170/29 Alsager – 1887 – Mortgage of land, houses & shops in High Street, Tunstall by Jonathan Washington Booth (Alsager) to Refers to Deed by which Booth acquired property the previous day.   On reverse of document is a 1912 Indenture which refers to assignment of mortgage  & redemption by Booth’s nephew / exor Thomas Hulme (Hanley).  For full details / price, please see my Staffordshire page – Property – Tunstall

130/31 Alsager – 1913 – Sale of properties in Mona Terrace by Robert Edwin Heap (Hanley, Staffs) to William Smart & Joel Settle (both Alsager ), William Mellard & George William Mason (both Newcastle u Lyme, Staffs)& Herbert Frederick Ridgway (Birkdale, Lancs) as mortgagees.  Details of various Title Deeds & mortgages of properties by Heap & disposal of one property by Smart to George Harold Fallows (Alsager) in 1928. 8 page parchment booklet signed / sealed by Mellard, Settle, Mason, Ridgway & Heap. Witness signatures of Joseph Done (Alsager), Miss M Vera Ridgway  (Birkdale) & Geo F & Geo A Paddock (Solrs Hanley).  £37

170/12 Barthomley – 1869 – Further mortgage of plot of land & 2 dwellings by William Pratt (Alsager) to Ralph Stevenson (Hanley, Staff). Location by ref to adjoining landowners / roads & occupiers details. Ref to 1868 mortgage between the same parties. Parchment, 1st 2 words embellished – signed /sealed by Pratt, witnessed on reverse by R.H. Goodacre (Vicar of Ipstones). A  Deed is written on reverse being a further mortgage advanced 1874 to William Pratt’s executors (died 1872) [Charlotte Pratt & George Shenton (both Alsager)] by John Perkins (Trent Vale, Staffs) – the earlier mortgage had been assigned to him in 1873. Signed /sealed by the exors.  £59

215/6 Bollington – 1838 – Declaration by Samuel Jepson (Bollington) that Copyhold Dwelling Houses & Land held of the Manor of Macclesfield to be surrendered to the Manorial Court by :- James & Thomas Goddard (exors of Joseph Goddard), Samuel & Thomas Jepson, William Goulden & the Snapes to the use of various parties, are to be held to such uses as he shall appoint as he has purchased the properties from Moses Snape & Aaron Snape. Small sheet paper watermarked 1836, written on 1 side, short split at bottom of centre fold. Signed by Samuel Jepson.  £14

215/122 Bollington – 1838 – Power of Attorney given by John Harrop (Stockport), executor of Philip Antrobus (Bollington) to James Plant & Edward Apsley Stockwin (both Macclesfield) to Surrender  Copyhold lands, houses, smithy, etc, held of Manor of  Macclesfield  to use of Peter Brooke (Manchester) & John Brooke (Shepley, Lancs). Details of 3 cottages (occupied by Samuel Greg, John Birchall & ……… Wood) & 3 fields in Bollington in which Antrobus held half interest, names fields. Large sheet watermarked paper with ink & impressed Duty stamps, folded in 2 & written 3 sides, signed by John Harrop. An Affidavit signed by John Melville (clk to Messsrs Barrett, Ridgway & Ford, Manchester) & J Saunders (Manchester) confirming that the Power of Attorney was signed by Harrop, is attached to the front.  £38

215/167 Bollington – 1874Draft Power of Attorney to surrender of Copyhold lands including Mount Farm (or Brown Ridding), Sutton Hall, Henshalls Farm & Cross Farm owned by Samuel Greg to Manorial Court of Forest of Macclesfield in connection with assignment of mortgage by Trustees of Henry Enfield to Albert Heymann & William Henry Heymann (both of West Bridgford, Notts) & Richard Enfield (Nottingham). Extensive details of properties, names of occupiers & Closes. Mentions  earlier Deeds (presumably the original Mortgage & subsequent assignments). 10 sheets paper written 9 sides – dusting to cover & slight dusting & fraying to edge of some sheets.  £28

215/20 Bollington – 1898Draft Power of Attorney to Surrender  property to Macclesfield Manorial Court to use of The Fine Cotton Spinners & Doublers Association Ltd. – the properties having been acquired from George Cawley Swindells the Liquidator of George Swindells & Son Ltd.  The properties including The Clarence Mills comprised Cotton Mills, warehouses, Engine houses, etc. Details of acreages, passing reference to Deeds by which they were acquired by Geoffrey Hillier Swindells & Martin Swindells, names some adjoining roads / property owners.  10 pages watermarked paper, written 9 sides.  £21

105/13 Cheadle Buckeley 1814 – Agreement between Henry Mayer & William Sykes for exchange of land, details include field names, to whom fences belong, rights to water & access.  Watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 2½ sides. Tear about ½ length of document, several other splits in folds. Signed by Henry Mayer & Edmd Sykes for William Sykes, witnessed by William Langtey & Richd Sykes. [see below, Wills of Mayer & Sykes]  £40

105/14 Cheadle Buckeley 1815 – Contemporary copy of Agreement between Henry Mayer & William Sykes for for provision of well or watering place. Refers to agreement for exchange of lands. Sykes is to construct a well which Mayer can fill from a spring and use.  Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 2½ sides.  £33

233/113Chester  – 1623 – Lease of a half share in a Fulling or Walk “Mylne” together with equipment and “Tenters” and one bay of a dwelling house in Blakeley, Lancs. by Ambrose Jackson the younger (Blakeley) & William Tayler (Chester) to  Lawrence Bradshawe (Hoxe(?), Lancs.). Sheet of parchment with NO seal or seal tag and only part of a name “Law” remaining,  instead of the signature, witnesses on reverse include John Dawson, Gerard Simkin & John Lightbackno (?). [see also Lancashire page – Manchester – 233/114]  £100

233/112 Chester – 1624 – Sale of copyhold dwelling house, barns, stables, etc. together with a half share in a “Fullinge Milne” in Blakeley, Lancs. (Blackley, Manchester) by Ambrose Jackson (Blakeley) to William Tayler (Chester) subject to copyhold rent payable to William Wardleworth (Blakeley). At the date of the conveyance, the Fulling Mill and 1 Bay of the house were leased to Lawrence Bradshawe. 1½ sheets parchment signed by Ambrose Jackson with pendant wax seal depicting coat of arms. 5 witnesses include Valentine Haulghe, Dan. Vaughan & Ric. Coventree.  £150

