195/17 Barnet – 1862 – Sale of Plot of Land, Lumps Farm, Portsea, Hampshire by Richard Marvin (Portsea) to Charles Woollven (Portsmouth). William Humby (Southsea, Portsea) party to agreement as Trustee for Marvin. Details of recent acquisition of the land (of which this plot was part) by Marvin from members of the Ducker (Ducher?) family giving the location and dimensions of the plot now sold. Includes schedule of Title Deeds retained by Marvin, which go back to 1825 and refer to the ownership of the land by the Ducher / Ducker family – Daniel Ducker (Portsmouth, then Barnet, Herts), his wife Sarah Ducker and their children David Ducker (b. 1828, married Ann Parry in 1842), Daniel Ducker (died 1841 in China) & Jemima Ducker b. 1826.  2 large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words and a small location plan on the reverse of one sheet, signed & sealed by  Richard Marvin, Charles Woollven & William Humby. £58

233/33 Cheshunt – 1822 – Release  (being second part of Lease / Release for sale of  property) of a Messuage, Shop & Land on the West side of Church Green, Witney, together with a Pew in the parish church of Witney,  by John Burrel (Letherhead, Surrey) to Joseph Brigstock Sheppard (Witney). Rev. James Higgs (late of Witney, now of Cheshunt, Herts) party to agreement as Mortgagee, Joseph Francis & Hugh Eldrid (both of Witney) were party to agreement as Trustees for Sheppard. Refers to acquisition of property by Burrel in 1805 and mortgage in 1815, previous occupiers John Clanfield, then James Holton, then  John Whitehorn, then  John Burrel. 3 large sheets of parchment  signed / sealed by Jno. Burrel, Jas. Higgs, Joseph Brigstock Sheppard,  Joseph Francis & Hugh Eldrid   Witness  signatures on reverse include  –  Jno. Sheppard, Dan. Westell, James Westell, James Rose, William Palmer (Herts.)  [see my Oxfordshire page – Property – Witney – 233/29 for mortgage of the property in 1815]   £59

105/32 Hunsdon Bury – 1896 – Lease of shooting & sporting rights on the Cromer Hall Estate, Norfolk by Margaret Bond Cabbell, widow (Cadogan Sq,  London), Edward Eyre Greenwell (Lime St, London) & Evelyn Bond Cabbell (Cromer Hall) to John Henry Buxton (Hunsdon Bury, Ware). Conditions to be met by Buxton with the rights which cover 1400 acres in several parishes.  Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 3 sides, signed by both Cabbells & Greenwell, witnesses include William Shingles (Cromer).  £32

84/182  Rickmansworth – 1916 – Sale of  property in Hungerford Road, Islington by Walter Richard Greves (Rickmansworth) & Daisy (w/o Humphrey Wheeler – Melton Mowbray, Leics) as exors of Seymour Walter Greves  – for details see Middlesex page – Property – 1916 – Islington.

84/130 St Albans – 1894 – Sale by Christopher Miskin of plot of land to John Wells (Oxford St, London). Details of earlier mortgage to Wells and use of property as security for Bank loan owing to E C Smith Marten & Co, St Albans (Eric Carrington Smith, Thomas Powney Marten (dec’d) & George Nisbet Marten) who are party to the agreement. Single sheet folded in 2 – written on 3 sides – signed & sealed C Misken, E C Smith & John Wells.  £27

84/167 Stortford Park – 1870 – Mortgage of Property by Henry James William Wheeler (Stortford Pk) to Adeline Elizabeth Wheeler (Portman Square, Middx). For details see Middlesex page – Property – Hendon.

224/8 Tring1844 – Sale of  property in Chepping Wycombe  to William Price (Tring).  Includes details of adjoining roads & property owners, property sold to Price,  for full details please see my Buckinghamshire page – Property – Chepping / High Wycombe

233/68 Ware – 1896 – Abstract of Title of Mrs. Elizabeth Lardner (Ware, Herts.) to a copyhold cottage at Delly Pool Hill, Hailey, Oxfordshire. Refers to acquisition by Daniel Adams (Northleigh) from Isaac Harris in 1876 – includes details of location of property which was occupied by William Bolton in 1858 when Harris was admitted and refers to Will of Daniel Adams – died 1882, his wife Keziah Adams, late son Robert Adams, granddaughter Elizabeth Adams (Uxbridge, Middx.). George Adams (Hailey) was executor. 4 large sheets watermarked paper written 2 sides.  £15

233/70 Ware – 1896 – Covenant by Mrs. Elizabeth Lardner (w/o John Lardner – d.o.m. 1882 formerly of Ware, Herts. now of The Globe, York Town, Camberley, Surrey) in favour of John Pratley (Hailey) to whom she had sold a copyhold cottage at Delly Hill, Hailey, Oxon. that she will Surrender the cottage to the Lord of the Manor of Witney to the use of Pratley. Details of location of property which was occupied by Thomas Bolton and adjoining property owners.  Parchment sheet folded in 2 written 1½ sides, signed/sealed  by Elizabeth Lardner witnessed by Augustus C. Lock (York Town, Camberley).  £30

