed by W A Ferguson Davie, witnessed by E C  Ferguson Davie (solicitor, Strand, London).  £26

130/74 – 1904 – Lease of the Beauclerk Arms, Winchfield   by Frederick Edward Beauclerk (S. Kensington, London)  For full details see Hampshire page – Property – Winchfield

215/181  – 1904 – Sale of Copyhold properties in Kennington Road & Stannary Street, St. Mary Lambeth by the Exors [nephews Arthur John Watts (London County Bank, Aldersgate Street), Frederick Charles Watts (Bayswater, Middx) & Hugh Bertram Cox (South Kensington, Middx) of William Thomas Pittman (The Stock Exchange, London) to William Thomas Crosweller (Sidcup, Kent). Gives some details from Pittman’s Will, the properties, the 1887 Agreement under which they were Leased to William David Crosweller (father of William Thomas).  Large parchment sheet folded in 2, written 3 sides, signed and sealed Arthur J Watts, F. C. Watts, Hugh Bertram Cox & Wm Thos Crosweller.  £30

64/92  – 1904 – Assignment of Mortgage on  The Old Crown, Bristol by Alfred Briggs Chandler (Devises, Wilts.), Thomas George Chandler (Notting Hill, Middx), Robert John Chandler (Weston Super Mare) & William Mawer (Bath)  t/a “Chandler & Mawer” and Thomas George Chandler, Alfred Briggs Chandler and Robert Drew Wheeler (High Wycombe) as Executors of Thomas Chandler deceased to Sir Frederick Wigan & Frederick William Wigan (both of Southwark Street, London). Refers to 1880 Mortgage of property by  Shedrack Potter  to William Mawer, Thomas Chandler & John Chandler – and 1898 further advance by Chandler & Mawer. In 1898 Potter sold the premises to R W Miller & Co Ltd subject to the mortgages. Also refers to the appointment of Executors under the Wills of Thomas Chandler & John Chandler. Parchment sheet folded in 2 and written 3 sides, signed & sealed by T. G. Chandler, Robt John Chandler, A B Chandler,   R D Wheeler & William Mawer. £38

177/50 – 1905 – Further Mortgage by Roland Tams (Hanley, Staffs) to The British Homes Assurance Corporation Ltd, Finsbury, London. Refers to original mortgage [see my Staffordshire page – 177/49 – Hanley] to Albert Lowe et al, the payment of which the Corporation have undertaken to guarantee. Large parchment sheet folded in 2,  written 3 sides – printed, with manuscript insertions – signed Roland Tams.  £26

84/283  – 1906 – Deed of Exchange between Carshalton Central Estate Ltd (Brixton Rd, London) & Cuthbert Lindsay Ring (Sutton, Sy). Details of Culvers Farm, Carshalton, leased by Ring – full details & price of this document on my Surrey page – Property – Carshalton.

215/134 – 1906 – Sale of Leasehold property in Kensal Road, St Luke Chelsea, by Edwin Warwick (St. Luke, Chelsea) to Gustave Charles Aguet (Gt Cumberland Place, London), Aloys Bossard & Fred Harte Page (both Cham, Switzerland) and Auguste Roussy (Vevey,  Switzerland).    Details of original 1871 Lease to Joseph Hunter, mortgage by Hunter to Henry Reeves, 1883 assignment to Charles Henry Sargant & 1892 acquisition by Warwick, mortgage and further mortgage to Stephen Adolphus Jones (Ludgate Hill, London). Jones party to Sale, as mortgagee. 6 page parchment booklet  written 4 sides.   Signed & sealed by Edwin Warwick & Stephen A  Jones. £37

10/11 Farringdon Street (22, 23, 24 & 25), Wheatsheaf Yard & Bear Alley (part of) – 1906 – Auction Particulars for sale. Printed sheet, approx 11″x 17″ when folded in 2, with brief description of property & conditions of sale, incorporating a coloured folding plan approx 22″x 18″. Some small splits in fold of document.  £18

150/50  – 1906 – Admission of Trustees – Frank Hyde (Mincing Lane, London),  Samuel Shuffrey (Woodgreen, Witney) of Will of Edward Hyde dec’d to lands held of the manor. Details & price of this document on my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey

150/52  – 1907 – Deed of Enfranchisement of copyhold land held by Trustees – Frank Hyde (Mincing Lane, London),  Samuel Shuffrey (Woodgreen, Witney) of Will of Edward Hyde dec’d . Signed/sealed a) “Marlborough” by Charles Richard John, Duke of Marlborough, b) by Mackworth Bulkley Praed (Strand, Middx), c) by Hon. Ivor Churchill Guest (Arlington St. London), witnessed by Selwyn Davies (Roehampton)  Details & price of this document on my Oxfordshire page – Property – Northleigh

10/16 Portland Place (3 Devonshire Terrace) – 1909 Auction Particulars & Memorandum Sale Agreement. Property purchased by Bessie Clapperton, Welbeck Street from attorneys for Elizabeth Reid, Lady Hope of Buccleuch House, Richmond.    4 page printed booklet c. 16″x 10″ – some tears in folds and slight dusting to outside.  £14