195/8 Chester – 1847- Sale of Equity in Redemption of Property – North Cross Street, Gosport, Hants. by William Sprent (late Chester, now Gosport) to Robert Hyde (Gosport). Benjamin Hobbs (Alverstoke, Hants) & John Hunt (late Gosport, now Poole, Dorset) party to agreement as Mortgagors of property. Refers to death – Will proved 1838 – of Sprent’s mother Mary Sprent (Chester) and the mortgage to Hobbs & Hunt. Details of property include measurements of plot, former & current occupiers & adjoining properties & roads.  2 large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words  signed / sealed by  William Sprent,  Robert Hyde, Benjamin Hobbs & John Hunt, witnesses on reverse include Mary Ann Hunt (Poole).  £62

215/16 Church Coppenhall – 1886 – Particulars and Conditions of Sale of freehold property belonging to John Hodgson & William Lea (both of Sandbach) to be sold at auction. Brief details of land & dwelling houses include location, acreage. ‘High Field’ & 2 cottages occ. by Thomas Cooke, houses in Stoneley Rd occ. by Henry Faulkner, Ralph Buckley, Joseph Norcott, Thomas Palin, Edward Garner & Peter Warburton.  Large sheet paper folded in 2, pre-printed with manuscript insertions.  £16

215/17 Church Coppenhall – 1886 – Similar to 215/16

103/15 Congleton – 1854 – Mortgage of property by Thomas Pickford to trustees – John Dakin,  Samuel Maskery,  William Warrington,  Peter Hunt (all of Congleton) of Congleton Equitable Benefit B S. Refers to acquisition by Pickford on same date. The reverse includes 3 further agreements re additional advances. Parchment – signed / sealed by Pickford, also with his signature to each later agreement. Witnessed by John Lathan (Solr – Congleton), Edward Stubbs & Robert Bygott (his clerks). A signed letter attached, gives notice of a further mortgage advanced by John Latham.  £52

103/19 Congleton – 1873 – Sale of houses & shops by William Rushton (Hanley, Staffs) to Henry Jackson (Congleton). Addresses & current occupiers – James Cliff,  Thomas Green,  Thomas Pickford of properties in Lawton St & Bank St given, details of acquisition & subsequent auction by Rushton. Parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Rushton, witnessed by RP Howes (Solrs clerk, Hanley). On the reverse, a note was made of the disposal of 2 of the properties by Alfred Jackson to Stanley Bullock Pedley, in 1927 & to George Ellicock in 1933.  [see also 130/30]£45

215/13 Congleton – 1880 – Conditions of Sale by Auction of property forming part of the estate of George Allen dec’d. The vendors were his Trustees –  Rev. George Allen & John Edward Allen. The properties auctioned were in Spragg Street (occ. by Sarah Blackshaw), Waggs Road  (occ. by Mr Moore & Mr Meanock) & Swan Street  (occ. by Mrs Allen). The vendors’ solicitor was Henry Hand of Macclesfield.  8 sheets watermarked paper, written on 7 sides with small sheet of paper attached bearing printed particulars of properties concerned.  £17

215/14 Congleton – 1880 – Similar to 215/13

103/30 Congleton – 1896 – Mortgage of properties in Lawton St & Bank St by Henry Jackson to Thomas Tellwright. Includes details of addresses & occupiers. The agreement for the Redemption of the Mortgage by Henry’s son Alfred  Jackson from the Trustees of the Will of Thomas Tellwright in 1910 is on the reverse. Henry had died in 1897 – Alfred was an executor. Parchment – signed / sealed by Henry Jackson. Witnessed by Arthur Andrew  (Solr – Congleton). Redemption signed/sealed by the Trustees of  Thomas Tellwright – Arthur Andrews, (witnessed by his clerk Percy A Booth) & Albert Wynne Waring (witnessed by Gerald Childs Jeeves – both of 3 Bucklersbury Poultry, London) – in 1910. [see also 103/19]   £48

130/107 Disley – 1903? – License Agreement between The Midland Railway Company and the Executors & Trustees of  the late Wright Howarth t/a Messrs Wright Howarth & Co of Albert Works, Newtown, New Mills to retain a Pumping Station, Water Tanks & Electric Cables on the company’s land at Disley. Large sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and pre-printed with manuscript insertions on 2 sides. The third side contains a ½ page Location Plan including the L&NW Rly line (from New Mills Station towards Stockport), the Peak Forest Canal and the Midland Railway Line (from Chinley towards Heaton Mersey) and Wright Howarth & Co’s Bleach Works. A number of small splits / holes – mainly in folds not affecting text. Signed by Melinda Howarth, Alice Howarth, James E. Howarth & John N? Mather, witnessed by Thomas Jordan (Cashier) 72 Church Rd, New Mills. Not dated, but pencil note in margin reads “Briggs 24/12/03 and the Embossed Duty Stamp is dated 23 – 11 – 03. £20

104/6 Elton – 1815 – Obligation Bond given by John George Bagshaw (Hindle)  to Joseph Hignett (Elton). For details see Lancashire page – Property – Hindle

205/30  Floodyates – 1710 – Assignment of Lease of lands at Woolstanton, Staffs. by William Baddiley ( Floodyates, Cheshire) to William Beech of (Bradwell, Staffs.) The lands which were held by a Lease granted to Thomas Baddiley were formerly in the possession of Edward Cotton (Chatterley, Staffs.) and later James Baddiley father of Thomas. Details of assignment of Lease to Richard Nightingale  (Heath Charnock, Lancs.) and then to William Baddiley. Names the lands included in the holding k/a Hayhouse Grounds which were subject to a yearly rent payment to Dame Frances, widow of Sir Charles Skrynisher ? Large parchment sheet with decorative first two words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms. There are a number of small worm holes & stains, but text is still legible. Dusting to outer. Signed & Sealed William “Baddelel” with further signature on reverse of William Baddeley witnessed by William Baddeley & Thos. Bourne. £66