73/1 Welwyn – 30/4/1724 – Surrender by Benjamin Turner of all his copyhold lands to Lord of Manor of Welwyn by ‘Hands and Acceptance’ of William Wilshire and John Wells, two other tenants of the Manor, to the use of such persons as he shall appoint by his last Will and Testament. Single sheet of paper – approx. 15 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ written on half of one side. ‘Mark’ of Benjamin Turner and Signatures of Wm Wilshere and John Wells.   £36




98/26 Bezants, Elizabeth – Bushy, Watford  – 1884 Copy of Will on parchment, with Letters of Administration and Wafer Seal attached, GPO rubber stamp impression on reverse. Names sisters  Sophia (w/o Robert Fisher),  Susan Rayner,  Ann Wright,  Sarah Rix,  Louisa Stromberg,  brothers William & James Parker, niece Mary (w/o John Holmes). Living at High Wycombe at decease, previously Bushy, where she owned properties.  £16

250/6 Draper, Israel – late of Hitchin, and Henry Scarrott  – 1893 – charged with theft of three ferrets from Charles Calvert (Whichwood [Wychwood]). Pre-printed paper document with manuscript entries.  Laying of Information before the J.P. at Magistrates Court, Chipping Norton, Oxon. by Stephen Hall Sutton  Police Superintendent – signed by Stephen H. Sutton  and J. H. Bishop  J P .  £13

54/23 Howland – Berkhampstead  – 1883 – Mortgage of Dwelling House, Yard & Garden, together with a Dwelling House, Yard, Garden & Orchard and 3 Closes of Land and 5 further Closes of Land all at Oadby, Leics. by William Prentice (Oadby) to Thomas Arthur Howland (Great Portland Street, Middx), Charles Claridge Howland (Caledonian Road, Middx) & Robert Howland (Brighton, Sussex). The Closes of Land are named, acreages are given and some adjoining Landowners are named. Former, and current occupiers of the houses and Land include – Ann Andrews, Henry Bickley, James Biddles, Thomas Bunney, Robert Coleman, Jonathan Goddard, John Goodwin, Thomas Hidson, William Hidson, Charles Jackson, Peter Plummer, Thomas Richmond, Richard Sturch, Elizabeth Waldron, Frederick Gardener / Garner / Gardner Ward – 3 different spellings – , Thomas Stannage Ward. In 1884 the Mortgage was assigned by Thomas Arthur Howland,  Charles Claridge Howland  & Robert Howland – as Executors of Thomas Claridge Howland, deceased 1882, to Mary Jeffrey Howland (Berkhampstead, Herts.) one of the daughters of Thomas Claridge Howland and his wife Mary Elizabeth Howland, as the Legacy to which she was entitled under his Will.  6 page parchment booklet written 4¾ sides – the original Mortgage signed & sealed by William Prentice and the Assignment signed & sealed by T. A. Howland,  Chas. C. Howland  & Robert Howland, witnessed by Henry Merry (Caledonian Road) – both witnessed by J. Mathan Clark (Solicitor, Portland Place).  £48

98/25 Southernwood, Thomas – Wilstone, Tring – made Will, 1850 Copy of Will on parchment, with Letters of Administration and Wafer Seal attached. Names wife Mary, and 4 sons. £23

211/7 Vavasour, Oswald Hugh Stanislaus – Letchworth – dated 1915 Original Will – wife Sarah Ann, sons  Oswald Joseph Stanislaus, John Wilfred Leonard, Hubert Phillip Anthony, Joseph Edward Dunstan, daughters Constantia Mary Josephine, Edith Mary Gertrude, Cecilia Mary Monica, Elizabeth Mary Veronica.  Mentions Marriage Settlement, secretaire which had belonged to his parents, property at Marston, Staffs & Canada.  7 sheets watermarked paper written 6 sides (each  signed by  Oswald Hugh Stanislaus Vavasour) & witnessed by Frederick Caesar Parr Clucas Clarke & Ethel M Swaine (both Letchworth). £38

211/8 Vavasour, Oswald Hugh Stanislaus – Letchworth – dated 1919 Original codicil to Will – names  sons   John W L, Hubert P A, Joseph E D, daughters Constantia M J, Edith M G, Cecilia M M, Elizabeth MV.  Mentions 1877 Marriage Settlement & 1886 Settlement between Anne Vavasour & Oswald Vavasour. 3 sheets watermarked paper written 2 sides signed by  Oswald Hugh Stanislaus Vavasour & witnessed by Beatrice Craske & Harold Craske (both Letchworth).  Together with a covering letter written & signed by Vavasour & a typed note showing how the 1886 settlement funds were invested.  £27