177/56  – 1909 – Assignment of further mortgage. Refers to acquisition of  property in Bucknall by Joseph Holdcroft,   John Munro and Thomas Bickley, mortgages to the Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society and William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (Calverton, Notts. & London), acquisition of Munro & Bickley’s interest by Holdcroft, further mortgage by Hunter & Rigby & assignment of further mortgage to Parkers Burslem Brewery Ltd, Burslem. 8 page parchmen booklet written 7 sides  signed /sealed by Wm Lovell Hunter &  Wm. Rigby.  £34

130/117  – 1910 – Sale of parcel of land, Loughborough, Leics. by Hugh Major Messenger (Westminster) to Owen Jemson Taylor (Loughborough). The land formed part of the estate of Hugh’s father Thomas Goode Messenger  (Loughborough). Hugh’s late brother in law was Douglas Rickard (Derby). Location of land by reference to adjoining properties & landowners including a small location plan and a schedule of Title Deeds from 1885 – the date it was acquired by Thomas, including a number of mortgages & redemptions. Large parchment sheet folded in 2 and written 3 sides, signed / sealed by H. M. Messenger & Owen J. Taylor.  £38

103/30 1910 – Mortgage of properties in Cheshire by Henry Jackson to Thomas Tellwright. The  Redemption of the Mortgage by Henry’s son  from the Trustees of the Will of Thomas Tellwright in 1910 is on the reverse.  Redemption signed/sealed by the Trustees of  Thomas Tellwright –  Albert Wynne Waring (witnessed by Gerald Childs Jeeves – both of 3 Bucklersbury Poultry, London) – in 1910. For full details & price of this document please see my Cheshire page – Property –  Congleton – 1896

130/66 – 1911 – Sale of property & surrender of life interest in Chestnut Tree Farm by Charles Russell James (Hampstead Hill Gdns, London). Property belonged to Mary Lydia Chandler, it was transferred to a Marriage Settlement when she married C R James. Details & price of this document on my Gloucestershire page – Property – Haresfield

84/248 Release dated 1911 of Trustees of Will. Details of Will – Mother Jane, sister Lavina (w/o Francis Reed), nephews include Francis Stephen Reed (London). For details see my Somerset page – under Wills – Reed, Charles – Weston Zoyland – (died 1886)

215/184 – 1912 – Declaration by George Elkington son of George Elkington, snr, (Laurence Pountney Hill, Cannon St, London) relating to properties of Lieut. Col. Joseph Wood Richards Adams. Refers to land vested in Edward Richards Adams [his grandfather] by virtue of 1831 Penge Enclosure Act & acquisition of further land in 1836. Joseph’s father was Edward Richards Adams the younger; 1864 Lease of part of lands – to Charles Pawley, for building; and 1912 Contract between Joseph W R Adams & Ernest Frederick Pawley, Francis Adolphus Pawley  & Evelina Louise Devereux [see 215/115].  6 page paper booklet typed 3 sides, signed by George Elkington, countersigned by E.C. Rawlings, Commissioner for Oaths. Coloured Plan attached, showing properties built  in Anerley Rd (between Versailes Rd & Madeline Rd).  £32

215/185 – 1912Copy of Declaration [see 215/184, above] by George Elkington son of George Elkington, snr, (Laurence Pountney Hill, Cannon St, London) relating to properties of Lieut. Col. Joseph Wood Richards Adams.  Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 & written 3 sides, slight dusting to reverse. £17

84/284 – 1912 – Abstract of Title of William James Everett to property in Bonham Road. Goes back to original Lease granted in 1875  – several other owners include ‘Bulwark Land & House Co Ltd’ (Basinghall St, London) – William Snowden Gard & William Garrard Snowden Gard,– for full details of this document, and price, please see my Surrey page – Property –  Brixton

84/62 – 1912 /13 – Agreement by James Wilfred Ward (t/a Ward & Co), Camberwell Road – to sell to Samuel Waters (Forest Gate, Essex) his stock, fixtures & fittings in exchange for debt Ward owes Waters. Includes a schedule of the stk & fixtures. Part of the document relates to the sale of the stock & fixtures by Waters to Edward John Smith, Upper Holloway (t/a Messrs Hillman Boatman & Co). Paper – signed James Wilfred Ward,  S Waters & witnessed S J Waters (Aldersgate St.).  £26

84/152 – 1913 – ‘Mortgage’ by James Wilfred Ward (Camberwell ), to Edward John Smith, (Upper Holloway) of “Chattels & Things”. Includes details of the Chattels in the bedroom, Dining Room, & Kitchen – on the cover, ‘Mortgage’ is deleted & replaced with ‘Bill of Sale’.  Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 & typed on 2+ sides. Several small holes in central fold – not affecting text. Signed by Ward.  £23