103/7 (Little) Hassall – 1827 – Deed of Covenant by Joseph Lea (Bostock) to William Pointon (Odd Rode) to produce the Title Deeds to property, if required. Details of Deed of same date by which Pointon acquired the property from the Exors of Mary Penlington, spinster (members of the Caldwell, Butters & Wrench family were also party to the agreement.) Lea had purchased property to a greater value & holds title deeds to both. Includes a schedule of Indentures covering the period 1697 (Richard Lowndes) to 1826, relating to ownership by the Lowndes & Penlington families – William Penlington (Betley) acquired it in 1755. Large sheet parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Lea, witnessed by Saml Skerratt (Sandbach)& James Lamb (his clerk) on reverse.  £50

215/4 Macclesfield – 1830 – Notice to repay Mortgage given by Trustees of Deed for Sale dated 4 Mar 1828 to Trustees of Macclesfield Amicable Building Society. The Trustees of the Deed for Sale were late David Browne & Peter Browne. Edward Wakefield & Frances his wife were party to the Deed. Trustees of the Macclesfield Amicable Building Society were David Moores [his daughter Sarah Wheelton], Matthew Oldfield, Joseph Royle, William Royle [his wife Hannah], Joseph Hibbert [wife Elizabeth], James Frost, Henry Robinson, George Whittaker, John McChristall, John Foden, Joseph Goodier, David Simcock, Samuel Lees, Isaac Tatton, John Harrison (all of Macclesfield), John Newton, William Allaby (both of Hurdsfield), Joseph Leah, Joseph Acton (both of Broken Cross) & Godfrey Pogmore.  Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2, written 2 sides, signed by Peter Browne, John Pogmore (Godfrey’s brother) & John Hammersley.  £20

195/5 Macclesfield – 1843 – Assignment of mortgage by Executors, Residuary Legatees and Heirs at Law of  John Beckett  deceased of Portsea to John Snook (Bedhampton). The mortgaged lands belong to Peter Emery (Portsea).  Relatives of John Beckett included :- a) his sister Jane Beckett (w/o George Read) who had 2 daughters – Ann Read (w/o Joseph Westmore of Newtown, Isle of Wight) and late Mary Read (w/o James Rolf leaving eldest son George Rolf of Liverpool, Lancs.); b) his late sister Mary Beckett (w/o Thomas Foster leaving a daughter Mary Foster of Portsea); c)  his sister Hester Beckett (w/o Thomas Collyer) who had 3 daughters Harriet Collyer, Elizabeth Collyer and Ann Collyer (all of Chelsea, Middx) d) his late sister Hannah Beckett (w/o Francis Dyatt); e) his sister Elizabeth Beckett of Portsea, (w/o late James Mew); f)  his sister Ann Beckett  (w/o William Green of Portsea) – their children – Harriet Green  (w/o Joseph Anson of Deptford, Kent), Richard Green (Gosport), William Green, the younger, (Portsea), Hannah Green  (w/o John Frith of Macclesfield, Cheshire),  Mary Ann Green  (w/o Edwin Byrom Cheesman of Portsmouth), George Green (Gosport), Elizabeth Green  (w/o John Smith of Portsea) & Jane Green  (w/o Richard Bishop of Portsea). Refers to mortgage of 2 pieces of land by Emery to William Sergeant in 1829, the assignment of that mortgage to William Ford in 1830, his death in 1832, his sons – James Ford, died 1842 and Henry Ford who transferred the mortgage to John Beckett in 1842 [see 195/4, above], and the death of Beckett. Gives location of plots naming adjoining lanes & landowners.  6 large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words, 4 rows of red wax seals, signed by the Executors – Joseph Chase and William Young (both of Portsea) and Joseph Westmore, Ann Westmore, Mary Foster, Harriet Collyer, Elizabeth Collyer, Ann Collyer, Joseph Anson,  Richard Green, Edwin Byrom Cheesman, Mary Ann Cheesman, John Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Richard Bishop, Jane Bishop, Hester Collyer, Elizabeth Mew, George Rolph, Peter Emery & John Snook, with ‘marks‘ of Harriet Anson, William Green,  John Frith, Hannah Frith, George Green,  William Green snr & Ann Green.  Together with the Commissioners Certificate for taking acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women signed by Daniel Howard & Alexander Poulden (both Portsea).  £95

215/8 Macclesfield – 1864Copy of extracts from Mortgage & subsequent 1870 redemption re extensive number of properties mortgaged by John Evans (Macclesfield) to Ellen Gaskell (Brighton). Detailed list of properties in Little Street, The Bate Hall & others in Chestergate – former & current occupiers – Hannah Mottershead, Hannah Mosley (+ Pew in St Michael’s Church), William Dean, Edward Shaw, John Bingham, John Bailey, Francis Dickens, Hugh Booth, John Wild, Joseph Hankinson, Enoch Barrow, Stephen Bagnell, John Winterbottom, Iron Foundry in Back Street occupied by John Harlow, + others by John Dunning, William Wilshaw, Samuel Shaw, John Yates, Randle Hazlehurst, Hugh Gidman, Samuel Norbury, Thomas Clough, John Wyld, Thomas Hendley, John Hack, Francis Walton, John Riseley, Margaret & George Potts, & in Dog Lane – Philip Holland, Ellen Barratt, James Sumner, William Wilson & land at the Moss occupied by John Evans.  7 large sheets watermarked paper written 5½ sides.  £22

215/19 Macclesfield – 1897Draft Deed of Covenant between William Archer Smith  & Mrs Millicent Simpson (both Macclesfield). Refers to earlier Indentures by which various premises in Chestergate (including Bate Hall Inn) were leased to Harry Evans & were subsequently assigned to Bindley & Co by Harry & John Evans and then to Smith. Smith covenants to pay the rent & observe the conditions in the original Lease granted by Simpson. 4 sheets paper, written 2½ sides.  £16

103/18 Monks Coppenhall – 1867 – Sale of Houses & Land by Arthur Keen (Smethwick, Warwicksh) to Jonathan Broadhurst (Minshull Vernon). Details of acquisition of land by Keen & earlier Deed. Position given by reference to streets & adjoining landowners named, also a small plan drawn on reverse. Parchment signed / sealed by Keen & Broadhurst, witnessed by F ? Orrton (solicitors clerk Birmingham) & Elijah Downing (solicitors clerk Nantwich)   £46

84/253 Neston – 1876 – Marriage Settlement between Rev Richard William Gleadowe & Miss Harriett Emily Gleadowe. Signed / sealed by  Trustees – Edward Billet Jennings (Burton u Trent, Staffs.) & Thos Smith Gleadowe (Neston). For details see my Shropshire page –  Frodesley – 1876