84/153 – 1913 – ‘Mortgage’ by James Wilfred Ward (Camberwell ), to Edward John Smith, (Upper Holloway) of his life interest under his father’s Will. Some details of Will of Alfred Ward (other children Edith A (w/o William Bevan of Wallington, Sy), & Alfred E Ward) includes the properties in which he had a life interest. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 & typed on 3 sides. Several small holes in central fold – not affecting text. Signed by Ward.  Together with 2 solicitors letters – fraying to 1 edge of each – confirming no known previous mortgage of life interest, & a signed statement by J W Ward confirming the amount he owes Hillman Boatman & Co (Redcross St, London).  £26

177/18  (1914) – 1889 – Mortgage of  properties in Bucknall, Staffs. including the Masons Arms, High Street; closes of land & newly erected properties by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro & Thomas Bickley (all of Hanley) to William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (Calverton, Notts.).  Refers to 1883 acquisition of land by Holdcroft, Deed by him that part of premises were held as trustee for Munro & Bickley, & mortgage by the latter 2 of their share to the Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society.  Full details of property used as security for 2nd mortgage advanced by Hunter & Rigby including acreage, tenants, adjoining lands & occupiers. Land by road from Hanley to Longton. This document includes a 1914 Assignment of this mortgage by Rigby (pencil note on reverse shows his address as Cannon Street, London E.C.) following the death of Hunter in 1910.  8 page parchment booklet written on 6 sides, writing faint in places.  Mortgage signed /sealed by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro & Thomas Bickley & assignment signed /sealed by Wm. Rigby.  £36

177/61 – 1914 – Assignment to The City Life Assurance Company Ltd. (Finsbury), of  Mortgage advanced in 1905, by Albert Lowe, James Lowe, William Lowe the younger, & Samuel Lowe and  George Lowe since decd (all of Stoke On Trent) to  Roland Tams  on security of property 102,  Moston Street, Hanley.  Large parchment sheet folded in 2,  written 1½ sides – signed /sealed  A.  Lowe, James Lowe, Wm Lowe  & Samuel Lowe.  £27

162/28  (2nd Indenture – on reverse) dated 1915 re sale of the property by the exors of Mary Willshire to the Barnstaple Town Council, signed / sealed by the exors Mary Elizabeth Brewer (Cambridge St, London) [witnessed by William K Brewer, Finchley Rd London] & J H L Brewer (Barnstaple)- for full details & price, please see my Devon page – property –  Barnstaple – 1852

84/40  – 1915 – Sale of  interest in property in Carharrick, Gwennap Cornwall to Elizabeth Polmear by Hon. Henry Walter Forbes – Trefusis (Porthgwidden Devoran).   Hon. Hugh, Earl Fortescue and Sir Henry Yarde Buller Lopes (Devon) are party to the agreement as Trustees, and Arthur Francis Forster (Lincolns Inn Fields, Middx) & Miss Isabella Johnson (Ottershaw, Sy), as mortgagees. For details see Cornwall page – property – Carharrick, Gwennap

215/116 – 1915 – Sale of 4 properties in Anerley Rd, Penge, Kent  by The Public Trustee acting for Estate of late Charles Pawley to Samuel Thurley Thomas James (Grays Inn, London). Refers to Will of  Charles Pawley (died 1898) who appointed his children Ernest Frederick Pawley, Francis Adolphus Pawley  & Evelina Louise (who  married George Bone Devereux) as Trustees & their acquisition of the properties, a dispute in the High Court & the Public Trustee’s agreement to sell the properties to James.  Refers to covenants regarding construction of additional houses, & purposes for which they could be used. 6 page parchment booklet written 5 sides. Colour wash location plan on first page. Small tear in central fold & some damp staining. Signed  by  Samuel T T James & G J Stewart (Public Trustee) with seal of Public Trustee. [see also 215 /115 on my Kent page] £32

84/182   – 1916 – Sale of  property in Hungerford Road, Islington by Walter Richard Greves (Rickmansworth) & Daisy (w/o Humphrey Wheeler – Melton Mowbray, Leics) as exors of Seymour Walter Greves, to Thomas Henry Wilson (Cheapside) – for details see Middlesex page – Property – 1916 – 


 84/7 Westminster – 1917 – Letter from William Beattie (Pluming & Drainage Specialist), Westminster, to Col. A Gleadowe Newcomen, Sunninghill, Berks  concerning dispute over bill for work by Beattie. Typed letter on headed notepaper signed by William Beattie.  £7

10/17 Grays Inn Road – 1917 – Auction particulars for sale of 4 & 5 Regent Square. Sheet of paper folded in 2 to make a booklet c. 8″x 13″ containing a description of the properties & the conditions of sale.  £12

84/25  – 1919 – Sale of 1/3 interest in property in which she resides, to Elizabeth Polmear (Pelmear). The vendors include Edmund Salwey Ford (Pengreep & Hyde Park Sq.)   interest held  under various family settlements. Includes schedule of documents going back to Marriage Settlement of James Ford & Jane Frances Nagle (1825). Parchment – signed & sealed by E S Ford.  For details see Cornwall page – property – Carharrick, Gwennap

215/136 Whitechapel – 1919 & 1920 – Bundle of papers relating to Court Action taken by Crane – Bennett Ltd to have John Coleman (Newington Causeway, London) ejected from his business premises in Leman Street, Whitechapel. The Lease on the property was originally granted by Edward Robert Hawkins (Donnington Lodge, Newbury) who was succeeded in title by E. Bennett & Son Ltd, who became Crane – Bennett Ltd.  Coleman’s business was purchased from Leftwich & Co (Alfred Leftwich). An 1893 Lease between Rev. Herbert Samuel Hawkins & Alfred Leftwich is mentioned. A letter of 1919 refers to Air Raid damage. The documents include copies of writs, Plaintiffs & Defendants Notice of documents to be produced, correspondence explaining each sides case & affidavits of George Sargeant (Manager of Leftwich & Co), James Ernest Bennett (Managing Director of  Crane – Bennett Ltd) & David MacIntyre (Company Secretary of  Crane – Bennett Ltd). [see also above : 215/168 – relating to 1893 & 1914 – Extracts of “Painting” Covenants]  £43

215/187 1925 Distribution of Assets of Will Trust of John Cox (Weybridge – died 1873) to beneficiaries Everard Walter Goldsworthy (Limpsfield) & Miss Winifred Mary Goldsworthy (Bexhill on Sea, Sussex). Winifred agreed that all properties (in Kennington Rd, Stannary St, Aulton Place, Lambeth, London) should be transferred to Everard. John’s brother was Henry Cox and niece Mary Emma Cox (w/o Walter Tuckfield Goldsworthy. Gives dates of various Marriages, Wills & Deaths & list of properties. 6 page parchment booklet written 3½ sides, signed / sealed by Trustee : North More Nisbet (Hyde Park), E W Goldsworthy & Winifred M Goldsworthy.  £32

233/86  – 1926 – Sale of parcel of land at Shipton under Wychwood, Oxon (occupied by William Rainbow) by the Executors of Sarah Sophia Young Franklin (Blockley, Worcs.) to Albert Watkins Timms (Swinbrook). Large sheet folded in 2 and written on 1½ sides, with a detailed location plan on the 3rd side. Signed by the Executors (Norman Spencer Franklin of Tingewick, Bucks and William Cyril Franklin of Palmers Green, London) witnessed by Frank Wakefield Summers? (Tingewick) and Vera Potter (Palmers Green). A note on the reverse records the sale in 1927 of a strip of the land by Timms to Albert Edward Faulkner (Shipton under Wychwood).  £26

215/194  – 1927 – Tenancy agreement between Edgar Walker Downes (Church Lench) and Herbert Hambleton Buckmaster & Percy Willben Rogers [t/a Norbury Smith & Co, Hanover Square, London] in respect of land in Rous Lench, Worcs. States various terms, covenants & conditions. 8 page paper booklet typed 5 pages [separate location Plan bound in], with slight dusting to outer. Signed E.W. Downes, H.H. Buckmaster & Percy W. Rogers, witnessed by Gladys E Martin (clerk, Hanover Sq).  £32

233/88 – 1930 – Mortgage of The College Farm, Merton, Oxon. by Herbert Aubrey Deeley to The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Ltd, Bishopsgate, London. Refers to acquisition of the farm by Deeley in 1920 from Exeter College, Oxford. Large sheet of paper folded in 2 with text on all 4 sides – preprinted, with typed details. Tear to central fold. The reverse contains details of a number of subsequent part disposals of the land (including 1951 to John Ridgeway Harper and 1956 to Edward Britnell), and repayment of the mortgage in 1960. Signed by Herbert Aubrey Deeley and Clinton (Director) and C. B. Palmer (Secretary) with seals of The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation. £16

130/123 – 1945 – Assignment of Leasehold premises in Meyrick Rd, Battersea by the Westminster Bank Ltd as Personal Representative of Sydney Herbert Bennett (Leigh on Sea, Essex – died 1944) to Edwin Sidney Wilhelm Bennett (Ilford, Essex). Refers to Lease created in 1868 between John Cornelius Park and Francis Holman Green and mentions underlease to Planet Building Society. Parchment sheet folded in 2, written 2 sides, signed by E .S. W. Bennett, Common Seal of Westminster Bank Ltd with signatures of Director and secretary.  £30




123/6 Harvey, Michael – dated 1643 Acknowledgement of receipt of part of legacy by Richard Cross and Mary (his wife – payable under the Will of Michael Harvey her late husband). Executors Daniell Harvey & Eliah Harvey. Parchment sheet approx 9¼”x  12¼”signed by Richard & Mary, 2 seal tags with decorative wax seals, witnessed by Th. Pennant, William Halke & Henry Mellish. £115