103/5 Netherton, Frodsham – 1805 – Sale of land by Joseph Yarwood to Joseph Robinson. Names 2 closes of land, details of 2 previous owners. Note on reverse refers to sale of part of land in 1852 by Robinson to Joseph Stubs (Warrington). Large sheet parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Yarwood, witnessed by Ann Basnett & D A Basnett on reverse. [see also 103/23]  £50

103/6 Netherton – 1820 – Deed of Covenant by Thomas Ashton (Newton) to James Blair (Uttoxeter, Staffs) to produce Title Deeds if required. Refers to Indenture of same date by which Ashton acquired messuage & lands from Blair as Trustee.  Some lands were retained by Blair – title deeds refer to both. The schedule of Title Deeds covers the period 1746 – Dame Katherine Aston to 1818 – Richard Nangreave, relating mainly to ownership by the Nangreave family : 1770 Richard Nangreave (Manchester, Lancs), 1800 John Nangreave (Litchfield, Staffs). Parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Some creasing particularly to folds. Signed / sealed by Ashton, witnessed by Dan Ashley jnr, (Frodsham)  on reverse.  £47

103/23 Netherton, Frodsham – 1875 – Sale of land by  Joseph Robinson  (Earnslow Grange, Sandiway) to James Dutton (Moore). Detailed schedule of lands with cross reference to number on *plan, field names / acreage. 2 large sheets parchment, the 2nd sheet being a large detailed *plan, with some colour wash – showing the lands sold, adjoining landowners, roads, railways. Signed / sealed by Robinson & Dutton, witnessed by Henry Cross (solr Prescot)  Wm Sharp  (solr Warrington)  [see also 103/5]         £92

103/9 Northwich – 1841 – Sale of property owned by John Barnes (who died prior to sale, so his exors including widow Betty Barnes (Wharton) are party to agreement) by exors of John Filkin as mortgagees, to Mark Topham (Witton). Includes details of properties, acquisition by Barnes, current occupants (including Richard Barnes & Charles Hall), mortgage, & attempt to sell at auction. 2 large sheets parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by  John Cheshire (Hartford – trustee of Filkin) Bettey Barnes & Peter Such (Davenham – exors of Barnes) & Mark Topham.  £56

103/29 Northwich – 1882 – Sale of property in Market St, & redemption of mortgage by Joseph William Elliott (Salford, Lancs) to Miss Mary Wilson Shackleton (Salford). Includes details of mortgage taken by William’s father Joseph Elliott & the subsequent transfer of that to Miss  Shackleton. Also address, description & occupiers. Parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Ashton, both parties, witnessed by  by William Baker , (solicitor, Northwich).  £46 103/1 Over Peover – 1711 – Sale of property/ lands by Sir Thomas Mainwaring,  Henry Mainwaring (Lincolns Inn, Middx), Charlotte & Elizabeth – all children of Sir John Mainwaring dec’d to John Norbury (Meire). Names fields, various conditions re copyhold lands. Large sheet parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. Royal Coat of Arms. Small triangle of damp damage (approx 2″x 1½”) to 1 edge resulting in tiny holes / fading of several letters. Signed / sealed by the 4 Mainwarings, witnessed by Rob Weever & ?M ?Meitts on reverse.  £82

103/2 Over Peover – 1743 – Settlement of messuage/ tenement by Thomas Norbury (Lostock) – grandson of John Norbury, in anticipation of marriage between his daughter Margaret & John Bagaley the younger (Lostock). Refers to acquisition of property from  Sir Thomas Mainwaring, settlement in favour of Thomas & his wife Margaret, & father in law John Eaton (Leftwich). Large sheet parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Thos Norbury & John Bagaley, witnessed by John Cottrell & Ralph Higginson on reverse.[ Note: This is a duplicate of 103/3 – presumably one copy for Norbury, & the other for Bagaley]  £75

103/3 Over Peover – 1743 – Settlement of messuage/ tenement by Thomas Norbury (Lostock) – grandson of John Norbury, in anticipation of marriage between his daughter Margaret & John Bagaley the younger (Lostock). Refers to acquisition of property from  Sir Thomas Mainwaring, settlement in favour of Thomas & his wife Margaret, & father in law John Eaton (Leftwich). Large sheet parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Thos Norbury & John Bagaley, witnessed by John Cottrell & Ralph Higginson on reverse. [ Note: This is a duplicate of 103/2 – presumably one copy for Norbury, & the other for Bagaley]   £75

215/59 Rock Ferry   – 1879 –  Mortgage of contingent interest in Trust fund (The Barrock End Estate, Cumberland) by Philip Henry Unsworth (Rock Ferry, Cheshire) to William Lund (Liverpool). Original Trust set up in 1856 [see Cumberland page] by Philip’s father  John Unsworth (Penrith). Together with further 1881 Mortgage  to William Lund. Large sheet paper watermarked 1879, folded in 2, written 4 sides, signed by Philip Henry Unsworth (twice), witnessed by R. Norris jun (solr Liverpool).   Together with 4 letters addressed to the Trustees of the settlement advising them of each mortgage – 2 letters acknowledged & signed by Rev. Joseph Hudson, and 2 by John T Unsworth. [see a large number of other Unsworth family documents on my Cumberland page – property – Hesket & Wetheral ] £42

215/64 Rock Ferry – 1881 –  Mortgage by Frederick Unsworth  to John Taylor Unsworth (both Liverpool)of his interest in a Trust fund (The Barrock End Estate) set up  by their father  John Unsworth (Rock Ferry, formerly Penrith). Interest payments guaranteed by John. Also contains a further 1883 Mortgage  between the parties which refers to a house The Mount, Field Lane, Litherland owned by John and tenanted by John Taylor Unsworth. 8 page watermarked paper booklet, written 5 sides, some small splits in centre fold where sewn. 2  signatures each of Fredk. Unsworth, John T Unsworth & Jno. Unsworth, witnessed by Frances Unsworth, R. Norris & Wm Bullen Jr. (both solr Liverpool).   Together with separate notice addressed to the Trustees of the settlement advising them of mortgage –  acknowledged & signed by  Joseph Hudson.  £38