123/7 A further copy of 123/6

185/1 Dycer, Robert  – 1652 – Deposition (Sworn evidence) made by Edmond Clenche (Ipswich), Almott Clenche (late of Great Bealings, now of Culpho) and his son, John Clenche – relating to the sale in 1651 by Edmond of the Manor of Braham alias Brantham in Suffolk and various Messuages, Mills, Marshes, Lands, Tenements, etc in the towns of Brantham, East Bergholt, Bentley & Stutton, Suffolk and Lawford, Essex, to Robert Dycer (London). Paper – written 1 side. There is a damp stain to one corner of the document when folded, which has resulted in a number of small marks / stains to the document when opened (two of which have developed into tiny holes with the loss of part of an odd letter of the text). Signed by Edmd. Clenche & Tho. Edgars, before whom the affidavit was sworn on 3 April 1652.  £95

185/3 Stretchley, Thomas – London – 1659 – Official Copy of Obligation Bond registered in the High Court of Chancery recording that Robert Greene (Ipswich) is bound to Thomas Stretchley / Strechley (London) in the sum of £800. Refers to the fact that the Bond will become void if Greene fulfils all the payments, agreements, etc in an Indenture between Greene & Stretchley of the same date, but no further given regarding the nature of the agreement. John Brewer & Richard Nelmes (both London) were party to the agreement. 4 sheets watermarked paper with large, clear handwriting and official stamp.  £60

226/18 1713 –  Obligation Bond given by George Butler (Litchborough, Northants) to Robt. Stockdale (London) in connection with a loan. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1 side – pre-printed with manuscript details, & embossed duty stamps. 1st paragraph in Latin (standard until 1733).  Signed & attractive red wax seal by Geo. Butler, witnessed by Wm. Scott & Tho. Willson.  £53

54/1 Mary Markham (London)  – (1720) Beneficiary of Will of Joseph Wilkin – for details see Leicestershire page.

97/4 Waring, William Ball – Thatcham / London – died 1746 Copy of Will & Codicil – wife Mary, brother in law Sir Archer Croft, his children Archer, Herbert, John & Frances. Refers to property & estates in Berks, Wilts, Hants, London, Middx & Westminster. For price & details see Berkshire page.

97/18 Wilde, Matthew – Barrow upon Soar – died 1726 Letters of Administration & copy of Will – son  Bartin,  died leaving part of Estate unadministered. In 1761 Administration was granted to Bartin’s daughter Dorothy (w/o John Thornton, Old St. Sq. London, Middx). For full details & price please see my Leicestershire page – Wills – Wilde

259/22  –  (1778) – Certified copy of Probated Will, which Joseph Webster of Penn Mills, Sutton Coldfield wrote in 1778. Sisters Mary Webster, Sarah Webster, sons Thomas Webster, Richard Webster, Joseph Webster, daughter Sarah – married to her cousin John Webster (London). Also includes a legacy to Mrs Susannah Abney but does not state relationship. Refers to a Messuage, Mill and Lands at Perry Barr, Staffordshire, occupied by himself and Joseph Hill. Large sheet of watermarked paper, folded in 2 and written 3 sides. Some tears in folds and to edges. Signed & certified as a true copy of the Probate by Richd. Webster.  £30

226/14  1791- Obligation Bond by John Croft (St Pancras) to Walter Matthews the elder (Newgate St, London) re Loan. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1 side. Part pre-printed with manuscript details, ink & embossed duty stamps. Signed / sealed by John Croft, witnessed by W Witton? & G Arrowsmith.  £45

67/7 Shipman, Edward – Bread Street, All Hallows, London – 1797  Stated Case and Counsel’s Opinion relating to the entitlement of a married beneficiary under the terms of her late uncle’s Will. It refers to Edward Shipman’s Will – whose assets included a half share interest in land & messuages in St. Leonards, Shoreditch, Middx – the beneficiaries of which were his sister Sarah Shipman & his 3 nieces Catherine Shipman, Mary Shipman & Sarah Shipman [the daughters of his late brother The Rev. John Shipman (late Rector of Westleton, Suffolk)]. His niece Sarah Shipman married John Dawson (Beccles, Suffolk) and her interest under her uncle’s Will was settled upon trust for the benefit of her, her husband & any children of the marriage. Dawson had subsequently become insolvent & assigned the whole of his estate to the benefit of his Creditors.  The questions directed to and answered by Counsel – Saml. Romilly (Lincoln’s Inn) and Rd. Hollist (Middle Temple) concerned whether the Creditors were entitled to Mrs Dawson’s Settled Property in Discharge of her husband’s debts. 6 large sheets of paper watermarked 1795, written 5½ sides, slight dusting and a number of tiny holes in the folds of the cover sheet. Mr Hollist’s opinion is contained on a separate small sheet of paper pinned to the final sheet of the main document. Signatures of Saml. Romilly and Rd. Hollist  £52