103/10 Sandbach – 1847 – Sale of Property by William Shelmerdine Peover (eldest son of George Peover) to Thomas Moors. Details of inheritance of property under Will of William Shelmerdine . Large sheet parchment  with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Some ink fading / flaking in places particularly to folds, but still legible. Signed / sealed by Peover, with ‘mark’ & seal of Moors, witnessed by James Holt (solrs clerk, Sandbach).  £46

103/12 Sandbach – 1853 – Sale of Land by Matthew Hassall to Thomas Barker. Includes details of location of plot by reference to adjoining landowners & streets, references to earlier deeds relating to the property, sewer & roadway to be constructed. Parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of ArmsSigned / sealed by Hassall & Barker, witnessed by Chas Robotham (solr clerk, Sandbach)  .   £52

103/20 Sandbach – 1873 & later – Mortgage of properties by Richard Hall to the Trustees of Sandbach Permanent Benefit Building Socy – Randle Wilbraham (Odd Rode),  George W Latham (Bradwall),  Christopher Herring (Sandbach). Location of properties given by reference to adjoining streets & owners. The reverse contains 3 further Indentures including 2 further mortgage advances to John Ruscoe (Newton Moor, Hyde) following his acquisition of the properties from Hall, & redemption by Ruscoe. Sheet parchment written on both sides. Original side signed / sealed by Hall, witnessed by Elisha Lees (solrs clerk, Sandbach). Subsequent mortgages  signed / sealed by Ruscoe, witnessed by Wm Holloway (clerk, Sandbach). Redemption signed in 1891 by current Trustees of Building Socy – Edward Lea,  Robert Bygott,  Edward Clough (all of Sandbach), John R Armitstead,  John Stringer,  Edward Ealdley? – witnessed by Elisha Lees, Wm Holloway (solrs clerks).  [see also 103/22]  £52

103/22 Sandbach – 1875 – Sale of Properties by Richard Hall to John Ruscoe (Newton Moor, Hyde) subject to existing mortgage (details given) with Sandbach Permanent Benefit Building Socy location of properties in Bradwall St by ref to adjoining roads / owners. Parchment  signed / sealed by Hall & Ruscoe, witnessed by Wm Holloway (solicitor’s clerk, Sandbach).  £46

103/24 Sandbach – 1875 – Sale of Building plot  in Wells St by Sarah Latham, widow (Ambleside, Westmoreland) to Samuel Ford (Sandbach ). Location by reference to adjoining landowners & street & small plan on reverse. Details of 2 earlier Title Deeds (incl acquisition by William Latham & various Covenants relating to property construction. Parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of ArmsSigned / sealed by Sarah Latham & Ford, witnessed by Robt Jno Simpson? (Ambleside) &  Wm Holloway  (solr clerk, Sandbach)  .  [see also 103/25] £46

103/25 Sandbach – 1875 – Mortgage of property  by  Samuel Ford (Sandbach ) to Trustees of the “Bud of Hope Lodge No 477 of the United Order of Free Gardeners“. Location of land  in Welles St by reference to adjoining landowners & roads, various conditions, including amount to be spent on new houses. 2 sheets parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by Samuel Ford & John Seaman,  Henry Leese & William Walley (all of Sandbach, Trustees of the Order), witnessed by Elisha Lees, Wm Holloway (solrs clerks, Sandbach). Redemption noted on reverse signed by Trustees of the National United Order of Free Gardeners Friendly Socy in 1900 – Alfred Price, William Peover & Thomas Newton & the secretary – George Wright.  £50

103/4 Smallwood – 1802 – Mortgage of Property by Samuel Yarwood the elder (Sandbach) – nephew & devisee of Will of Timothy Yarwood (Smallwood) & his 2 sons Timothy & Samuel to Thomas Bickerton (Sandbach). Includes details of properties, refers to Samuel’s brother John & father Thomas Yarwood. Large sheet parchment. Signed / sealed by Saml & Timothy Yarwood, Thomas Bickerton with ‘mark’ of Saml Yarwood jun. Together with a copy on parchment of the fine (final concorde) in 42nd year of reign of George III between the above parties, relating to the mortgage.  £67

104/1 Stockport – 1828 – Bond of Indemnity given by Thomas Brown,  Samuel Lee / Leigh (husband of Mary neé Brown),  Ann Brown,  Benjamin Redfern, (all of Stockport),  William Brown (Whitchough, Chapel en le Firth, Derbys) – residuary beneficiaries of the Will of James Thornley dec’d (Disley, Cheshire),  to John Kitchen (Bradford, Yorks).  Refers to Mortgage advanced by Thornley to Christopher Sutcliffe & Charles Bannister (both of Barrowford, Forest of Pendle, Lancs.), Thornley’s Will – residuary Estate left to children of his brother David Thornley – & transfer of Mortgage to Kitchen. Also, to James’ eldest brother Joseph Thornley & his daughters, a) Nancy (w/o James Holford – their children Sarah, Mary Newton,  Margaret Smith) and b) Margaret (w/o William Wood – their son John). Large sheet paper – watermarked 1826 – folded in 2, written on 3 sides – ink & embossed duty stamps. Several small splits in folds with no loss of text. Signed Thos Brown, Wm Brown, Samuel Leigh, Ann Brown,  Benjn Redfern.  £46

215/15 Stockport – 1887 –   Conditions of Sale by Auction of Chief Rents forming part of estate of Ann Andrew dec’d. Includes details of 15 properties in Chestergate, Stockport on which Chief Rents payable. William Andrew had acquired part of this in 1874. The vendor was William Wilshaw Cornes (Macclesfield). The document includes a Memorandum of Sale of Lot 5 to James Wood (Bredbury) signed by him over a 6d lilac stamp. Large sheet of paper folded in 2, written 3 sides.  £20

215/3 Sutton – 1818 – Memorandum of Agreement for sale of cottages called ‘The Alley Houses’ (1 occupied by William Lindop) & lands (part occupied by William Barratt) by Jasper Hulley to Miss Frances Davies (both Macclesfield). Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 2 sides. A large number of pencil calculations on reverse. Some dusting, minor splits in centre fold & some small tears to edges. Signed by J Hulley & Frances Davies, witnessed by D? Davies.  £28

103/16 Sutton Juxta Newton – 1855 – Agreement for further mortgage advanced by Peter Hollinshead (Smallwood) to James Beech (Sutton) on security of messuage & lands inherited from Samuel Beech. Details of earlier advances. Tenants named. Parchment with decorative initial letter incorp. small Royal Coat of ArmsSigned / sealed by Beech, witnessed by ?Eaton Smith (solr clerk, Sandbach).    £46

215/10 Sutton – 1869 – Letter of Attorney issued by Rev. Francis Stonehewer Newbold (Lyndhurst, Hants) & his trustee William Stonehewer Newbold (Wincle) appointing attorneys to surrender 2 Closes of Land on Greenway, Sutton, occupied by Abraham Bailey, to the Macclesfield Manorial Court; [previously occupied by Samuel Bailey,] to the use of John Millward (Sutton). Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 2 sides. Short tear in 1 fold not affecting text.  Signed Francis Stonehewer Newbold  & W S  Newbold witnessed by Geo. West & William S Paine (both Hythe), GR. Killmister (solr Macclesfield), N R Millett (his clerk).  £28

105/42 Timperley – 1895 – Mortgage of life & reversionary interests in a number of settlements by Jane Spencer, widow & her daughter Eleanor Sophia Spencer (both Balham, Sy) to William Bell (Timperley). Details & price on my Lancashire page – Property – Ordsall & Salford

170/26 Upton  – 1879 – Assignment of mortgage on 8 houses by  John Sale (Upton, Cheshire) & Charles Yates (Burslem), Executors of William Sale (died 1879).  Details & price on my Staffordshire page – Property –   Bradley Green

105/25 Willaston – 1888 – Agreement between Joseph Gibson (Moorfields, Willaston, Nantwich) & James Jones (Oldham, Lancs) for Jones to hire  furniture etc. Includes various conditions & a schedule of the furniture etc. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 3 sides, signed by both parties, witnessed by Joseph Bebbington (Willaston) & Josh Taylor (solr clerk, Oldham).  £30

103/27 Witton  – 1876 – Sale of Leasehold properties by William Cliffe  to Thomas & John Barlow (all Northwich). Location given & current occupants Miss Wharton,  James Hampson,  Samuel Stubbs,  Joseph Wilding. Parchment with pencil crossings & notations. Signed / sealed by Cliffe & the Barlows, witnessed by Jas Newell (solr clerk, Northwich).   £44




98/34 Alexander Henry Alexander – Hale – 1886 – beneficiary of father’s Will – see Lancashire page.

118/4 Axon, Charles – Stockport – 1893 Probated copy of Will – parchment – with Cert. of Probate  attached. Names  brother  Richard. Together with Inland Revenue assessment & receipt in respect of Succession Duty on property -sheet of paper folded double – printed with manuscript insertions – signed by Richard Axon & giving his date of birth.  £26

97/8 Barrow, Edward, the elder – Northwich – dated 1742 Original Will  – sons Ralph,  late John,  Edward,  Robert,  late daughter Martha Widderd. Property in Swine Market St, Northwich, bought from brother i law John Hewitt. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 1¾ sides – tear in central fold of second page not affecting text, several other small holes / tears in folds. ‘Mark’ and seal of Edward Barrow, witness signatures Tho Willis, James Bellian & Jonadab? Vernon.  Will apparently not proved.             £65

215/5 Brereton, Joseph – 1838 – 2 Writs (24th March & 26th March 1838)addressed to the Sheriff of Cheshire George Cornwall Legh, issued at Westminster relating to the provision of Jurors from Cheshire to appear at Westminster, or at the County Assizes, in the case of Brereton v Madeley. The case related to an ‘Action on Promises’ between Joseph Brereton (Plaintiff) & David Madeley (Defendant).  2 narrow strips of parchment – pre-printed, with manuscript insertions.  £12

215/183 Carlton, Harry Western – 1908 Marriage Settlement between Francis Hubert Carlton and Maud Sillem – both Esher, Surrey. Refers to Will of Maud’s father Oscar Hyde Sillem [ Trustees were Herbert Oscar Sillem & Augustus de Chapeau Rouge], the  Marriage Settlement of her parents Oscar H and Susanne Elisabeth de Chapeaurouge. [Maud may have been 1 of 12 children as she was entitled to a 1/12 share of trusts]. Refers to Assurance policy to which Francis Hubert Carlton was entitled. Trustees were John Oscar Sillem (Esher), George Sillem (Long Stratton, Norfolk)  & Harry Western Carlton (Manchester). 12 page parchment booklet with some pencil notations. Signed / sealed F. Hubert Carlton,  Maud Sillem, John O. Sillem, George Sillem & Harry W. Carlton, witnesses include Stanley Sillem & Walter Sillem  & Margaret Winifred Carlton (all Esher). Together with : A copy of a letter dated 1975 sent by the solicitor to S.G.Sillem (Willinghurst) asking whether he would like the document. The reply from Stephen Sillem declines, but gives several family connections.  £42

259/52 Coleman, Robert (Will proved Chester, 1836) – Inland Revenue Return – 1892 – relating to “Succession Duty” payable on an interest in real property inherited by Mary Amelia Carp, the wife of William Eskricke Carp, Utrechlon, Holland from the estate of Ann Eborall (died 1892). Mary Amelia Carp inherited a fifth interest in the properties – the other beneficiaries being Alice Willes Eborall, Florence Eborall, Edith Eborall & Ann Coleman Eborall. The properties were inherited by Ann Eborall under the Will of Robert Coleman. Details of the Rent Charges arising from a large number of properties – in Birmingham, Birkenhead, Liverpool and West Derby, Lancs. Pre-printed document with manuscript details consisting of a large sheet of paper folded in 2 and written 4 sides, signed by  Mary Amelia Carp.  £27

190/4 Comberbach, Roger – Prothonotary of counties of Chester & Flint – dated 1762 Appointment of James Siddall (Prescott, Lancs) to act as his deputy.  Sheet watermarked paper, ink & embossed duty stamps, written 1 side, signed / sealed by Comberbach, witnessed by Wm Kinsey.  £45

171/34 –  Fowell,  Rev Richard  – New Brighton – wife  Emily included in her aunt’s Will. For full details & price of document, please see my Norfolk page – Wills –  Dashwood, Harriet (widow) – Caistor St Edmund – 1880