166/1 Ring, John  – 1801 Sale of 2 closes of land in Brewham, Somerset, by John Ring (New Street, Hanover Square, London) and Robert Combe (Wincanton) – a Devisee in Trust named in the Will of Richard Ring (dec’d of Wincanton) to Harry Balch (Brewham). The land was tenanted by Thomas Noel.  Richard Messiter (Shaftsbury, Dorset), eldest son & heir of Moulton Messiter  (dec’d of Wincanton) is party to the agreement as Trustee for John Ring & Richard Ring dec’d.  Large parchment sheet with decorative 1st 2 words, a number of “natural” holes, also a small hole in one fold with a slight loss of text. Signed / sealed by Rich. Messiter, John Ring & Robt. Combe, witnessed on reverse by John Messiter, Rich. Ring & Wm. Dynelott(?). £58

64/2  Original Will of  Ann Beckett – St. Pauls, Gloucester – 1816 – 4 sheets of paper plus cover, small tears in folds – signed and sealed by Ann Beckett. 3 witnesses. Gives names of husband – Charles, mother – Alice Greenwood. Refers to mother’s Will and property owned by mother. Does not name any children, but mentions uncle – Job Jenkins and cousin – William Jenkins both shoemakers (London) and cousin – Elizabeth, wife of George Warr, shoemaker (Bristol). £49

259/25  – 1817 – Warrant issued to Sherriff of Gloucester for the Detention of, and Notice to appear before the Kings Bench, to be served on Thomas Barton (late of London, Yeoman) to answer a charge of non payment of a debt owing to Thomas Collins. The original debt was incurred in 1810 at Cheap, St. Mary Le Bow (possibly Barton’s place of residence?). At the time of the issue of the warrant it was found that Barton was no longer in London, but “Lurks and wanders up and down in your County” – Gloucester. Large parchment sheet signed “Kenyon” and noted “22nd May 1817 Served Copy upon the above Defendant”.   £30 

171/215 Wilson, William – Nether Worton, Oxon  (previously Milk St, London) – 1821 Office Copy of Will & codicils – brothers John Wilson, Thomas (Hampstead), late Stephen Wilson (h/o Jane, their children Jane, Ann, Mary, Susanna & Fletcher Wilson), sons Rev William &  Joseph Wilson, daughters Ann (w/o Rev Daniel Wilson  (Islington) – their children Daniel & John), Selina  (w/o Rev John Davies), Charlotte  (w/o Rev Charles Wetherell  (Byfield, Northants),  Sophia ( (w/o Rev Richard Greaves  (Lutterworth, Leics. & Lower Tooting, Sy.), Eliza Wilson. 2 exors named John Wilson the elder & Thomas Wilson (both Islington). Cousins Margaret Gould (Nether Worton?), Mary Gould (Ashbourne, Dby.), nephew Ambrose Moore, niece Mary Ann Hickson.  Assets include Manors & lands in several places in Oxon, advowsons of several churches; warehouses, dwelling & counting house in Bow Lane, London.  40 sheets watermarked paper sewn together, written 72 of 80 sides. Small damp stain to last few pages.  £45

67/30 Calver, John – Bethnal Green – died 1833 Copy of Will – sons John Calver [his wife Sarah Ann Calver], and Samuel Sayer Calver of Bethnal Green [his wife Mary Calver]. Refers to properties in Beccles, Suffolk. Elder son left just one pound sterling. Sheet of watermarked paper, written 1 side. £15

211/57 Mary (w/o Henry Hewetson of London) and  John Yates (Clerkenwell, Middx, his wife Ann nee Higgins) were beneficiaries of  their uncle’s Will also  Sophia Wynne (London) For full details / price, please see my Shropshire page – Wills –  Yates, Richard – Albrighton – 1841

233/127  – dated 1847 – Receipt given by Robt. E Pownall (Doctors Commons) for payment  received from J. S. Joy on behalf of the Executors of the Will of William Joy. Slip of paper with embossed Duty Stamp, signed by Robt. E Pownall(?)  £3

211/24 Eliza (w/o Chas Saunders of London) included in her father’s Will. For full details / price, please see my Kent page – Wills –  Castle, William – Sittingbourne – dated 1848

160/5 Newson, William – Coleman Street – died 1852 Letters of Administration dated 1862 – mother Mary, brother Henry Newson. Small sheet parchment with wafer seal attached. £7

233/132 Joy, S. – dated 1857 – 4 receipts given by S. Joy (Bayswater) in respect of payments received from T.Mallam.  Each small slip of paper with embossed Duty Stamp, each signed by S. Joy.  £10

171/19  Original Will -dated 1859. Signed  by  witnesses incl  brother Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton (Brick Lane, London) –  for details & price of this, please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Buxton, Samuel Gurney – Cromer & Trinity College Cambridge)

98/136 Goodchild, John E – London  – 1860 – included in father’s Will, for details see Suffolk page – Goodchild, John – Ipswich

171/20  – 1869  Israel Mark Wade (Upper Holloway) & William Wade (Wharton St, London) – beneficiaries of their father’s Will. For full details & price of this document please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Wade, William – Thorpe, Norwich

130/122 Wheeler, James – North Warnborough, nr Odiham – died 1870 –   Probated copy of short Will – wife Patience Wheeler. The original Will had been written in 1862, at which time James Wheeler was the proprietor of The Globe Coffee House, Barking Church Yard, Tower Hill, London. Large sheet parchment certificate of Probate & wafer seal attached in 1871.  £30

118/40  1870 – Mary A wife of Thomas Manning (London), in Will  – for details see Norfolk page –  Bilham, James – Cromer.

171/25  Hanson, A  – 1871 – signed a letter from the Inland Revenue, Somerset House, requesting the submission of the Estate accounts – for details see Norfolk page – Wills –  Pigg, Edmund Banks – Norwich

150/21 – 1876 – Admission of John Early (Wood Green, Witney), John Vanner,  James Englebert Vanner (both of Coleman St, London)  to copyhold lands at New Yatt held of the manor of Witney. For full details and price of this document please see my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey, Witney

150/22  – 1879 – Power of Attorney given by John Vanner,  James Englebert Vanner (both of Coleman St, London)  Trustees of Will of John Early  to surrender lands.  For full details and price of this document please see my Oxfordshire page – Property – Hailey, Witney

233/124 1880 / 1881 – Short letter from H. Edmunds of London & North Western Railway, Euston, to Jonas Paxton, to wish him a Happy New Year. Small sheet paper folded in 2 and signed H. Edmunds. £4

48/189 Mathews, John Hubbersty – Deal – Died 1886 Certified copy of Death Certificate issued 1890 – names widow, Marianne (Cavendish Sq. London).  £6

54/8 Alexander, Rev. William Burton –  Bloomsbury Square, London (and  Crathie, Aberdeenshire) – 1892 Probated copy of Will – wife Mary Tucker (or Alexander). Parchment – with certificate of Probate & wafer seal attached, and some company stamps.  Heavy damp staining & creasing throughout, & outside dusty.   £8

160/34 Pain, Euphemia, widow of John Pain – Upper Holloway, London – 1892 – mentioned in relatives Will.  For full details & price, please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Pain, John Harold – Knapton

215/236 Rooke, Annie Allison  – dated  1892 – High Court Summons issued on behalf of the Trustees of Charles Rooke deceased to recover monies held by Borough of Scarborough in connection with a property in Scarborough. Parties to the action include Lucy Charlotte Haigh (w/o William Rowell Haigh of Leeds), Emily Selina Rooke, Lallah Rooke (both Scarborough), Bertha Mary Twigg (w/o John Henry Twigg of Chesterfield),  Charles Rooke Haigh (Headingly, infant), John Henry Twigg (Chesterfield, infant) & Annie Allison Rooke (Strand, London).  2 copies of Summons, each on a sheet of paper folded in 2 & written on 2 sides. 2nd copy incomplete. Dusting to cover of one. £11  [see also Yorkshire page 215/237 – Scarborough]

211/166  – dated 1894 –  Jane Ann Ellis (London), included in mother’s Will. For full details please see my Yorkshire page – Wills –  Ward,  Emma (widow) – Stutton, Tadcaster

98/113 Burton, Isaac –  Belgrave, London / Runton, Norfolk – 1895 Letters of Administration granted to father William. Small printed parchment document with manuscript insertions – wafer seal attached. Company stamps on reverse.   £4

211/33 Helyar, Frederick William – Datchet (formerly Austin Friars, London) – 1896 Probated copy of Will – brother Charles Welman Hawker Helyar [his daughter Cicely Isabella Helyar], late mother’s ladies maid Harriet Snelling (Bath), George Clifford Bower (Austin Friars) was an exor & the witnesses were clerks to ‘Messrs Bower & Helyar’. Parchment with over 60 company stamps on reverse, pencil notes throughout, grant of Probate & wafer seal attd. £24

84/280 Harding, Jane – 1898 Degree Certificate awarded by University of London. Pre-printed paper with manuscript insertions, facsimile of signature of F Victor Dickins (Registrar) – small areas of light (damp?) stain.  £5

171/228 Kent, Arthur – Buckingham Palace Rd, 1898  – grandson?  of Walker. For full details & price, please see my Yorkshire page – Wills – Walker, Charles – York – 1879

215/132 – 1898 – Estate Duty Return of Estate of Alicia Caygell (Camberwell, London). Refers to Will of her late husband William Caygell (Stockton on Tees) which named her as Celicia Caygell.  Children Mrs Mary Ann Barlow, Mrs Elizabeth Forster (Norton, Co. Durham), Thomas William Caygell, Mrs Margaret Jane Clayton, Mrs Ellen Watson & late Mrs Ann Spence [her children Charles William Spence, Elizabeth Pinder, Mary Louisa Hay & Alice Spence]. Details of properties in Howard St, Archer Place & Florence St, Stockton – which had been sold. Pre-printed form with manuscript insertions. Declaration made & signed by  Elizabeth Forster.  £25

171/95 Sister’s godson William Girling (Tavistock Square, London), included in Will –  for details see Norfolk page – Wills – Rumble, Mary – widow – Heigham, Norwich – 1899