84/21 Gleadowe, Thomas Smith – Alderly Edge  – 1897 – Agreement relating to members of the Anderson, Lofft, and Gleadowe families. Refers to the Marriage Settlements between a) Capel Lofft and Mary Anderson (1837) and b) Thomas Littlewood Gleadowe and Harriet Anderson (1838), and the Wills of Mary & Harriet’s mother Elizabeth Anderson, and her brother William Whittred.  Contains extensive details of subsequent Deeds, family births, marriages & deaths, and schedule of properties in Newnham, Cambridge & Soham. Written on 26 sides of parchment – signed & sealed by Mary Whittred Lofft (temp. residing in S Kensington, Middx),  Thomas Smith Gleadowe, and Trustees Robert Adamson (Middx),  Henry William Wright (Wimbledon, Surrey).  £72

118/6 Gray, Eliza – Altrincham – 1910 Probated copy of Will – parchment booklet – a number of Company stamps on one page, also Inland Revenue stamp showing adjusted Estate Duty. Names   son  George W & daughter in law Hedwig F R L,  daughter Marion & son in law William Reid, nephew Charles S Gibb & nieces Winifred M & Beatrice Andrew. Companion Georgiana Smith. Several personal bequests described.  £16

67/46 Harrison, John – Chester  – dated 1868 Acknowledgement of receipt by Trustees [including Job Harrison of Chester & Charles Cunningham Boycott of Island of Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland] of Mr & Mrs Charles Harrison’s Marriage Settlement of deposit by John Harrison of 1859 Indenture relating to lease of part of Brynymor Farm, Carnarvon by John Harrison (Nicholas St., Chester) from William Jones (Brynymor Durygyfylchi) and Elias Jones (Gwredog, Anglesey) as security for payments to be made by John Harrison in accordance with the terms of the Marriage Settlement of Charles Harrison and   Emily Georgiana Boycott.  Large sheet of watermarked paper, folded in 2, written 1¼ sides. £18

67/44 Harrison, John – Chester  – dated 1868 Notice given to Trustees [one of whom was Sir Thomas Branthwayt Beevor, late of Hargham, now of Great Yarmouth] of the 1829 Marriage Settlement of Rev William Boycott and his wife Elizabeth Georgiana nee Beevor, that an eighth contingent interest in the Trust Funds had been assigned by their daughter Emily Georgiana Boycott to her own Marriage Settlement on her own marriage to Charles Harrison (Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh). Charles’ father was John Harrison (Chester, Surgeon), also mentions Job Harrison  (Chester, Surgeon) and Charles Cunningham Boycott (Island of Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland). Details of Trust assets and Settlements in connection with marriage of Emily Georgiana and Charles. Large sheet of paper watermarked 1861, folded in 2, written 2½ sides. £23

67/45 Harrison, John – Chester  – dated 1868 Notice given to Trustees [one of whom was Job Harrison  (Chester, Surgeon)] of the 1833 Marriage Settlement of John Harrison and his wife Frances Mary nee Yate, that a sixth contingent interest in the Trust Funds had been assigned by their son Charles Harrison (Cefn Castell, Bettws, Denbigh) to his own Marriage Settlement on his own marriage to  Emily Georgiana Boycott (Burgh St Peter, Norfolk) . Mentions William Yate and Settlements in connection with marriage of Emily Georgiana and Charles. Large sheet of paper watermarked 1864, folded in 2, written 1½ sides. £20

67/32 Harrison, John – Chester  – dated 1871 & 1874 Abstract prepared by Solicitors in Chester of Will written 1871 & Codicil written 1874. Refers to wife, son “C. A. H.”, three daughters – 2 unmarried, and the other “Mrs. Thomson” – no Christian names given. The Executors were Job Harrison and Rev. C. S. Harrison – but relationship not given. Mentions jewellery, plate and books formerly belonging to Rev. John Currie, also Medical and Surgical books and property – 16 Nicholas Street (Chester?) and houses in Penmaenmawr – sold prior to death. [The Penmaenmawr and Dwygyfylchi History website suggests that Dr John Harrison of Chester owned both Plas Mariandir and Glan y Mor and that Gladstone stayed in each].  Large sheet of paper watermarked 1876 folded in 2, written 2 sides.  £10

226/1 Harwar, Joseph – Congleton – 1796 Obligation Bond in favour of George Jepson (Brereton) re Indenture of same date. Paper, part pre-printed with manuscript details, ink & embossed duty stamps. Signed / sealed by Joseph Harwar, witnessed by John Shaw Reade & Isaac Bayley.  £44

98/7 Hewitt, Miss Mary – Rockside Kerridge – 1892 Probated copy of Will – parchment – with Cert. of Probate & wafer seal attached. Names brothers William, Thomas & Joseph, nephew & nieces John & Phebe Hewitt, Martha P & Mary Willott. The will also refers to silver inscribed ‘ JHM’ & ‘John Moore’, pictures & furniture. £19

225/25 Obligation Bond in favour of Thomas Howard (Micklehurst, Motham en Longdall) re mortgage of same date. For full details /price please see my Yorkshire page – Wills etc –  Broadbent, Mary – widow of Robert Broadbent of Saddleworth – 1835

98/5 Kennerly, Ann– Church Hulme  – 1806 Copy of Will on 2 sheets paper watermarked 1832.  Names stepmother Sarah, brother  William, & his daughter, sister ( married to John Kennerley of Lower Peover) & uncle Samuel.  £20

98/4 Kennerly, Peter – Church Hulme & Holmes Chapel – 1805 Copy of Will on 2 sheets paper watermarked 1832.  Names wife Sarah, sons Richard & William, daughters (1 married to John Kennerley) & brother Samuel of Cranage.  £20

97/9 Leah, John – Antrobus – 1791 Probated copy of Will – wife Mary, sons Samuel,  John,  James, daughters Martha, Elizabeth & Betty. Wife’s half brother James Chadwick (Mosside, Manchester). Various properties in Antrobus (George Hindley a tenant), Sutton nr Macclesfield (Blue Bell also Moss Rooms tenant William Done) & Macclesfield (tenants  Sampson Rowe, John Allen, Bridget Heyes).  Large parchment sheet, some dusting / staining & pencil marking, occasional fading of text in folds.    £48

215/5 Madeley, David – 1838 – 2 Writs (24th March & 26th March 1838)addressed to the Sheriff of Cheshire George Cornwall Legh, issued at Westminster relating to the provision of Jurors from Cheshire to appear at Westminster, or at the County Assizes, in the case of Brereton v Madeley. The case related to an ‘Action on Promises’ between Joseph Brereton (Plaintiff) & David Madeley (Defendant).  2 narrow strips of parchment – pre-printed, with manuscript insertions.  £12