98/69 Livingstone, Mrs Jane Mary (widow) – Sydenham Park – 1899 Copy of Will – sons Frederick Henry,  Arthur William,  daughters Fanny C,  Mrs Jane Mary (w/o Thomas Livingstone),  Isabel C (w/o William T Folks),  Annie F (w/o Dr Ballachey),  granddaughter Dorothy Husluck. Parchment – certificate of Probate & wafer seal attached – a number of company stamps on reverse. A separate note contains details of disposal by Henry Livingstone of his interest in the Trust Fund (to Stanley & Kenneth G Livingstone).  £18

171/102 Cowlan, Fanny Louisa (Miss) – Maitland Park, London – dated 1900 Short Original Will – sister Jessie Mary Cowlan. Sheet watermarked paper – written 1 side only, signed by Fanny Louisa Cowlan, witness signatures W G Snowdon Gard (solr Gresham Bdgs, London), & Herbert G Gard (solr clerk). Will not proved – envelope marked “Cancelled”. £22

171/248 Corke, Selina Helen – Overstrand – dated 1903 – Original Will – husband Benjamin Corke, children not named, brother Gordon Lumsdaine Simpson (London). 2 sheets watermarked paper each signed by Selina H Cork, witnessed by Harvard Noel Bridgwater & A C Elliott. [see also 98/110 Simpson, Forster George – Overstrand, Norfolk – 1892 Letters of Administration granted to widow, Selina H. ] . £32

118/16  1905 Probate with copy of Will of Anne Meeten, Cheltenham –  names cousin Anne (w/o Ernest A J Delcomyn, London ), for details see Gloucestershire page – Wills – Meeten

84/150 Briant / Fell / Munford – 1906 Agreement between Catherine Ann Briant, widow (Herne Hill, London) & Lawrence Briant (Holborn Viaduct) (Trustees of Will of William Alford Briant dec’d) and Robert Fell & John Munford (both Newcomen St – t/a Fell & Briant) for repayment of partnership capital. Details of original partnership (1900) between W A Briant & Fell, & supplemental agreement re admission of Munford.  Also includes details of Briant’s death, Will, wife, daughter Emily, siblings Edith,  Herbert & Frank Briant, Partnership assets, agreement for repayment. 10 pages parchment – written 7+ sides – signed by Catherine & Lawrence Briant.  £46

215/135 Darer, Henry George and Marie Josephine – St. John’s Wood – 1910 Deed of Separation. States conditions to be observed by both parties, Maintenance to be paid by Henry, wih a schedule of the Household Furniture to go to Marie.  Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2 & written 3 sides, signed Marie Josephine Darer, witnessed Edw. F Hicks (solr, Pall Mall), front noted in pencil “Duplicate”.  £30

160/70  1911- friend Emily Alice Wren (Baker St, London) beneficiary in Will. For full details & price please see my Norfolk page – Wills – Wale, Thomas David – Briston

54/98 – 1913. Marriage Settlement between Joseph Tucker Burton – Alexander (Pavenham, Beds.) and Marie Elisabeth Dabeau (Rieumajou, Haute Garonne, France). The Rev. Orlando St. Maur Weld Forester (St. James St, London) & Sidney Victor Green (Fenchurch Ave. London) are party to agreement as Trustees. Refers to properties subject to various mortgages which Burton – Alexander transferred to the Settlement to make provision for his intended wife. Includes details of a number of Mortgages covering the period 1904 – 1912, some of which have been repaid. Large parchment sheet with decorative 1st 2 words. Slight dusting and some creasing and fading of text, probably due to damp. Signed & sealed by J. T. Burton Alexander, Marie Elisabeth Dabeau, Orlando St. Maur Weld Forester & S. V. Green.   £50

84/39 Brixton – 1913  – Release of Trustee under Will. Gives details of Will, names wife Sarah, children including  Gertrude (w/o Dr John D Shapland of Brixton).   For details see Devon page – Wills – Bond, Charles W – Axminster  – 1913  – died 1872

171/210 Trangmar, Ethel (nee Burton) – Brixton Hill and East Dulwich Grove, London –   dated  1919 – 1923 Original Will on 4 sheets paper signed by Ethel  & Codicil together with draft Wills & a bundle of over 30 letters & postcards (bearing postage stamps) relating to her Will, addressed to solicitor F A Sargent (Friar St, Reading), some only short notes. Married husband Walter George Trangmar in 1919, son Michael born 1922. Ethel’s father Benjamin Burton, brothers Frank [his wife Kate], Benjamin & Albert Burton, sisters Evelyn Burton & Elizabeth Jane Egginton.  Nephews Keith Eversleigh Burton, Jack Burton & Leslie J Egginton, nieces Daphne B, Enid G & Madge Burton, Iris E Egginton. Brother / sisters in law Denys Egginton (Reading), Dora A,  Winifred E, Hilda K & Isabel M  Trangmar. Names various properties in which Ethel has an interest.  £55