171/5 Mayer, Henry – Cheadle – 1824 Copy of Will, Codicil & Probate – wife Mary,  son Joseph (possibly other children, not named),  brother Philip Mayer (Offerton Hall), brother in law Charles Wallworth (Hassall nr Warrington). James Wallworth (Heaton Norris, Lancs) also exor. Property in Cheadle & Stockort.  6 sheets paper watermarked 1827, written on 4½ sides with pencil notes & several small tears in folds. [see above – Property 105/13 & 14 Cheadle Buckeley ]   £24

118/2 Newton, Thomas – Cheadle Buckeley – (1834) Near contemporary  office copy of Will – 4 sides paper (watermarked 1841) + cover sheet. Names  brothers  James & Edward, sisters Mary,  Frances,  Sarah,  Lucy A,  brothers in law Rev Travers Jones & Robert  Buckley,  nephew  Robert J Buckley. Details of properties in Cheadle Buckeley, Styall, Bradbury, mortgages outstanding & personal bequests.  £23

118/5 Orrell, Percy – Ashley Heath – 1908 Probated copy of Will – parchment booklet – 24 sides – at the back are 14 memorandums detailing conveyances of the Trust properties. Wife Sarah, sons  John TThomas M,   Harry P, Robert S,  daughters Amy G,  Annie B.  Properties in Openshaw, Manchester.  £21

177/9 Pidduck, Hannah – widow of Altringham 1879 Release of an Annuity secured by mortgage on properties in South Street, Great Fenton, Staffordshire, occupied by John Hulme Smith, John Malpass, Josiah Pointon & Thomas Mory.  Refers to 1868 Indenture by which the late Henry Pidduck (Manchester) paid a sum of money to Enoch Austin Harris (Stoke upon Trent) to secure an annual annuity for Mary Taylor (widow of Fulford, Stone), the annuity being secured on the properties owned by Harris. Following Henry’s death, Mary agreed to sell to Harris her right to the Annuity.  In addition to Mary Taylor & Enoch Austin Harris, the Exors of Henry Pidduck [Hannah Pidduck (widow), William Brace Pidduck (son), James Pidduck (brother, both of Manchester) & John Pidduck (cousin, of Macclesfield, Cheshire)] were party to the agreement. 12 page parchment booklet written 7 sides – signed /sealed by Mary Taylor,  Hannah Pidduck,  William Brace Pidduck, James Pidduck & John Pidduck. Witness signatures include E.J. Pidduck (Altringham) & F. J. Pidduck (Manchester).  £42

233/116 Price, Captain Henry – Royal Navy – dated 1870 Attested copy made in 1887 of an assignment of Mortgage of £500 by James Fallon and James Scarlett Price (possibly of Burford) to The Rev. William Elrington (Heywood Rectory, Staffs) and Captain Henry Price, Royal Navy. The copy states that the Assignment was endorsed on the original Mortgage of 1866, the Mortgage being secured on messuages and lands – which are not identified. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and written on 3 sides, signed by Walter Geo. Burton & Geo. Arthur Bayliss (Solicitor’s clerks, Burford)  £15

233/117 Price, Captain Henry  – Knutsford – dated 1884 Attested copy made in 1887 of Reconveyance of property on redemption of Mortgage by John Hill. Mortgagees  – The Rev. William Elrington (Heywood Rectory, Staffs) and Captain Henry Price, (Knutsford, Cheshire). The copy states that the Reconveyance was endorsed on the original Mortgage of 1866, the Mortgage being assigned to them in 1870. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and written on 2 sides, signed by Walter Geo. Burton & Geo. Arthur Bayliss (Solicitor’s clerks, Burford)  £13

171/195 Silver, Ernest George – Northrepps, Norfolk  (died at Stapeley, Chester) – 1918 Letters of Administration – wife Alice Adora  Silver. Paper, 1 bank stamp. £4

215/79 Starkey, James – Higher Whitley – dated 1836 named as brother in law, his daughter Elizabeth, in the Will of Elizabeth Starkey. Full details & price on my Durham page – Wills – Starkey,  Elizabeth (widow) – Stockton – dated 1836

215/9 Swanwick, John – Macclesfield – dated 1864 Draft Will – wife Frances, son Thomas Swanwick, refers to daughters, but not named, and to Woollen Drapers business. 6 sheets paper watermarked 1864 written on 9 sides – includes deleted section, & amendments.  £18

118/3 Sykes, William  – Edgeley, Cheadle – 1837 Probated copy of Will & 3 codicils – 4 large sheets parchment – with Cert. of Probate &  wafer seal attached. Names  sons  Edmund & Richard, daughters  Mary Holmes   (decd), her sons William S,  Bramall,  John W,  Edmund S,  Martha Hulse (decd), her children William,  Joseph,  Eliza,  Ellen, and Elizabeth w/o Thomas Morris (Brixton, Surrey),  sister Elizabeth ClayTogether with – a) 2 small receipts signed by Joseph Sykes Hulse & William Wilson Hulse – acknowledging receipt of share of monies.    b) Detailed invoice on a sheet of paper folded double – relating to sale of properties left for benefit of Martha Hulse’s children.   c) 2 statements indemnifying Trustees, each signed by Thomas & Elizabeth Morris, & (? their children?) Mary Thompson,  Elizabeth Clissold,  Wm & Thomas Morris.  [see above – Property 105/13 & 14 Cheadle Buckeley ] £65

215/2 Timmis, John – Barthomley, Chester – 1796 Near contemporary  copy of Will – wife Jane, sons John, Thomas, Robert, Richard & James Timmis. Refers to farm, lands, cattle & husbandry implements, property which came to Timmis upon his marriage & a sum of money due from the estate of William Barnett (Winteley).  Sheet paper watermarked 1801 folded in 2, written 2 sides – centre fold of blank sides split almost full length along fold.  £28

215/18 Toole, John – Sutton, Macclesfield – 1893   – Power of Attorney appointing John Frederick May (Macclesfield) to receive on her behalf, Trust Income due to her from the estate of her late father John Toole. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written on 1½ sides. Signed by Martha Jane Warburton, Paterson, New Jersey, USA. witnessed by George B Senior, Notary Public, N.J.   £20